Price Chopper and Sunoco have launched FUEL ADVANTEDGE in the Capital Region!


Today, Price Chopper announced the launch of ‘Fuel AdvantEdge’, an exclusive program never before offered in the Capital Region marketplace, in partnership with more than 70 local Sunoco stations that discount gasoline as a reward for grocery store purchases!

‘Fuel AdvantEdge’ is an ongoing, cumulative savings/reward program that gives consumers a 10¢/gallon discount on gasoline purchases for every $50 of groceries purchased (20¢/gallon on $100 purchased, 30¢/gallon on $150 purchased, etc.). Unlike other reward programs, consumers can accumulate their points/dollars spent across a 90-day timeframe and cash in on their gasoline discount for up to 20 gallons at their convenience, turning saved dimes into dollars. “What better way to reward our customers for choosing Price Chopper than by offering them great prices at the supermarket that translate to significant savings at the gas pump,” said Neil Golub, President and CEO of Price Chopper, who praised the company’s supply chain integration team for their Herculean efforts in committing and converting more than 70 gas stations throughout the Capital Region to the program. “And the number of participating stations continues to grow,” he added. “Sunoco is pleased to offer significant gasoline discounts through our partnership with Price Chopper. In other areas where Price Chopper has tested this program, we have customers saving fifty, sixty cents – even a dollar or more per gallon through the ‘Fuel AdvantEdge’ program. It is exciting that this kind of savings opportunity is available to our customers,” said Jeff Hassman, Channel Marketing Manager, Sunoco. This is an amazing savings program for our customers and we are SO excited to bring it to the Captial Region!  Visit your local Price Chopper for more information,, or leave a comment/question here!

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  1. MARGIT says:

    I am a little confused. Do we get coupons for the gas discount or does it automatically register on our advantage card? How often can you fill up?

    • pricechopper says:

      Margit, Your fuel points will automatically load onto your AdvantEdge card. Once you use your discount to fill your car, it is gone and you begin accumulating more points. Your discount is good for a maximum of 20 gallons.

  2. pricechopper says:

    Vicki – No, your wallet-sized AdvantEdge card is all you need! You can check your fuel points on your receipt, or at Enter your 10-digit card number into our Fuel AdvantEdge widget! On your receipt, it will explain how many points you have earned and when they will expire. Make sure you swipe your AdvantEdge card for EVERY purchase from now on…pharmacy, take out foods, even small purchases through the self checkout or express lanes – it all counts towards accumulating more fuel points!

  3. Fred Wildman says:

    I was delighted that pricechopper decided to expand its program to the Capital District from its roll out in CT and other areas. Ironically enough, although the press conference to announce this event was on Monday the 15th of June, I later discovered that my purchases made that day were not included in the new program as I paid at 12:47 PM, and the program was not activated for Capital District stores until 2:00 PM. Go figure. Nonetheless I fully expect this program to be a big success, both for Golub Corp. as well as Sunoco Marketing & Refining. Best wishes.

  4. Debra says:

    I am very excited about this new program, but when did the fuel AdvantEdge begin? I spent $43.89 in the Altamont Ave. Price Chopper on 6/18/09 and there are no points on my AdvantEdge card.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I find that the Sunoco station most convenient to me (Lee, MA) jacks up their prices about $.08 higher per gallon than their 3 nearby competitors. So, if you have $.10 off per gallon, really you are only saving a few pennies. I wish the discounts were more meaningful- it feels like some Sunocos take advantage!

    • pricechopper says:

      We truly appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing this information. It is our primary goal to provide maximum value to our customers through the Fuel AdvantEdge program.
      Although Price Chopper cannot dictate the price participating Sunoco locations charge at their stations, we do monitor fuel pricing in the immediate markets surrounding our stores and address customer concerns directly with Sunoco corporate. Although issues such as this are rare, we do encourage Sunoco and their local distributors to take prompt action if and when it occurs.
      We have also worked with Sunoco to develop an extensive redemption network. Over 275 Sunoco stations now participate across our 6 state marketing area. Hopefully, if you have an issue with one station, you will find another Sunoco that you conveniently pass by during your travels that is more to your liking. To see a listing of all of the Sunoco stations in the network, you can visit:
      If you have a pricing issue with a Sunoco station, please call our customer service center at 1-800-666-7667 (Option 1) or contact us through We will certainly look into it. If you would like to speak directly to Sunoco Corporate about the station’s pricing policies, you can contact them directly at 1-800-SUNOCO-1.

