The Ultimate Supermarket Makeover!


Everyone needs something different when they go in to their favorite supermarket.  We have all probably asked ourselves, “Why would they set this department up this way?” or thought “The products grouped in this aisle make no sense!”  Some people are looking for smaller supermarkets so it doesn’t take as long to shop, where others enjoy taking time to browse the aisles and explore new items on the shelves.   Supermarkets have had customers ask why the bottle returns are always in the front of the store, why the carts are kept outside, and why the lights are so dim or bright.  We finally have this great outlet to hear your thoughts!

So we are posing this question to consumers…If you could change one thing about the store design or layout of your Price Chopper, what would it be?

27 responses to “The Ultimate Supermarket Makeover!”

  1. Margherita says:

    I love to be able to roam freely up and down the aisles without the kids, but sometimes that isn’t possible. I’d love to be able to drop them off at a supervised play area while I shop.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Make it look like the picture you posted! I love grocery stores that have a soothing “earthy” color scheme and a slightly upscale feel (without the upscale prices of course!). My local store is relatively new, but the color scheme feels a bit dated, and stark (mostly white, with turquoise and purple thrown in). Natural colors and materials go a long way toward making a space feel more comfortable, in my opinion.
    How about a little coffee shop near the entrance for us moms who consider time alone to grocery shop a “getaway”? 😉

    • Jim says:

      You don’t have to be a mom to appreciate a store that would look like the one in the picture…or a good cup of coffee either!

  3. Dan Bergman says:

    I would like to see better access for the physically challanged.
    Many times I have to wait for a power cart. When the store at 115 Ballston Ave. Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 had its non fire a couple weeks ago I had been sitting on the bench in front for an extended time, and was one of the last out due to the lack of enough power carts.
    Items are out of reach (too high) although often another customer or even an employee will help out when they see someone struggling. Access to the cooler items is difficult. (Especially when one has to manuver a power cart whilst trying to open a glass door for access.)

  4. Larry says:

    Milk and beer should be near the front of the store.

  5. Barbara says:

    How about more detailed signs for the aisles, so that you don’t have to wander up and down several aisles before finding out , say, where the green tea in a bottle is (miles away from the tea bags AND the beverage aisles.) Or find that the popcorn is NOT with the snacks.
    And please stop putting those big displays in the aisles so that you can’t get to things on the shelves.

  6. Christine says:

    Make the layout more like Stop and Shop.. Theirs just makes sense. I like where your produce and bakery are, that makes sense but the middle confuses me. I would rather have one long aisle with signs posted on either end, than how you have it cut in half. Very confusing.

  7. Linda G says:

    Expand the North Troy to make it a super center!

  8. Peter Albertson says:

    All too often it is too difficult to find the produce prices. They may be too far from the item, or not there, or unclear. Please put the prices close to or with the items, so that I do not have to search through a long list of overhead signs.

  9. John W. Whitworth says:

    i actually work at a local price chopper. i think our store needs a whole new look. were starting to look old, we need a new parking lot and a whole new produce section. plus we need to start being energy sufficient.
    plus we need to expand more. we need new products and maybe brand new things for our store.

  10. Melissa says:

    There is a large frozen display case that separates the regular aisle from the meat section at the Keene, NH store. The store is still pretty new but I don’t understand why anyone would break up the “shopping flow” by putting this right int he middle. If it wa not there and the aisle were a bit longer you could more easily move from aisle to aisle. I find that I sometimes forget things or miss an aisle because I have to back track after I go thru the meat section.

    • coleen (elijah, kaylie, and levi's tata!) says:

      this is also true in our store here on balltown road…definitely makes for backtracking; ugh!

  11. Anonymous says:

    A few suggestions…
    Get rid of any freestanding displays in the aisles. They restrict the flow of shoppers, especially if two people with carts are trying to pass by each other.
    Turn off the misters that spray water on the vegetables. If the lettuce or celery has been sprayed recently, I have to drain a several ounces of water out of them to prevent them from rotting in my refrigerator.
    If possible, get more meat and produce from sources local to each store.
    Look into installing computer kiosks to help shoppers locate items. There are some items I only buy for special occasions and sometimes I have difficulty remembering where they are. I still can’t find the chutney without asking for assistance.
    If the store maps were also available online, it could be tied to the online shopping list tool so that the shopping list could be printed out in the same order as the store layout.

