Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 20, 2017


The #1 reason people choose to drink water is to live a healthier lifestyle.31976c62-5d01-4668-ae00-ea29dad75bc9_1.c3fd306375b74a5d4e7377a8f907c961 New Brita LongLast Filter is a Pour Through Filter that last three times longer than any other filters and reduces Lead. The Brita LongLast Filter lasts 120 Gallons.  It lasts three times as long as current Pour though filters, so consumers have to replace the filter less frequently. The Brita LongLast Filter has enhanced containment removal – it filters Lead, Chlorine, Cadmium and more. The Brita LongLast Filter fits into all Brita pitchers. Look for Brita Longlast Filter in the Bottled Water aisle.