Calling all Chopper Shoppers!!!

Shopping Experience Makes the DifferenceThis blog has been started to begin an ongoing dialog with you, our customers.  We are interested in your thoughts about our company, our stores, our people and the products we offer.

We’d like to start the discussion by asking you to comment about what you believe makes for a great shopping experience at a grocery store.  We know that shopping experience can determine your store of choice.  Let us know how to improve the Price Chopper shopping experience by commenting on this post.

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85 responses to “Calling all Chopper Shoppers!!!”

  1. Jane says:

    I would really like if price chopper would add more no name brand items, we are struggling to buy groceries and the clear value and price chopper brands are always the first item that i look for…

    • pricechopper says:

      Thank you for shopping our Price Chopper and Clear Value brand products. These are lines that we are proud of, especially in this economy where we are all looking to chop our food bill. With over 3000 Price Chopper brand products that we offer currently, it would be helpful to know exactly what products you are looking for.
      Over the next year, we have plans to continuously add Price Chopper brand products and we intend to double the number of Clear Value products that we offer in our stores.
      Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Jane says:

    on high volume shopping days i wish the store would remove the aisle clutter

  3. pricechopper says:

    We will have our Consumer Services Department get back to you today.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Colleen says:

    I would love to see better organic offerings in produce as well as the ‘natural’ foods. Granted, it’s far better than prior years, but why can’t it have as much attention as the rest of Price Chopper? And what happened to bulk?
    The natural / free range meat and poultry area has significant shrinkage – it’s only about two feet wide now.
    Overall the stock is pretty generic and not in keeping with the other great buys and comprehensive selections on conventional food elsewhere in the store.
    Perhaps this is typical of our Hudson store only?
    We ‘whole foodies’ are a mighty big and growing market segment, so devote some attention to selection and specials. Most of us drive to 3-4 other specialty markets and health food stores to get decent pricing on a variety of whole grains, beans, etc.
    With the vast vendor base and Price Chopper buying power, why not pay attention Whole Foods or Trader Joes diverse offerings and competitive pricing?
    Wish we had a specific panel just to influence Price Chopper’s natural food and organic buyers!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I shop in Pittsfield and Lenox, MA. I enjoy the Pittsfield store’s selection immensely (wish they’d pick up Johnsonville Turkey Cheddar brats though) but find myself in the tiny, forlorn looking Lenox more often because it is more convenient and less of a hassle to park, etc.
    The sale prices are generally good but their every day prices tend to be slightly higher than Stop and Shop next door. Quality of meat and produce is better at the larger store.
    I absolutely hate that they’ve gotten rid of the triple coupons and the double dollar coupons (like P&G promotions) in flyers. I save very little on gas compared to what I used to save on triple coupons. I am slighly less likely to shop at PC these days because of it.
    Staff is friendly- stores usually clean.

  6. Marie Prescott says:

    I too miss the triple coup and double Proctor and Gamble kinds of coupons. I do love the gas promotion and it far exceeds the competitors (Shaws) program. For that reason alone I do the majority of my shopping at Price Chopper. Our South Burlington,VT store is excellent right down to the employees that have been there for years.
    I do wish that each week I would get an email with printable coups that correspond with whats on sale. I have noticed that the Sunday paper has less and less coups and I would like to get them all on your website.

  7. Judy says:

    I would like to see more store-brand items — in particular cereals, but not the sugary kind. Brand name cereals are so expensive, yet breakfast is such an important meal for the whole family. Hannaford across the street stocks a lot more store brand items in general and cereal in particular.
    Also, I find that when I shop in the evening (8pm) the meat case sale items tend to be gone and the meat department is closed by then. I shop in the evenings when my husband is home with the kids, and it’s a 24-hr store so you should stock enough to get into the evening. I either have to make an extra trip during the day, or likely buy my meat elsewhere rather than return to Price Chopper.

  8. Nana x 7 says:

    We frequent the Altamont Ave store in Rotterdam. We consider this our home store and have experienced minimal issues when shopping there. The staff is always very friendly and helpful when asked.
    We are now “Couponing” as many others and really appreciate that Price Chopper graciously accepts the manufacturers on-line coupons when presented. It makes the interactions at the checkout the Grand Finale of a good time while shopping.
    Our only ‘Ask’ of Price Chopper would be to offer in-store or on-line coupons that benefit us Empty Nesters who may not need multiple items in order to get a discount, i.e., “Get $1.00 off when purchasing 3 of… [the same item].” We don’t always need to stock pile, nor do we have the strength required for storage at home. This would also benefit Price Chopper as there would be more return visits to the store.
    We want to Commend for Recognition and Thank All of the Staff at the Rotterdam Store.

