ReVeal your NuVal Secrets!

nuVal logoShould you buy the wheat rolls or the potato bread? Which salty snack is more nutritious for your family? The NuVal System can help you make these decisions, quickly and easily.   The NuVal System summarizes the overall nutritional value of food into a single   number. The 1-100 scoring range enables you to see and compare the nutritional value of the foods you are buying.  NuVal considers more than 30 different nutrients and nutrition factors – and their impact on health outcomes – to determine a food’s score, so it gives a robust and fair account of a food’s true nutritional value. For every product on the shelf, you can see and compare (side by side on the same tag) exactly what you’re paying for how much nutrition. The higher the NuVal Score, the higher the nutrition. Because the NuVal System applies the same nutritional criteria to all foods, you can now quickly and easily compare the nutritional value of foods not only within a category (vegetables) but also across categories (vegetables and veggie burgers). We’re looking for your thoughts on NuVal…has it changed your shopping habits?  Have you involved your family in using the scores when they’re shopping with you?  Have you been suprised at the score of your favorite food?  Did you find an indulgence food with an awesome score? Let’s hear from you!

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