ReVeal your NuVal Secrets!

nuVal logoShould you buy the wheat rolls or the potato bread? Which salty snack is more nutritious for your family? The NuVal System can help you make these decisions, quickly and easily.   The NuVal System summarizes the overall nutritional value of food into a single   number. The 1-100 scoring range enables you to see and compare the nutritional value of the foods you are buying.  NuVal considers more than 30 different nutrients and nutrition factors – and their impact on health outcomes – to determine a food’s score, so it gives a robust and fair account of a food’s true nutritional value. For every product on the shelf, you can see and compare (side by side on the same tag) exactly what you’re paying for how much nutrition. The higher the NuVal Score, the higher the nutrition. Because the NuVal System applies the same nutritional criteria to all foods, you can now quickly and easily compare the nutritional value of foods not only within a category (vegetables) but also across categories (vegetables and veggie burgers). We’re looking for your thoughts on NuVal…has it changed your shopping habits?  Have you involved your family in using the scores when they’re shopping with you?  Have you been suprised at the score of your favorite food?  Did you find an indulgence food with an awesome score? Let’s hear from you!

5 responses to “ReVeal your NuVal Secrets!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Until I read this blog post, I had no idea what NuVal actually was! I had seen it mentioned all over the place, but had thought it was for people with special dietary needs. Call me ignorant, but this post helped me a lot 🙂 I’m always comparing nutrition labels, but now I’ll just look for that number.

  2. yes,this has made my hubby and my self more aware of the right types to eat-but this scoring -look for numbers made it soo much easioer to follow and stick with it! until I read here,I thought I had a good plan,but now sice I’ve learned ot just look for th enumber~woo-hoo! I don’t dread spending hours longer at shopping becaus eof reading lables 😉 Thanks price chopper for making it that much easier for shopping!
    todd/kathryn tufts vt.:)
    p.s.~my hubby is most thankful since he no longer dreads coming in with me on my big shopping days! 🙂

  3. Christa Da Costa Gomez, MS RD CDN says:

    NuVal is the most comprehensive, easy to use, and scientific nutrition labeling system available. As we struggle to change the eating habits of Americans and prevent chronic disease, NuVal is a store-wide tool that everyone can use, regardless of nutrition education. Healthier food choices can be made with NuVal, at the point of purchase, by everyone.

  4. If you are looking for me (the store dietitian) in the Niskayuna, Clifton Park or Loudonville stores, check the cereal aisle first… Chances are you will find me talking to a mom or showing a child how to find a healthier granola bar or discover a better breakfast cereal. I am focused these days on helping customers to use the Nuval median scores to find foods that are more nutritious within a food category. All last week and this week, it has been granola bars and cereals. (Median scores 14 and 25, respectively) Parents keep telling me they like the nutrition advice and simplicity of Nuval. Kids, although short on words seem to be conveying that they like Nuval by searching like bomb dogs for those median numbers on the shelf tags. (Big adventure and awesome challenge!) Nutrition by the numbers… Gotta love it!

  5. Melissa says:

    I have made SO many changes since I began working for NuVal. I traded up pasta sauce, pasta, cereal, crackers, yogurt, rice, tortilla chips, cookies, just to name a few. NuVal is helping me to stay at my feel great weight and also helping me to feed my family more nutritious choices.

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