  6. Bud Newcomb says:

    I can not find a participating Sunoco station that accepts the advantage card, I do not believe I am alone in this situation. I would like to have a list of stations that provide the advantage discount, is that a possible task? I live in the Latham – Schenectady area
    Bud Newcomb

  7. Markus87 says:

    Bud – try the Stewart’s Sunoco on Hwy 9 – Near Siena. You also have a Sunoco east of the Latham Circle – on the way to Watervliet. Or – you can try the Sunoco at Exit 8 off the Northway — or the one off Exit 9 off the Northway…

  8. isabella says:

    if my car takes 14 gallons and i want to put the rest 6 gallons into my husbands car ….can we do that and still get our discount at the pump?

  9. Mo says:

    I just received a new card in the mail. I have been using my license in the meantime. Is there anyway to link the money saved using my license to my new card or is the $.80 just lost?

  10. Markus87 says:

    Isabella – according to the rules of the program, the discount is good for 1 fill-up – for one car. If you use only 14 gallons for the 1 car, then that consumes the discount. You can’t come back and get the discount for the 6 gallons. The discount is good for 1 fill-up, up-to 20 gallons.
    Mo – Your license is tied to an AdvantEdge card number. If the new card you received has the same number as your old card (the one tied to your license) then the 80 cents is on the “new” card (since it is the same card #). If the number is different – then you received a “new” card – not a “replacement” card. The replacement card has no 80 cents on it. You can call Price Chopper Card services M-F, 9 am 5 pm: 800-666-7667. Give them your name and License number and they can help you…. just explain your problem.

    • Ann B. says:

      I don’t believe that about the license! We have two cars and one Advantage card, and fill up either and get the Advantage discount fine. As we should!

  11. John W. Whitworth says:

    Im a fellow employee. our store is dong great on the fuel program. Store #036 is a great hit. so many people have been coming in due to the program and boosting our sales. Thanks PC

  12. Markus87 says:

    SLB – you should contact Price Chopper about doing a Testimonial – they are looking for folks that want to tell their great story. Call their Customer Service… M-F, 9 am 5 pm: 800-666-7667.
    They really are…!

  13. Markus87 says:

    SueEllen – you should really contact Price Chopper’s Customer Service… M-F, 9 am 5 pm: 800-666-7667…
    Something must be wrong with your card. Sometimes customers user a different card in the grocery store (or their Driver’s License) and then try to redeem with a different card at the pump. The Cust Serv desk can help you figure out what is happening.
    This doesn’t happen just out of the blue…

  14. Martha says:

    I was wondering if anyone has not received the correct amount off? I went to the Sunoco off 787 on 9W in Albany and should have rec’d 30 cents off but only rec’d 24 cents. A second time I should have rec’d 10 cents but only rec’d 6 cents? Are there taxes deducted? Or, should 10 cents mean 10 cents off the posted price per gallon?

  15. Maria says:

    Great program!! Not only do I look at the cents off, but I notice that before the program began, my van took approximately $42.00 to fill it up. Since I have been taking “advantage” of the program, I have paid $29.00 and $33.00 to fill it up… Loving it…
    Thanks Price Chopper…
    Will this program be ending soon?

  16. Markus87 says:

    Rocky – Sorry that you had difficulties using your discount. I am sure if you contact the Price Chopper Customer Service desk at 1-800-666-7667, option 1. They can restore your points that may expire. Please remember that not ALL your points will expire. On Aug. 31, only the points earned in June will expire. Your discounts expire 2 months after the month you earn them — if you don’t use them. Points earned in July will expire Sept 30.
    The best way to make sure you don’t have points expire is to use them every 2 months or so… that way you never have a risk of them expiring.
    I never have points expire because I use them every month or so…
    Take care and hope to hear that you saved-a-lot on your next fill-up!!!

  17. Markus87 says:

    Sue Ellen – How did it turn out? Did it get resolved…??? I will make sure it gets resolved!

  18. KJohnson says:

    Trying to get a replacement card so I can actually use the Fuel Advantage program before the end of the month. Unfortunately, your website is ‘lacking’ (even though your employee told me it’d be quicker to get a replacement card on the website than wait for customer service.) Websites that do not function are annoying.

