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We asked our followers on Twitter to share with us how Price Chopper has been helpful to their families.  Since we feel that these stories should be shared, all tweets in response to the contest will be posted here.  At the end of the week (8/28), we will choose 5 followers to win a $25 gift certificate based on their tweet! 

Keep checking back to hear more stories, and follow us on Twitter if you want to participate in the contest:

SteveInTransit: Roast chicken to go has been a lifesaver more times than I can count during the week. Seafood counter in Central Ave great!

debmbest: The gas discount we receive for using our Price Chopper AdvantEdge card has been a great help!

poodiemuckle: Great quality and selection at great prices keeps my family eating delicious healthy meals.

maxwellspritzer: You have been helpful to my family by offering an extensive list of private label value products which help save us money!

tuinimary: Saving money on food and gas leaving $ for other stuff is how Price Chopper has been helpful to my family

WithourHands: You have helped my family by saving me $ on my groceries.  I am unemployed & with coupons I can save 50% on my food budget.

Heather_Trovato: I drive right by your competitors every week on my way to Price Chopper knowing that the drive is worth it for all the $ I save.

waterfal13: The gas advantage program has been a huge help 2 my family. W/insane gas prices & having 2 travel 2 Albany, it’s a lifesaver!

StephenHoltzman: Weekly you have saved me money being gouged by grocery stores in Canada! It’s cheaper to drive to you and shop than at home.  With a family of 5 food savings at your store compared to Montreal are huge! Thank you for the weeks of savings.

htkunkel: Every time I shop I save 50% or more due to great advantedge deals–thanks for helping my family stretch our food dollars!

MikeBucc: My mom love’s to save $ and when she goes to PC she can save $ on gas now -along with the food etc she buys at PC

ABD211: I save on groceries every week AND I save 80 CENTS A GALLON on gas! We travel a lot-that is HUGE! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

d1verse: Whenever I go camping and wind up forgetting something, a PC is always there. Now I’ll pay less for fuel getting there!

albanypaul: Both of my sons work for PC, they always have the freshest produce and meats, one stop shopping for sure… thanks PC

Twitizen56: When I can’t find something at a different store, I can always count on Price Chopper to have it in stock!!

kinkymama: The Granville store gives country people like me a store w/ the best prices around. PC has become a one-stop store for us!

kitschqueen: you’ve helped me by having store brand vegetarian natural and organic products at low prices

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