  9. Jmie says:

    I do the bulk of my shopping at Price Chopper and am disappointed when I want produce, such as peppers and tomatoes, and the offerings are routinely rotten. I turn the bad produce facing up when I find it so it will be removed and no one will purchase it by mistake. Last month I complained to a produce worker when all of the peppers were rotten, and she said they arrived that way. Why would they even be put out for purchase?
    I have to agree with the aisle clutter- way too constricting when trying to navigate around that and other carts.
    What is the policy on being overcharged? I have to have cashiers do price checks for me. A few months ago one cashier was nice enough to tell me that I got $1 off next visit because of that. Usually, I just get the corrected price.

    • pricechopper says:

      Thanks for bringing the Produce freshness to our attention. It would be helpful to know which store you shop so that we can address this concern and your other concerns immediately.

      • Carol says:

        What is you policy about being overcharged? Also, instead of the buy one get one free, there should just be 1/2 off sales. People who live alone certainly do not need 2 of the same item.

  10. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been satisfied with Price Chopper’s quality of meats and seafood–as well as their deli section–which is the main reason I shop there. The employees I’ve encountered have been respectful and friendly–it’s nice to be greeted by name and made to feel welcome.
    I wish Price Chopper carried Amy’s brand of frozen foods-I have to go to ShopRite to buy them.
    I have stopped buying Price Chopper’s own baked goods-they are never as fresh as they should be–especially the breads-very disappointing.

  11. Lisa says:

    I love the Taylor, PA store. The produce section can’t be beat. I wish there was a larger vegetarian section though.

  12. ellen says:

    i notice price chopper phases out products without notice
    specificly i am a big fan of frozen yogart and bought edy’s weekly
    now it is down to one type and i think it is just what is left
    stock never seems to get replaced

  13. Janis Curthoys says:

    I love my Cobleskill Price Chopper and do most of my shopping there. I can’t say enough about the store or the people who work there! The store is always sparkling clean and well stocked, no matter what time of the day I go. The people who work there are all very friendly – especially CSM Michelle! I think she knows the name of every regular customer and always makes me feel, not only welcome, but that my business is appreciated! All of the front line staff are quick to open more registers as soon as there is any conjestion at the check out lines, which I greatly appreciate.
    As far as improvements – I wish that this store would carry Rachael Ray’s Stock in a Box! It is by far the best product of it’s kind on the market and I am disappointed that I have to go to WalMart to get this item. I know every store can’t carry every item on the market, but isn’t she a Price Chopper spokesperson? I find it odd that Price Chopper doesn’t carry her products!

  14. pat says:

    I shop at 8am on Saturday morning. I agree about the aisles sometimes being cluttered. My main complaint is that by Saturday, often the advertised special are gone. Can I get a rain check for them?

  15. Jamie says:

    The store I shop at is in Rome,Ny. I continue to shop there and sometimes I
    have to go elsewhere, such as Walmart for some of my produce. I also find items such as toilet paper,cereal, spaghetti sauce,soy milk… cheaper at Walmart.

  16. Joan says:

    One of the main reasons I switched from Hannaford to Price Chopper was that the aisles at PC were free of displays, and I could stop to look at the different items on the shelves without holding up traffic. PLEASE re-think the aisle displays! They block traffic and add to people’s annoyance. There has to be a better place for them than IN traffic.

  17. pricechopper says:

    @ Ron,
    Price Chopper does accept internet coupons as long as they are valid and for cents off a product. We do not accept internet coupons for free product or buy one get one free product.
    We hope that this helps.

  18. Lori says:

    I have to agree with the people who are saying that there are too many aisle displays! I shop at the Cobleskill store very regularly and 2 carts cannot fit down the aisles because of all the displays. Maybe cut them down in at least the smaller stores where aisles are not as wide? Also, the service desk is so close to the end of the registers and right in the middle, so at busy times, it creates a traffic jam! Will you be finding a better use for the old video department, or maybe the service desk could move there? Thanks for this opportunity to give feedback. The employees are wonderful and I do really enjoy shopping at Price Chopper!