    • Markus87 says:

      KJ – Sorry you didn’t find it working. I will look into that… but I can still help you get a new card… Try calling the Price Chopper Customer Service desk at 1-800-666-7667, option 1… They can get you a card very quickly…
      When you talk to them, just ask them to restore any points you lost – they will do that one time for you…
      Thanks for shopping Price Chopper…

  19. irene pitcher says:

    i need to replace my card cause i lost it so can you send me a new one

    • Markus87 says:

      Irene – I can help get you a new card… If you call Price Chopper Customer Service desk at 1-800-666-7667, option 1… they can get you one out very quickly.

  20. Mary says:

    BEWARE! I stopped at Sunoco in Glenville, NY, Sat. a.m. on my way out of town on a trip, and my Advantage card didn’t work in the pump. Hit the “Help” button 3 times, but nobody came to help. I was running late enough as it was and didn’t feel that I wanted to close up the car and drive to another pump (and take the chance that my card may not work there either), so I pumped the gas anyway. I spent $26.30 on gas when I should have spent only $11.46 with my discount. Needless to say I am EXTREMELY upset at this most recent scam that Price Chopper is running. If they really and truly want us to save money at the pump, they should give us a coupon every time we buy more than say, $50 worth of goods at their store… to be used at ANY gas station, not just Sunoco. And interestingly, the Mobil gas station in Glenville became a Sunoco station overnight just about on the eve of the start of this deal…. hmmmm… does make one wonder. Anyway, I will be curtailing my spending at Price Chopper just because I waaay over-spent on gas last Saturday, when I could have gone across the street to the Hess station which is ALWAYS less expensive! And when this “deal” is over, will the Sunoco turn back into a Mobil?? In case you’re wondering, my Advantage card works perfectly at the check-outs at Price Chopper… so my card isn’t bad…

  21. Mary says:

    Ever heard that saying… fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me? Well… shame on me because I stupidly stopped at Sunoco in Glenville AGAIN and AGAIN the card didn’t work, and AGAIN I hit the Help button and AGAIN nobody came out to help me! I’m up to about $1.80 off a gallon of gas and I cannot make the Advantage Card work for me! And nobody to help me! So, I guess I’ll just suffer the loss and go across the street to Hess where it’s cheaper and the gas works well in my car and when I have a question about something, someone is always there to help. I just heard today that the old Mobil station on the corner of McClellan and Union Sts in Schenectady was made into a Sunoco for the purpose of this deal with Price Chopper. Sorry, folks, but I just don’t like to hear that certain stores/businesses are in bed with each other… it just doesn’t seem to be the right way to conduct business. If you want to save your customers money, Price Chopper, then for heaven’s sake, lower your prices!! Your “loss-leaders” (those items drastically reduced to lure you into their store) are pretty good, so I guess I’ll continue to buy those items at your store, but that’s it. Somebody needs to give Price Chopper a run for their money! Hannaford is trying, but they’re a small store; Walmart is trying and they might be good competition for Price Chopper, and the changes in their store are great, but they need to KEEP the store clean. Anyway, to Price Chopper… thanks for nothing………………..

    • pricechopper says:

      Mary, We apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced. It sounds like you probably need a new AdvantEdge card. When cards are scanned in-store, the bar code on the back is scanned. At the Sunoco pumps, the magnetic strip on the back of your card is used to read the card, and those can get worn out. You can get a new card by visiting guest services at any Price Chopper store, or by calling 1-800-666-7667, option 1. Our customer service departments will be glad to help you get on track and start redeeming your fuel points as soon as possible!

