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familyadChopper Shoppers, we want to know how we can help you with your food and grocery shopping needs.  Whether it is meal solutions, service in the store, on-line resources, you name it, Price Chopper wants to be your store of choice.  Let’s hear from you…

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  1. Marlene Serkin says:

    I understand the new Price Chopper in Colonie has a Kosher bakery. Would it be possible to get breads from the Kosher bakery brought to the Binghamton Store?

    • pricechopper says:

      The Colonie store is a kosher bakery because we have designated areas for production and baking. Once these items leave supervision we cannot sell them as kosher. If we were able to produce them at Colonie and ship them to Binghamton we would not be able to sell them as kosher. Right now, we do not have a system to transfer product from store to store. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  2. Astrid says:

    We just got a new store, and we love it! I love the idea of e-coupons, and would also love to see Lebanon Bologne at our store. It’s my absolute favorite lunch meat.

  3. Jan says:

    By your baggers and checkers making sure that the customer gets all their purchased items, and does not leave anything behind on their shopping trip.

  4. Dee Seeley says:

    Put the “Natural” section back in the Rutland VT store. I’ve stopped going to PC because of the recent store organization that requires me to shop the entire store (understand that was your intent), instead of going directly to the sections I know I can find what I want. So maybe you made a few cents more, but you lost a customer.

    • pricechopper says:

      Dee, Recently natural and organic products are being produced more and more by national brands as extensions to their existing product lines. The category has grown so rapidly, it has almost outgrown itself. Since these products have become more mainstream, many of our customers look for natural and organic items in their respective aisle or category.
      We understand your frustration and the confusion that can be caused from this situation, and would like to explain that it is not our intent to make customers shop the entire store, but rather to have these products available where most people look for them. We hope that you will give Price Chopper another chance, and know that our store associates will gladly help you locate any item you need. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Ann says:

    How about coming up with a “drive thru” for customers with 20 items or less?? It sure would be a help for busy moms, older folks, business folks on their lunch hour, etc. They could call in, get a # and ETA, then pull up and away in short order!

  6. DEE says:

    I would like to see something done about the loud music, it makes it very hard to think when you are trying to shop.

  7. Lois says:

    You can help me by opening a store on Cape Cod. There is a building in Monument Beach where a Grand Union Market recently closed. That would be PERFECT for me. Shaws in Wareham or Stop and Shop in Wareham or Sandwich are my only choices otherwise. PLEASE!!!

  8. Emily says:

    I would like to see all the flavors of the Vitamin Water. Price Chopper used to have them all. I can never find Endurance, Balance, Rescue and the Lemon Tea.

  9. I applied on line for an Advantage card to replace the one I lost with my same number. It has been over 2 weeks with no new card in the mail when the store told me that it would take 7 10 days. Can you check on this and notify when I can expect to receive my Price Chopper card so I can get the discount at the gas pump?


  11. Bonnie Jensen says:

    I can’t find Comstock sliced apples in water anywhere except on the internet when shipping costs are prohibitive. Any possibility of stocking them in the Montrose Price Chopper?

    • pricechopper says:

      Bonnie, There is a possibility that we can order this product for you, but you may have to buy a case. If you call 1-800-666-7667, option 4, you can speak with our Special Order Services representative and find out if we can order this product.

  12. Karen Davis says:

    I would like to see a on line shopping service with home delivery.

  13. Michele says:

    I would love to receive a credit accumulation on my advantage card that could be used towards future purchases or as someone else commented on, perhaps a gas card.
    I think that the stores are superclean and there seems to be less clutter in the aisles now. I do have one thing to say…male baggers should all be trained by “shoppers.” I have had things packed together that damage one another.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  14. candace dayson says:

    Cortland Price Chopper really needs new shopping carts! I am tired or fighting to push the cart every week.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been very pleased with Price Chopper lately – I’ve been able to save a ton of money, which helps my family a lot!
    One thing that has bugged me for a while is the fact that my Advantedge card does not work with the Price Chopper website for some reason. Does it work for anybody? I cannot login and use the features, like the shopping list. I think it would be a great tool if it worked – I like to look at the deals online sometimes instead of in the paper.
    It would be nice if there was a triple coupon promotion every once in a while. I’m envious of the deals I hear about people in bigger cities getting at different stores. I do appreciate the double coupons though, and the high threshold in my store.
    LOVE the fact that we have self-checkout in the Oneida store finally!

  16. gailazusa says:

    I would love to see Karl Ehmer ( products in Price Chopper. I know of several people, including myself, that bulk
    order from them because of the high quality of their products (mainly
    meats). I know that ShopRite has sold their products for years. I
    moved, with many others, from Long Island to upstate NY a few
    years ago, Karl Ehmer is the #1 product we’d love to purchase in
    your store.

