How Can We Help You?

familyadChopper Shoppers, we want to know how we can help you with your food and grocery shopping needs.  Whether it is meal solutions, service in the store, on-line resources, you name it, Price Chopper wants to be your store of choice.  Let’s hear from you…

One response to “How Can We Help You?”

  1. Dave fisher says:

    Why are your trucks taking a non truck route from the western ave store to the Slingerlands store? Truck with a RO81115 on back went down Schoolhouse road ran over the small roundabout and proceeded to take a left onto Blessing road . Traffic was stopped to accommodate the wide turn and it’s clear a truck like that doesn’t belong on this road unless it’s a special delivery . Clearly there are other routes. Can’t wait for the real grocery chain to move into the area.

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