Price Chopper: One Stop Holiday Shopping

Guest post contributed by Andrea McCarthy

I’m a busy mom with four children ages 5 and under – and chances are that you busy as well. With limited time and patience, the holidays can present one with many challenges. I am constantly searching for the easiest way to accomplish things and doing so on a budget is of the utmost importance without scrimping on quality. And here is where Price Chopper comes in.

Most of you know,  I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Price Chopper and have been since I began couponing in January of 2010. I love the store – the deals, the specials, the treats…

For the holidays, I can get all I need for entertaining and decorating right at Price Chopper. No need to drive to a zillion different locations wasting gas and my time – they’ve got it all in one spot.

Floral Department First,  the holidays aren’t complete without some floral touches. Did you know they sell wreaths? (Actually year round). Beautiful Holiday wreaths for your door and they can be customized however you like. The best part – they start at $19.99. They also carry the Poinsettias and other holiday arrangements – while you shop your arrangement can be made and picked up before you check out. Appetizers Next, how can you go through the holidays without eating? I mean really  – besides the true meaning of the holidays, gifts, and family time – it is ALL about the food. The selection of goodies at Price Chopper from the Seafood department to the bakery to the deli is outstanding. And I can say that because I’ve sampled it all!

The selection of affordable appetizers at Price Chopper is amazing. You can get great quality items like Shrimp for a Shrimp Cocktail from just $10. The deli department has unbelievable cheeses from all over the world. What a scrumptious delight to add to a specialty cracker or your old favorites. Head to the freezer for a wide variety of offerings at varying prices. They’ve got holiday favorites like Baklava, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mini Cheesecakes and so much more – and I’ve seen the prices as low as $4.99.


I admit I am a novice when it comes to fine cuts of meats, in fact I always thought you had to go to a butcher to get really good meats for special occasions. I didn’t know that Prime Cuts of meats are another option at Price Chopper. From Angus Beef New York Strip Steak, to Crown Roast of Pork or Rack of Lamb – they have a large selection at a competitive price.


The Price Chopper bakery is one of a kind with 60% of all products baked in-house. I like knowing that the items I buy are freshly made in the last few days. Are you aware that each month Price Chopper has a special dessert of the month – the item is only available during the calendar month and once it is gone – its gone! For December, the bakery has a special holiday cake available. “Home for the Holiday’s” is a Red Velvet cake with French Cheesecake Filling and 100% real whipped cream frosting over 11 layers of holiday happiness! I’ve sampled it – the cake is delicious! Simply decorated for the holidays – the cake is available in 10 varieties. (Not available in all stores)

There are numerous other dessert items available in chocolate, cheesecakes, cannoli’s and more! Besides the desserts, Price Chopper offers a tasty line of breads (some can be made into special shapes like a Christmas Tree!), muffins and rolls. You can get platters ready made starting from $14.99 – and you can even order online!

Great Value & Extra Savings

Besides the everyday value offered on all products, Price Chopper frequently offers coupons for some of the items in these specialty departments. Be sure to visit each week for new coupons, as well as their Facebook Page.

 Probably my most favorite part about the one stop shopping at Price Chopper? I get gas rewards for each purchase for my party. That cake, cheese tray, Shrimp Cocktail and Prime Rib are all helping to get my gas bill down. Now that’s value. (Sorry – I couldn’t resist. But it’s true!)

I have to say – reading all of the above makes Price Chopper sound wonderful. And the truth is – they really are a wonderful neighborhood store.  Enjoy your holidays!

Visit your local Price Chopper tomorrow between 11am and 3pm for the Holiday Sample Fest!  Leave a comment below telling us your favorite sample and we’ll randomly choose one winner to win a $100 Price Chopper gift card!

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14 responses to “Price Chopper: One Stop Holiday Shopping”

  1. Rachel Poppe says:

    Loved the Clementines! Didn’t get to try meatballs or Bbq sauce because they weren’t cooked yet, but the turkey wraps were delicious!

  2. Kathleen Mclaughlin says:

    I especially liked the cranberry cinnamon goat cheese!

  3. Vera says:

    How can you just pick one favorite sample? So to be fair I will say they were all good! Love saving money a Price Chopper and Andrea really helps me out with her coupon matchups! I saved $112 on Friday (and had to have Manager approval). Gotta love that!!!

  4. Angela Alpaugh says:

    My favorite was the Central Market Classics “Peppermint Stick” ice cream! So wonderful!

  5. Craig A says:

    I really liked the chocolate chip coffee cake!

  6. Anna Markle says:

    I really liked the nut breads sample. I even bought the buy one, get two free deal! My next favorite was the Spread on the crackers. Boy were they hot and spicy, but it left me wanting to serve this at a gathering.

  7. jeanette says:

    My kids and I enjoyed the peppermint icecream they had to sample. They loved it so much that they were looking all over the icecream aisle for it. We went back to find out that they only had 2 hidden in the back of the store and they gave 1 to us.

  8. julie jones says:

    I liked the meatball samples!

  9. Kyna says:

    I liked I think it was like a cranberry sauce mixed with goat cheese. That was good. 🙂

  10. We enjoyed the peppermint ice cream and the turkey wraps.

  11. Traci Cherubin says:

    The little wrap samples from the deli were great!

  12. Amy Carey says:

    The kids and I loved everything we tried, I <3 price chopper!!

  13. Vera says:

    I liked all the samples! goat cheese rules though!

  14. pricechopper says:

    Thank you all for visiting our Holiday SampleFest and for letting us know which samples you liked best! Congratulations to Traci Cherubin who has been selected as our winner! Traci, we’ll get in touch with you directly to arrange your $100 Price Chopper gift card! Happy Holidays!

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