  17. pricechopper says:

    We are very pleased with the suggestions that you all have given to us with regard to Price Chopper becoming your store of choice to help you satisfy all of your family’s food needs.
    Keep the comments coming, we are listening!

  18. Judy says:

    It’s summer….so that means Price Chopper will be COLD! I can barely shop there in the summer, because the air conditioning is cranked up. It’s much colder in the summer than the winter! My daughter and I went tonight, and she had goosebumps and we were both frozen and pretty much had to stop shopping. And we hadn’t even made it to the froze food aisle yet!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Sharon. I’ve thought for a long time how great it would be if stores listed their inventory and prices online so we can “shop” at home and then go pick up the items. I know Walmart is starting to do that with grocery items, but they don’t list the prices. Inventory is all computerized, so it seems like it would be doable.

  20. Michael says:

    Unfortunately, like I had stated before no price chopper carries green giant frozen asparagus cuts or chunky brand manhattan clam chowder. I was hopeful when I received a message from pricechopper that I was wrong and that those items are at stores. However, I was told that I can order whole cases from the store if I want those items. WOOOOO! What a deal, maybe I’ll stock it in my warehouse. I can order from the internet as well, I already knew that. Thanks but no thanks, I guess I’ll just spend more gas money traveling to other non-pricechopper stores to get those items and while I’m there maybe I’ll do all my shopping there.

  21. Bud Newcomb says:

    You list 70 participating stations for using the fuel advantage program, I have been only 1 station and the are not participating in this program. Where do I find a station that accepts the advantage card for fuel saving?
    or is there a posted list of participating stations? I cannot find a list! I have been a Central Market / Price Chopper customer for 50 years and I think many customer are in the same situation as I. I cannot find a participating Sunoco station! I live in the latham, NY area.
    Bud Newomb

  22. Michael says:

    I’ve tried to find the post that asked shoppers their thoughts on the chopper mascot and can’t find it. I do recall that no one was in favor of the axe head and wonder if pricechopper pulled the question off because of the negative feedback?

  23. Bob Shovah says:

    Thanks for being so responsive to the needs of Celiac (gluten intolerant) customers. One line that you might want to look at is from the Chebe company ( They produce an extensive line of breadstuff mixes and frozen products such as rolls, breads, pizza crust, and so on. All of their products are of superior quality, taste, and texture. It seems that so many GI people are traveling from one natural food store to another, and none of these stores can keep up with the demand. I’m sure that if you introduced these products to at least some of your larger stores with natural food sections, the demand would make it worth your while.

  24. pricechopper says:

    Shop mom: Follow this link,, and click on your state to find the list of participating Sunoco stations.

  25. Melissa says:

    I would like to see nutritional info on both your bakery items and your meat section. I know it can be done as the other two large grocery stores offer this info on nearly every product in their respective stores. I have called your customer service number and gottent he “sorry it is not possible” speech. Why is it possible for the other two and not Price Chopper? Is it too much work? That is pretty much the gist I got from you customer serv. reps.

  26. Michael Friedman says:

    I sent 2 e-mails (one as a follow-up) over the past 2-1/2 weeks regarding sour milk purchased at your Champlain NY store.
    Your automated system said I will reply within 5-7 business days.
    I have yet to receive an actual reply to either e-mail.
    They were sent through the contact us section on your website.
    Is this the way you expect to keeo customers coming back to your store, by NOT answering your e-mail complaints.
    The product was SMART BALANCE Fat Free Lactose Free Milk in the half gallon cartons.
    Since this product is not carried at your Ogdensburg, NY store (closest store to my home) I was not able to return the sour milk to that store.
    I have since spilled it out, because you have not answered by complaint
    & I will not keep sour milk in my refrigerator for over 2 weeks.
    Although you do not have any competition (supermarkets) in the Champlain NY area there are gas stations and pharmacies there that sell milk & that is where I will purchase my milk in the future instead of going into your stores, since you apparently have no concerns about your customers, or the products you sell.
    In the Plattsburgh, Malone & Ogdensburg NY areas you do have competition, and that is where I will shop in the future given the lack of
    response to complaints sent to you via your website contact us page.

  27. Lois Gibbs says:

    You can help me best by opening a store on Cape Cod; particularly the Upper Cape area. Bourne has two spots you might consider…Sagamore at the outlet mall location (they’re talking about a market opening there soon-hope it’s you) and Monument Beach at the now empty former Grand Union location. I was a loyal customer at the Worcester store on Cambridge Street until I relocated to Cape Cod in May. I MISS YOU!!! Boo Hoo. Come on down to the Cape. The weather’s gonna get better.
    Thank you in advance.

  28. Mrs. Simard says:

    I saw a small add for “ink refills” are you going to be d oing his when and where?

