Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 27th, 2015


  Try Campoverde Fruit and Veggie Blenders for delicious and nutritious smoothies. The Campoverde Blenders are 100% natural pre-mixed fruits and vegetables with no sugar added or preservatives.  They come ready for the fruit and veggis blendersblender (washed, Chopped, peeled and without seeds).  Just add water, juice or milk. Campoverde four blend mixes were carefully selected to create smoothies with health properties for every lifestyle.  Energy Boost provides the energy that your body needs to be active.  Healthy Life strengthens the immune system and nervous system.  Fit & Wellness increases muscle mass for greater natural strength and Forever Young contributes to maintain a younger looking skin. Enjoy a smoothie prepared with a premixed portion and keep the rest inside the re-sealable package in the freezer. Look for Campoverde Energy Boost Fruit and Veggie Blender in the Frozen Food aisle.