  19. Jeff says:

    I enjoy shopping at Price Chopper. I love the cents off on gasoline. Last June I had a hip replacement operation. I have problems bending over to reach the items on the bottom shelf. Would it be possible to have shelfs that are not so low to the floor?

  20. Becky says:

    I have shopped Price Chopper my entire life. (seriously, my mom shopped there when it was Central Market) Now I am forced to shop at stores like Price Rite more often. I can double the amount of groceries I get for the same amount of money. The downside is that these stores sometimes have a limited selection. I currently only shop Price Chopper for sale items. I make a list and that’s what I get. It makes me a little sad to have to do this. The gas rewards do not even make it worth my money to shop PC regularly! I still love the stores, but I need to think of my wallet first!
    Also I agree with all the other shoppers regarding aisle and end cap clutter! We do not need it!! I really can not say that I shop those displays with any regularity, they are more of a hindrance than anything.

    • pricechopper says:

      @ Becky – Have you tried using our iSave coupon kiosks at the entrance of the store? Each time you enter, swipe your AdvantEdge card to receive coupons. Another suggestion is to sign up to receive coupons via email on our website. There are some great deals!

  21. Jan says:

    I shop at the Putnam, CT store. I love the money off that I get for gas. I shop at the store every week and with a family of four and friends at my home most of the time a spend a healthy amount. I have been going to this store since they opened.
    I am unsatisfied; however, with the fact that at least once a month I come home with not all my groceries being given to me. I live 25 minutes away from the store and it is inconvenient for me to go back to the store to pick up my forgoten items. I always do get them the next time I visit the store for the price I’ve paid, but I just feel there should be something else in place when this happens. When I complain about it, It kind of gets blown off. I feel employees need to be more careful. I don’t feel I should be responsible for checking to make sure I have everything that I bought.

  22. Karen says:

    I wish you would have more double coupon days, even 1 day every other week. I am an avid couponer. Where I grew up in S. Jersey/DE area, all the stores have double coupons up to 99c. I do buy the Clear Value brand, especially the roasted peanuts. My husband eats them a lot. They are much cheaper than Walmart or even BJ’s. Thanks for listening.

  23. Karen says:

    Sorry to say, but I think Hannaford’s meats are much nicer than Price Chopper for the most part. I shop Hannaford mainly for meats, Price Chopper for most other groceries. Thank you.

  24. Pat says:

    In general I like Price Chopper in Brattleboro, Vt. The majority of the prices are lower than the local Hannaford, although I will shop at both to get the best prices. I have also found that buy Saturday many sale items are not available. I don’t have time for getting rainchecks and then remembering to use them, it is very frustrating. I once spoke to the Store Manager, who was stocking shelves that day and he explained there was a change in employees and he would improve that issue. Since then the sale items have been more available.
    I do insist upon watching the groceries scan, even when there is no one to bag, as I often find pricing errors. I also would like to know the price correction policy, most the time I am just happy to get the price fixed.
    My other suggestion would be to teach the baggers how to bag groceries. I like to keep all the cold/frozen groceries together (to keep them colder). Often cold/frozen stuff is spread amongst other groceries. Breads get crushed, produce gets bruised, etc.
    Thanks for listening.

  25. Micheal says:

    Have to agree with others, less displays in the aisles would be great. I shop mainly in the N. Utica store and navigating between produce, bakery, sale displays, and seafood depts is at times a challenge.
    Not being up with current store policy about double coupons I wondered why my 75 cent off coupon was only worth an additional 25 cents, wasn’t it double a coupon with a value of less than $1 – not to a dollar?
    One additional comment I would add, I am overall “satisfied” with shopping at Price Chopper – never have I been somewhat nor extremely satisfied (or dissatified) by shopping – anywhere!!!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I do the majority of my shopping at Price Chopper (and mention it often on my site), even though there are less expensive places. To me, presentation is VERY important. I refuse to buy any fresh produce at Walmart, because it all seems to be dumped in boxes, there are flies, and there is rotting produce. My local Price Chopper does a good job keeping fresh ingredients, and the produce section is always clean and neat. The same is true of the deli, meat department, etc. As a customer, I like to be treated with respect. I don’t like to feel that the store is doing me a favor simply by offering low prices – make it a pleasant shopping experience as well!
    I have been a little bit annoyed at being virtually forced to buy Price Chopper brand in the dairy section. There are certain store brand products that I like (the cheese, eggs, milk), but I found the refrigerated juice to be less than satisfactory…and during my latest shopping trip I found that most of the brand name juice has been replaced by Price Chopper brand. People who use coupons can get good deals on the name brands, and not having that option can steer us elsewhere.
    I’ve found good prices on baby items, including the super-expensive hypoallergenic formula my baby required – Price Chopper beat Walmart’s price by almost a dollar. The current Pampers discount is great too – it allows me to save a trip to Babies R Us (which is 20 miles away) because I can get the same price.
    I like the double coupon policy, and the fact that I can use printable coupons from the internet without a problem (with the exception of internet BOGO Free coupons, which were turned down).
    I LOVE the Fuel Advantage plan. It has saved our family so much money without adding any inconvenience or fees. It’s a big reason for our loyalty to Price Chopper.