  22. Mary says:

    Ok, it took you 11 days to get back to me regarding the issue of my card not working at the Sunoco station in Glenville…. 11 days is about 10 days too late in my book! Please don’t say you don’t read these messages every day… and… you have my email address on file as well. I tried calling the phone # on the back of my card, but after a very lengthy menu I was told there was an unusual backlog of calls which struck me as kinda strange… I mean, how many people could be calling Price Chopper at 4:15 on a Tuesday afternoon?? Anyway, just because I would have truly liked the savings, I stopped at Sunoco in Glenville this morning and of course my card didn’t work. I pressed the HELP button 7 times, but nobody came, so I went inside. The man at the register said he had no indication I was asking for help… his button wasn’t lighting up. That’s 3 HELP buttons on 3 different pumps in the last week and a half that didn’t register inside the store… sounds to me like they may have that option turned off? He told me I would have to “pre-pay” for my gas as they were having trouble with some Price Chopper cards not registering at the pump. I said, ok, I want to fill up my tank, so how much will that be? He said how many gallons does my tank hold? I said, what?? How would I know, but wait a minute as I have the manual in the car and I’ll check, but how would he know how much gas is left in my car and exactly how much the tank would take and so how would he know exactly how much to charge me? He said, oh you have to over-pay and I’ll give you your change afterwards. I said, no thanks, that’s not how I do business and I don’t consider this the “help” I was expecting. I went down the road, filled up at the Hess station (at 8 cents less a gallon than Sunoco by the way) and that’s the end of my story. I got thinking that if this is the way Sunoco does business… over-pay if your card doesn’t work, why doesn’t Price Chopper adopt the same practice since they’re already in bed with Sunoco… PC could charge everyone who walks in their store say $100, then give them their change on the way out. Do you think that’s good business practice?? I don’t. Oh, and by the way, if you knew some cards were going to not work at the pump and that it’s the strip that is being read and not the barcode, why the heck didn’t you put that in all of your advertisements??? It would have saved me a heap of stress, not to mention the $14.00 is lost by not using the card this morning.

  23. pricechopper says:

    Sheila, One of our consumer services representatives will be happy to assist you. Please give us a call at 1-800-666-7667 and they will resolve this for you. Thanks for using Fuel AdvantEdge!

  24. pricechopper says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Please call us at 1-800-666-7667 (Option 1) and one of our associates will be able to help you. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  25. pricechopper says:

    Hi Sandy,
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call us at 1-800-666-7667 (Option 1) and one of our associates will be able to help you. Your gas points do not decline unless you use them or if they expire. Look at the bottom of your receipt each time you shop for your current total, the discount you earned for your shopping trip, the amount you have toward your next 10¢ discount, and the date before which any soon-to-expire discounts should be used. Thank you!

  26. the website that you have given to us I can not sign in it want let me sign in so I can get fuel advanage started.

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Judith,
      We’re sorry that you’ve been experiencing problems. Please call us at 1-800-666-7667 (Option 1) and one of our associates will be able to help you. Thank you.

  27. Kathleen says:

    I am a loyal Price Chopper customer. This month I had !1.80 a gallon savings. Unfortunately, my car only holds nine gallons. Every time I use this fuel advantage I get screwed out of the other 11 gallon savings. It should not expire after 9 gallons. It should be changed to a 20 gallon fill-up within a two month period. Just because I have a small vehicle I still am a loyal customer. This rule stinks….

    • pricechopper says:

      We truly appreciate your feedback regarding our Fuel AdvantEdge program. It is our primary goal to provide maximum value to our customers through this exciting program.
      Our Fuel AdvantEdge program is intended as a per gallon discount on one tank of gas rather than an offer of 20 gallons of discounted gas. The 20 gallon limit was set to allow most customers to fill up one tank of gas. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  28. Ann B. says:

    Hi, this is very petty, but I went to your webpage to see what gift cards I could buy at PC and get the gas credit (yeah! great idea) and you spelled the bookstore Barnes and Nobel. Which is ok if you win the prize, but not if you are the bookstore or very ethical! It’s Barnes and Noble, please!!!

  29. Lynda says:

    On 1/27/11 I stopped to fill my car up with gas, assuming that I had $0.50/gallon on my Price Chopper account. After filling my car with 13.883 gallons at $3.299/gallon ($45.80), I was told I had no discount available. When I checked on the Price Chopper website, the listing for 1/27/11 showed that I had filled my car with 17.995 gallons (impossible, since my tank only holds 16 gallons!), I had been given $0.50/gallon discount, and the total amount was $50.38! Further down on the page, there was a listing for 12/26/10 for the same station that I filled my car with 19.875 gallons! Clearly this station is padding their bank account and cheating both Price Chopper and me! I have heard other complaints from friends about this particular station. They were also told there was no discount available on their card. This happened to me last summer, at the same station, also, but I didn’t think then to check the Price Chopper website. What’s going on here???

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