Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs November 5, 2017


The Werther’s Display features six of their top selling bags.  Each flavor delights in its own way, but all are made with the finest ingredients and an abundance of love and care. Please try the newest flavor, Cocoa Crème!  Cocoa Crème has rich indulgent janes new items wertherscocoacremecandychocolate on the inside with soft, creamy caramel on the outside and is the perfect treat.  Cocoa Crème is a wonderful combination of chocolate and caramel in one bite Look for the Werther’s Original Display near the Candy aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 29, 2017


 Toffifay has a long history and was recently launched in the United States with a brand new packaging and positioning. Toffifay is irresistible on so many levels!  They spin chewy caramel into a little cup, drop in a whole hazel nut, cover it with chocolate hazelnut filling and top it with a drop of delicious chocolate. Each box has 12 pieces that can easily be shared with friends and also makes for the janes new items toffifayperfect treat.  “With Toffifay, you’re always in good company”. Look for Toffifay in or near the Candy aisle