  27. Jennifer says:

    (Woah…sorry for the novel. I like to write!)

  28. Jason says:

    Hello, I shop at the Shrewsbury store, #149..I have to agree that the aisles are very cluttered sometimes. I was wondering if you had any inofrmation about the possible construction of a new store in Shrewsbury. Have not heard much lately so I was wondering if you could give a quick update as to the status of the project and where it stands today, because that store is that old layout where the aisles are horizontal to the registers and not vertical..its a very confusing layout, not to mention that store is not big enough for the amount of people that go in there on a Saturday or a Sunday.

    • pricechopper says:

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We are still pursuing a replacement store in Shrewsbury, MA. At this time the location and the details have not been finalized. Stay tuned! Thanks for your interest.

  29. kcmaice says:

    1) Natural/Organic/Green products
    I would love to see more of these products on Price Choppers shelves, though without coupons worth cashing in, it doesn’t make much of a difference in the final bill. Families, like mine, do not benefit from higher prices with lower quantities.
    2) Soy
    Okay some people are fixated on living off of soy, but I am not, I don’t believe that soy has been researched enough to give to my four young children, (and what I have found is disturbing {} among others)
    So it takes me forever to shop because I have to search the labels for soy, texturized vegetable protein or glycine max. Is there anyway that there can be a section (like the health food) for non-soy products?
    3) WIC
    WIC products are constantly changing, making it harder for consumers to cash out. I no longer a a proxy because it is to hard for her to purchase WIC items, I end up having to cash several checks at one time, as I only have transportation twice a month for shopping, and when I do, the line is normally held up, as I have to Run around the store because I have grabbed the wrong products. So, on this I was wondering if there was a way, to use a labeling gun to mark products as WIC when they are being stocked?
    Well these are my suggestion for today, as for the store in general, I’ve been shopping at Price Chopper for at least 10 years, and I hope to be shopping here for at least another 10 years 😉
    Plattsburgh NY

  30. Andrea says:

    I love my Norwich Price Chopper. Next to the local Farmer’s Markets they have the best produce around and with my busy schedule I can buy it any day of the week. They also have the best bagels. I wont buy bagels anywhere else and as far as I am concerned they are better than the bagel shops that specialize in only bagels. The meat counter has had exceptional london broil and chicken halves. Although, I am not a seafood lover my husband often sends me to get lobster, crab legs, shrimp, and clams.
    I am a bargain hunter. I use my card when entering the store to get extra savings. I have taken advantage of many of the coupons. I experienced some awesome savings this spring including Unilever refunds that were listed on the printout(they seemed almost too good to be true but they were true). Along with my manufacturers coupons, the Fuel Advantage Savings, and the weekly ads I can usually get some really awesome deals.
    The store is clean and presentable and the staff are usually very friendly and helpful. I prefer to shop early in the morning when the store is less busy because the lines can get long after work even when they have many registers going.
    The only negative things I can say are that I really hate it when I find a really good product and the store discontinues it. I miss my Alessi Garlic Pate (I now order 100.00 of it at a time from an online competitior) , the Central Markets Walnut and Gorgonzola Pasta and my Deans Guacamole. Okay, I know I am not the average Hamburger, Hotdog, Macaroni and Cheese type of family shopper.
    My one other pet peeve is do not try to sell me the dried out, overcooked ends of the cold cuts!

