Can Crazy week is a great time to stock up – canned foods connect budget and benefit in delicious, nutritious ways. Canned foods bring so much to the table – prepped and ready fruits, vegetables, and proteins like chicken, beans and seafood – research shows that adults and children have higher quality diets, including enjoying more vegetables, fruits and fiber when canned foods are on the menu. We know you are always resolved to feed your family well, especially as a fresh New Year begins. Can Crazy helps you make that happen!

Canned foods have evolved – fresh produce is washed, prepped and canned within a day or two of harvest, sealing in flavor and nutrients. Flavor makers like spices, herbs and spicy peppers have moved in and sodium and sugar has been reduced or removed from many items, expanding opportunities to enjoy new twists on old favorites and exploring authentic international flavors. Connect that dot to the opportunity to support sustainability – cans are the most recyclable container we use, and you have a winning plan.

These delicious ideas showcase a couple of Can Crazy-easy meals – Pulled Chicken Tacos 3 Ways and Hearty Turkey Chili. In addition, the Seafood Team keeps innovating – explore adding more seafood to your meals with new Market 32 Stuffed Fillets. Balance your plate with double servings of produce, like Delmonte Canned Vegetables or PICS frozen Steambag Veggie options. PICS Yogurt Fest freshens up breakfast and snacking with PICS Icelandic, Greek and Traditional yogurts all month long. Create a power play with yogurt or Clif, Luna and Kind Bars and fresh fruit – Halo Clementines, Navel Oranges, Anjou and Red Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Cantaloupe and Grapes are all featured this week, and make a sweet treat that energizes your busy family with fresh choices and nutrition benefits.