  12. JR says:

    I feel the most important factor is selection, quality and price. A play area would be great, too – but that comes with a very high price that will be passed on to the consumer. Indeed decor is nice and upgrades in design for a more upscale, Whole Foods-type decor, as well as maintaining that level of decor would be passed on to the consumer as well. A play area needs to be supervised, so there’s a wage/salary involved. Also, there is then the need for liability insurance in the event something happens to a child playing in the area. You know the store would want to install security cameras – again – huge expense. Also, in urban areas particularly, you have to worry about strangers wandering in and being around children, so as nice as it sounds, it is not an inexpensive or secure undertaking to guarantee a high level of safety. We have a coffee bar/snack area in Bennington – it IS wonderful to review my list before I start to shop. The coffee is self serve in the air lock canisters and you pay for the coffee at the pizza/take out food area.
    One thing that needs to be passed on about my local store here in Bennington: employees are permitted to go out front on break and smoke. The smell is gross because if 2 or 3 people are out there at once, you get a plume of smoke that stops you in your tracks. I was just up in the Manchester Center store and the same thing occured. Also, while I am at the checkout, it is unnecessary to have employees gripe about how lousy their shift is, how mean the manager is, etc. – unprofessional and rude. It has happened at both stores recently (I was at both this past week) and frankly I don’t want to have a cashier slam my groceries down behind her because she is 10 minutes overdue for her break.
    I am enjoying the expanded selection of vegetarian/vegan options and health food items that are appearing. These items are more mainstream than ever and the prices are usually much less expensive than local health food stores. Soy milk, soy cheese, Boca Burgers, etc are nearly everyday staples in some households due to dietary and lifestyle choices.
    One thing I would like to see more of: There has been an expanded selection of home decor (pillows, blankets, etc.) on several occasions. It is nice to be able to pick up housewares and kitchen gadgets in one trip instead of having to go to Walmart or Kmart – saves gas and time!

  13. Betty says:

    I would love if all the vegetarian items were put together in one place its a zoo trying to find things,some in the freezer section,some in the chip aisle,some in the natural food aisle. I almost rather shop in a health food store or Hannaford as they have put aside space just for vegetarians.Veat is great brand and Morningstar has an asian spice burger that is fanatastic!

    • Doug says:

      Veat !!! Did someone mention Veat? Really, where can I buy it? Every time I go in they are out of it. Can I get it in Price Choppers in Pennsylvania?
      Help… Veat adddic that can’t find it. Especially like the Veggie Bites in Chinese vegetables

  14. Lynn says:

    I really dislike the big ad stickers that are often placed on the floor to get your attention. I feel they make the store have a cluttered look.

  15. Patrick says:

    I love the selection of fresh peppers, but at the Windsor CT store, the reference sign for types and prices doesn’t always match the order of the baskets. It makes it hard to tell if you’re holding the proper pepper for your recipe!

  16. Ed says:

    I shop at the Newburgh store. Both entrances lead to a wall, one being the special of the week, making you walk around to approach the produce area, and the second wall being the row of cash registers. Make it flow!
    Also, the food court area could/should have its own entrance and register, quicker service!

  17. Cristin Murphy says:

    The Price Chopper #151 located at 29 Sunderland Road in Worcester, MA is probably one of the oldest Price Chopper’s around. This store needs a total makeover. It is a smaller store and there is definitely room for improvement.
    There is only one entrance and one exit which at times can get congested as there are ads on the wall as you exit and people stop to look and there is no where to go.

  18. Betty says:

    I like Price chopper colors,designs stink stand up merchandise in the aisle and the exits r irritating in the winter the west gate store opens right out to the street. The cashiers are cold,customers are cold design the exir a bit different like in the more modern stores put a hallway up between exit and entrance so the chill is not blowing right in on staff and customers and it would help stop theives. security could have a door off their office and greet the suspects as they leave the store.

  19. MJR says:

    The Shrewsbury, MA store..the whole store needs to be leveled. It has that old old VERY confusing layout where the aisles are horizontal to the registers, rather than vertical. I heard about a plan to rebuild that store a couple years ago but have not heard much since. That whole store is very very cluttered.

  20. Betty says:

    I went to the West gate store in Albany,NY and almost had to leave,I’m adventurous and like to try other cultures foods,I’m also a vegetarian. with that in mind walk down the other countries aisle. Well,these beans look different I wonder how u prepare it? WOW! there’s nothing on the label. So I have to write the name of the product down go home look it up and then If I remember it next time I’ll try it,sorry I don’t have that kind of time. How about a recipe in the aisle once a month?

  21. con says:

    isnt it great! I like it 100 points!…

  22. Amy H says:

    I shop mainly at your Queensbury (Glen St) location. As you know, the store is in a state of chaos at the moment, but I am very excited to see (and shop around) the on-going construction and i hope you have a Grand Re-Opening sale 🙂
    One pet peeve: can you please please please get different signs for your produce section so i can actually tell which thing is which and how much it costs? Thanks
    Also, the poor little neglected Lake George store… its really sad and the prices are so high. Even though its right near by me (and i would save on gas vs driving the 20 minutes to Qbury), i only go there if i absolutely MUST. Please dont forget the locals in the village, who would love to do more shopping at your store year-round, but we go elsewhere because of the limited selection and high prices. Maybe you could make this store a double coupon store or have special promos to drive some traffic there? Thank you!

  23. Betty Thompson says:

    I don’t have any big issues with Price Chopper their managers will address problems personally,they will pitch in to bag. The employees are always helpful and will go to find the product for u. I have NEVER had a bad experience fro a PC employees in all my visits. They even ask “Do u need help to get to ur car?” Of course I am courteous when I get to the register I say “Hello” I expect to treat them like a hardworking person.You get what u give. Also the displays in the middle of the aisle I move them where I want them or the ones on the end get knocked around,and yes I do drive like that. Westgate is the store for me. Even the other customers are amusing.

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