    • pricechopper says:

      Andrea, We are so glad that you enjoy our store in Norwich. While the store may not carry those products anymore, it is a possibility that you could get them special ordered for you. Next time you’re in the store, speak with a manager about how you would go about doing that.

  31. Joe Moore says:

    I remember very clearly, when Price Chopper began the Advantage Card program, one of the PROMISES was that we would no longer have to clip coupons out of the weekly circular. Now it seems more and more we are having to do just that.
    In addition, we now have to remember to go to the iSave machine to get additional coupons, a machine, by the way, that is only at one entrance of the store. ANd if I forget to get it, then I have to go back later with my receipt and get the value of the coupon.
    I really thought that the Advantage card was supposed to eliminate all this additional clipping and tearing and make it easier for the shopper. You have not lived up to your promise!
    I wrote to the company about this a few weeks ago and got some innane response that people like cutting the coupons. I sure would love to see a poll with that assertion.
    I do not understand why our Advantage cards cannot include all the coupons that Price Chopper prints. It is enough work having to get the manufacturers coupons out of the newspapers and off the web.
    Also, I shop at least weekly in the Rutland VT store and since the store has had its makover, I have yet to go in and find enough of all the sale items. You are constantly out of something. Last week it was the strawberries on the day I shopped. That means I have to waste more time going to the front office to get a raincheck.
    Quite honestly, I am slowly finding Hannafords a much easier place to shop lately. I don’t need a card and they don’t make me clip coupons from the store ad…and they always have PLENTLY of the “On sale” items on hand.
    I have shopped exclusively at PC since moving to Vermont over 12 years ago and loved it but I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the store policies. You seem bent on making shopping an obstacle course that has to be overcome.

  32. Joan says:

    Hate the aisle clutter, and have sometimes seen people ram them over in frustration. I’ve always wanted to do that, too, but don’t have the nerve…yet!
    I love how PC employs baggers who are students from the area high schools in the afternoons, and mentally disabled adults during the day. It means a lot to me to see a business hiring people who need to learn about job responsibility and the appropriate way to deal with the public. Every single bagger I’ve ever had is very well trained, and polite, too. Very PC of you, PC! Bravo.

  33. Lois says:

    I recently moved from Worcester to Cape Cod. There are no Price Choppers on Cape Cod. Are there any plans to open one on or near the Cape? I’d go as far as New Bedford, if need be…

  34. pricechopper says:

    Sue, Sorry you did not have a great experience with the potatoes. Next time, be sure to bring them back to the store! We apologize for the inconvenience that this must have caused.

  35. Maggy says:

    This is my very first blogging experience, so bear with me. I shop at the Plattsburgh, NY & Keene, NH stores. I LOVE Price Chopper not only because of the sales and double coupons, and the BEST donuts AND bagels and the DAKOTA bread is devine, but the online shopping list that I can print out is FANTASTIC. However, I agree with Colleen that there needs to be more organics.

  36. Kathy says:

    I shop at the Worcester, Ma. Price Chopper and I find the store to be more than enough space in aisles and I always find a bargain. Check-out is always quick and the cashiers and baggers are more than friendly. The produce is always fresh and I have never found any rotten or unfresh items. I will continue to shop there and enjoy what Price Chopper obviously works so hard at. WalMart’s meats are cheaper in price, but I still find Price Chopper to be worth going to.

  37. Michael says:

    I used to be a “dye in the wool” pricechopper fan. Over the last year i have seen your stores grow tired. Every summer we get the “house of bbq”, it was good once but now it is old and even annoying. The Hot foods line is in need of a definite kick up, there is no adventure here. Products vanish and new ones appear that seem to be fads of the time and they vanish too. I agree that the Advantage card should handle all discounts – meaning no coupons or other special things to do just to get a sale. Bottom line: The store is stale. I recently went to the grand opening of the new 155 Central store and what a disappointment. It was no big deal and seems to be “the house of lame”. Who cares about going “green”, everyone has jumped on that band wagon.
    I have asked time and time again for Chunky Brand Clam Chowder and for Green Giant Asparagus Cuts everytime – no dice. I believe Hannaford has a better grocery selection although I do not like their seafood or meat depts. they just don’t have many sales or “seemingly” sales, like “bogo”. Also after seeing Wegman stores in CNY, I can’t quite figure out why pricechopper hasn’t model their stores after them or tried to top their stores. It almost seems like your motto is “we have you captive in capital land, enjoy our mediocrity”.
    Believe me, it makes me sad to have to tell the truth like this. Your stores were once innovators when it came to grocery service (not the environment, greenies) and now your not even good imitators.
    One bit of good news though, your workers are still very up-beat and polite. They are the backbone of your stores and the reason I still shop here.

