Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs AIR WICK COLOR CHANGING CANDLE The new Air Wick Color Changing Candle will brighten your world with its captivating light effects. Once lit, a soft and tranquil glow illuminates through the wax.  The glow then gently changes color to create a captivating rainbow effect. Look for the Air Wick Color Changing Candle in the Air Care aisle. DELSYM COUGH RELIEF PLUS SOOTHING ACTION LOZENGES Introducing new Delsym Cough Relief Plus Soothing Action Lozenges – the only medicated lozenge with the power of Delsym cough relief. Not only does it help silence your cough with the powers of Delsym, but it can also help to soothe your sore throat.  Delsym lozenges go to work fast to quickly relieve your sore throat syptoms.  This way, you can start feeling better right away. Delsym Cough Relief Plus Soothing Action Lozenges are available in two great flavors for you to enjoy-Honey Lemon and Sugar Free Cherry.  Look for Delsym Lozenges in the Cough and Cold aisle. Don’t let coughing and sore throat get in the way.  Try the new Delsym Lozenges.  You’ll feel a whole lot better! Delsym Silence is relief!  Use only as directed.