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There is a lot of controversy over which parts of New York sell the best bagels. We may be a bit biased, but our bagels are truly the winners. At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have a wide variety of bagels that are made fresh daily! Additionally, our cream cheese selection is out of this world, with flavors such as strawberry, honey walnut, herb & onion, and more!

Our bagel selection:

When you enter our Bakery Department, you will notice that we have bagels sold individually, in 3-packs or six-packs. Our delicious flavors include:

•Plain •  Cinnamon Raisin • Everything  • Garlic  • Asiago Cheese  • Cheddar Cheese • Honey & Wheat  • Blueberry  • Poppy Seed  • Sesame Seed  • Onion  • Salt  • Cinnamon Sugar 



What can I put on my bagel?

Wondering about what goes well on a bagel? Take a look at the lists below!


Cream Cheese



Peanut Butter








Smoked Salmon





Egg/Tuna/Chicken Salad

Any cheese of choice

A Hole Lotta History: Beginnings of the Bagel

Bagels have become a staple breakfast food in the American diet. They’re perfect for an on-the-go start to your busy day. Despite its simplistic nature, the bagel has a larger role in history than you may expect.

We’ve been in the bagel business since 1932, but these guys trace back far before that. First brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants from Poland in the 19th century, bagels were popularized here in the Northeast, in New York City’s Lower East Side. Back then they were displayed on poles and strings, which is how the hole in the middle of the bagel originated.

“Beigel” is the Yiddish word for bagel, and it’s a popular theory that the bagel is a descendant of the German pretzel; another yeasted dough bread that is boiled then baked.  The process of boiling then baking, keeps the bagels fresh longer, which for economically challenged folks was a necessity.

As Jewish people began to immigrate to North America from Europe, many settled in Toronto and Montreal, creating bagels in Canada that were slightly different from the New York style. Meanwhile, in New York, there were so many bagel makers that Local 33, a bagel-makers trade union, was formed in 1915.

Over time, bagels became more jazzed up. For this, we can credit the invention of cream cheese in the 1930s, followed by a Family Circle Magazine article which suggested that bagels with cream cheese and lox would serve as a good cocktail party appetizer.

Today at Price Chopper & Market 32, our bagels are one of the staples of our business. We’re excited to introduce our NEW bigger and better bagels! Freshly baked in-store, they’re crispy on the outside and pleasingly soft and chewy on the inside, and they’re on sale this week! View our ad to learn more.

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