  29. Mrs. Simard says:

    Worcester, MA

  30. pricechopper says:

    Ray, We apologize for this inconvenience and negative experience. Some branded stations such as Citgo, Mobil and Sunoco (although few) choose to offer a cash discount for customers using this form of payment tender.
    For our customer’s convenience, the Mobil station located on 3522 State Street (Across from Metro Ford/Mohawk Commons) will be converting Sunoco in mid-September. This station is among many in the area that feature single tier pricing.
    Also, if you call 1-800-666-7667, option 1 with your AdvantEdge card number, we would gladly repost the discount for you as a one-time courtesy.

  31. Nathan says:

    I live in St. Johnsbury, VT. I’ve been trying to post a job application to for over a week. Every time I click to accept the personal nature of the information I will be asked to supply, I am told that there is a temporary website problem, please try again later. I am usually attempting in the evenings, occasionally after midnight, but I am into my third dozen attempts, and I am getting frustrated. Please help.

    • pricechopper says:

      Nathan, Your comment has been referred to our Human Resources department and someone will be contacting you directly via email to help you. Thanks for your interest in working with us!

  32. Elizabeth Peters says:

    Question in regard to TV ad (PriceChopperFuelAdvantEdge)Just wondering why there is not one senior citizen among all the attractive people shown in the ad? I’m sure with all the senior citizens who are Price Chopper customers and spend quite a bit of income in the stores,surely you could have found at least one out of a large number of attractive seniors.Just wondering?

  33. DOnna says:

    i i always buy central market ice crea,, bear claw ,they made a misstake in making it,i always get that flavor,this time they didnt put enough chocolate in ice cream,,also there was a tottal of 8 chocolate cashues in it ,,they have made misstake,can you fix it

  34. Josh Kelly says:

    I’m having trouble retriving my forgotten password and ushername. Everytime I type in my email address to retrive my informaton so I can into my application and edit I get a temporary website problem, please try again later. It has been doing this to me for a few days.

  35. hello I would like your store to check Price Chopper prices with other store within 5 miles you will find out you do NOT have the Lowest prices
    store to look at are Wegmans Wal-Mart (open 24) hrs Redners ( open 24 hr ) til then i will do my shopping some where else This Apply to the store in 18704 and 18702( Zip Code)
    Thank You

  36. Justin S says:

    I’ve been trying to apply for a job and at multiple points, I’m getting “Temporary Website problem. Please try again later.” just after I put in what the reason for leaving my previous job. I cannot pass this part because the error come up every time.

  37. pricechopper says:

    After you’ve clicked on the link below, just choose a state to view all participating stations. You can view or print this list off for reference.
    Thank you.

  38. Niesha Walls says:

    I want to transfer price choppers to westgate. I attend price chopper in hudson valley and i moved,therefore price chopper in westgate is closer to my new apt.

  39. DJ says:

    i purchased a prepaid american express at price chopper west lebanon.after finding that it doesnt work AM says it was a cashier mistake and i needed to back and have them call AM and fix it.i went back and a PC employee called and did what she was told to fix it and it still didnt work,. now im supposed to wait up to ten days to use this 25 dollar gift card i bought for 28.95. i cannot refund or exchange this thing either, wtf!

  40. Ken says:

    Your prices are not really “chopped”. We can go into other stores and find many items that are over a dollar or more cheaper, sometimes, a couple dollars cheaper on a significant number of items. Your marketing strategy to get people to use their advantage cards to get “cheaper” gas is an insult to those who can do basic math. I have used the card for gas just to get back the extra money I lost by shopping there. We now only treat your store like a convienience store, not for real shopping. The money we save by going elsewhere more than covers the AdvantEdge gimmick of alledged “gas savings”. People have to spend $500 to get $1 off. At a max of 20 gallons = $20. In this example your mark-up on $500 worth of goods more than covers paying the gas station back and then some. People would be better off shopping somewhere else and taking that savings and put it in the tank. But then again, you are counting on the laziness and gullibility of the average shopper. How about just coming clean and stop making folks jump thru hoops to get the low prices by having to use the card. Just put the prices down where they are fair and eliminate the card. By the way, the store in my area is in Rome, NY where you have a monopoly on that end of town.

    • pricechopper says:

      Ken, Price Chopper tries very hard to maintain fair prices in a competitive marketplace and we trust that our overall pricing is reasonably competitive with other stores. While there are significant challenges that small, family and employee-owned retailers such as Price Chopper face when competing in today’s economy, we do feel that our loyal shoppers benefit significantly from our online coupon offers, Good ‘Til sales, Lowest Price guarantee, and Buy One, Get One specials.
      Please contact our Consumer Services Department at 1-800-666-7667 (option 3) or at with any pricing concerns regarding specific products and they’ll be happy to look into it for you.

