Corned Beef Cuisine: Creative Recipes for a Tasty Twist!

Happy St, Patrick’s Day . . . Irish you were here! As we celebrate Irish heritage with luck, celebration and plenty of green there tends to be a popular meal that comes to mind for this holiday. Corned beef is commonly utilized in America as a festive dish that people eat while celebrating. Though this meal is widely popular in America, many years ago it wasn’t even associated with St. Patrick’s Day! 

Corned beef grew popularity once Irish immigrants arrived in America and had to acclimate to different food demands. Corned beef became popular amongst immigrants due to the fact that it was similar to Irish bacon and readily available in the states. Commonly, corned beef is paired with various sides such as potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Though this Irish-American dinner is delicious on its own, there are many ways to dress up your corned beef in various recipes for this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day!  

Corned Beef with Vegetables with Mustard-Dill Sauce: Starting out simple! If you want to enjoy a classic corned beef dinner, there shouldn’t be a reason you can’t! Add a new flavor palette to a classic St. Patrick Dish with a tangy Mustard-Dill sauce that is as good as it is easy to whip up in seconds! It’s an effortless way to elevate you St. Patrick’s Day meal.  

Black Irish Rubeen Sandwich: Take on St. Patrick’s Day with a mouthwatering Rueben sandwich. This sandwich is smothered in delicious coleslaw, melty cheese and plenty of salty corned beef for a burst of flavor in each bite. Sandwiched between two pieces of pumpernickel bread, a Black Irish Rueben takes minimal time to assemble and is flavorful bite after bite!  

Freezer-Friendly St. Patty’s Corned Beef-Sweet Potato Hash: Corned Beed Hash is a classic breakfast staple, but have you ever tried it with sweet potatoes? Elevate your breakfast game utilizing corned beef and sweet potatoes for a new element of salty and sweet. This recipe is freezer friendly, and when you’re ready to munch on your hash, add a drizzle of hot sauce for a kick in every bite!  

BBQ Corned Beef Wraps: Last but not least, enjoy your corned beef in a wrap! Smothered in tangy and sweet BBQ sauce, a wrap is an effortless way to utilize any leftover corned beef. These wraps take as little as 15 minutes to make and serve up to four people! 

Take on St. Patrick’s Day with various—delicious—ways to customize a popular and well-loved dinner! Buy all your Corned Beef supplies at Market 32/Price Chopper.  

Remember, it is St. Patrick’s Day so don’t be afraid to go a bit cloverboard! 🍀