  41. Niechelle Wade says:

    Dear Price Chopper,
    I cannot wait for you to open your new store on Upper Front St in Binghamton. I will be your first customer. Thank you so much for a great store with plenty of Organic and Natural offerings. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  42. john says:

    Do you have a store directory or map available electronically for the cortland, ny store? (that is, what items in what aisle) sound lame, probably, but it would handy for prepping shopping list. thanks regardless! john

  43. Nancy says:

    I have left several e-mails at the HOME site contact for Price Chopper and never got a reply.
    With the gas prices being what they are and my husband and I getting older …we would REALLY like to see Price Chopper build a store in the South Glens Falls/Moreau area. There was a Post Star article a year or so ago saying that Price Chopper had put an offer on some land on Rte. 9, off the Exit 17 corridor. However, nothing has come of fruition there.
    Are we to get a store closer to home here in Moreau/S.G.F. area?

  44. Christina says:

    We love certain dessert from Price Chopper Bakery. They are superior to the Private bakeries in many ways, but these products are not in all your stores. The ones we are crazy about are Whipped Cream frosting Strawberry bar cake there is also a lemon and recently a great chocolate layer cake to die for. These are not Central Market Brand…. Central Market brand look great but the flavor NOT so good! Wish they wee better… Would love if they were in your Central Ave at 155 store until then I have to search! market to market

  45. Pat says:

    I wish you would make available to the public the circular for the next week on friday so we know which day would benefit us for shopping on saturday or sunday. With groceries going up these days we have to plan our shopping so to know what will be going on sale for the next week then we could plan our shopping trip better. Right now i shop on saturdays and then find on sunday i would of got a better price.

  46. Cam Soroka says:

    I purchase Price Chopper’s Farmers Bread in the Bakery Department every week. There is no label on the package giving me the ingredients and
    especially carbs and calories. I am a diabetic and need to count carbs… so
    can you help me!

  47. You really need to get rid of those Customer in Training carts. While mommy is busy texting someone a bunch of sticky kids are pawing all over things that will eventually be in my house. Often times there will be 2, 3 or 4 kids–all in the same family blocking the aisle with these stupid carts. They’re making it a nightmare to shop there and I’m thinking about spending my money elsewhere. There isn’t anything cute or funny about it and it makes what could be a quick trip to the store a real ordeal because they’re blocking up the aisles, which is also a fire hazard.

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Jamie, Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding our “shopper in training” carts. We have shared your thoughts with our team for review and consideration. We appreciate your feedback and are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  48. Emily says:

    one complaint: crappy service. store on deleware ave in albany has the worst service EVER. takes me longer to get through the line than to get my food.
    Numerous examples: i waited 10 minutes for the deli worker to even turn around/stop gabbing with other co-workers to say hello or offer assistance. By this time i gave up on deli meat and had already started to walk away. she acted surprised that i wasnt still there.
    Also, every other visit results in incorrect charges for food. I spend 20 minutes in line only to realize i have to stand in another line to get my money back. Worker failed to provide $2 coupon for wasting my time and tried to refund only half of what I was owed. Then had to wait while the worker took my food back to the isles to find the incorrectly priced food so she could correct it. when all was said and done, i spent well over 40 minutes trying to check out. thanks for making it “quick and efficient.”

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Emily, We apologize for the negative experiences you have had in our Delaware Avenue store. Thank you for letting us know and we have logged your comment as a formal complaint to be shared with our team in the Delaware Avenue store.

  49. Julie Scoff says:

    I recently was in your Worcester Ma. store with my two children(Oct. 20th I believe)… On the way out as passing the gumball machines I saw one of the men tending to the machines literally take the gumballs out of a box with his bare hands, he then dropped a few on the ground and picked them up and put them back in the machine! My children eat those gumballs…needless to say I was appalled by this, so I said to the young man (tall,brown hair,about 25?) “do you think maybe you could use a scoop for that? My children eat those” (I can tell you they never will again) He simply snarled and ignored me. I find this behavior disturbing… Maybe the people handling the gumball machines could be a little more professional? Or you should consider a contract with a better company…just a suggestion.

  50. forest r. winch says:

    i applied for a new price chopper advantage card 3 weeks ago to replace my old worn out cars ,how long does it take to receive it? they said 7 to 10 days in the store when i applied for the new one

  51. Dave fisher says:

    Why are your trucks taking a non truck route from the western ave store to the Slingerlands store? Truck with a RO81115 on back went down Schoolhouse road ran over the small roundabout and proceeded to take a left onto Blessing road . Traffic was stopped to accommodate the wide turn and it’s clear a truck like that doesn’t belong on this road unless it’s a special delivery . Clearly there are other routes. Can’t wait for the real grocery chain to move into the area.

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Dave, We apologize for your experience with one of our trucks. Your comments have been forwarded to our Transportation Department to be addressed. We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.

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