    • pricechopper says:

      @ Michael,
      Thank you for your feedback. We have looked into your item requests and we do carry the Chunky Clam Chowder and Green Giant Asparagus that you are looking for. We have contacted you via e-mail to make arrangements to make sure you are able to get these items at Price Chopper.
      Thanks also for the compliment about our people. We have very hardworking associates who are proud of the services they provide to our customers.

  38. Peg says:

    Advantage card and store coupons too–I thought that the original purpose of the advantage card was to do away with the bother of having the coupons. Cut the games just give me the price. Hannaford makes life easier.
    I submittedtis same comment on your website a few weeks agoand got no response.

    • pricechopper says:

      As a promotional supermarket, we have customers who still frequently request deals and the coupons that you see in our ads. It is important to us that we provide all of our customers with the value for the money that they have always expected from Price Chopper. Promotions and coupons, as well as low prices are part of all the ways to save money and chop your food bill at Price Chopper.
      Thanks for being a Chopper Shopper!

      • Joe Moore says:

        Whether people request deals and coupons is not the issue. (Though I can’t imagine many people are requesting the need to clip more coupons) The issue is that Price Chopper PROMISED with the arrival of the Advantage Card, clipping coupons from the ads would no longer be necessary! Why can’t the advantage card incorporate the coupons in the ad. And please don’t tell me tha it would be complicated…not when you can use the same card to get a fill up at the Sunoco station.
        Simply put, PC has reneged on its PROMISE!

  39. pricechopper says:

    Thanks for the compliment. Our associates are hardworking and proud to make your shopping experience enjoyable.
    We appreciate your business and your feedback.

  40. Melissa says:

    Teresa – hope you’ve been to the new store and like it – lots to offer and plenty of open space and new offers.

  41. kwebs says:

    So I used to live in upstate NY and now moved to Los Angeles, and we need some Chops out here. Yea I know it’s a long shot, but when I moved out here I noticed the grocery chains are much much smaller with much fewer selection and varieties. Honestly, Price Chopper would put some of stores to shame. If the Golub Corporation wants to make another good impression, they should move into Southern California! (In essence I’m just saying the Chop is a very good chain.)

  42. Home Store says:

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  43. Kyle Landis says:

    We really love shopping at Price Chopper. The prices are great, and last week I bought some little neck clams that were the best I have ever had. I am very disturbed though by the packaging on one of my cereal boxes. The topic is “Spotlight on geography” and it notes that the Earth is “3-5 billion years old”. This “science” is still under debate, and until the debate has been resolved I don’t want to have to worry about my children getting their science “facts” from a cereal box. Could you please let the “powers that be” know that parents do not want to have to justify the cereal they buy by the propaganda listed on its cover.

  44. Karen says:

    Reasons I like Price Chopper:
    you accept internet coupons
    the gas program (newly instituted in my store)
    great sales
    friendly people
    Reasons Price Chopper frustrates me:
    no double coupons at my store (I don’t think I’m even getting those doublers in the flyer now that I have the gas program)
    aisle clutter – ugh!!!
    produce is not the freshest
    Please please please consider offering double coupons! Even a “double coupons every Monday” would be cool….

  45. Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I was recently shopping at the Keene, NH store and was having trouble finding an item, the assistant grocery manager (cant remember his name) special ordered the item for me and I had it the next week when I came back to shop! He even called me to let me know the product had arrived! Outstanding customer service at this store! But I am worried about the marketbasket that is arriving, they are considerably cheaper!

  46. Peter Albertson says:

    I shop at both the Lenox, MA and Pittsfield, MA stores and am usually satisfied, or even, happy, especially with the staff in both stores. But, I’d like to see PC keep aware of some of the trends in “finer” or “specialty” dining by stocking such meats as veal or lamb tongue, pork belly and cheeks, chicken feet, hanger steaks, and if you are worried that people won’t know what to do with them, supply recipes. I would also like to see a greater variety of fish, not always the same old tuna, salmon, cod, flounder, tilapia. I was pleased to see real steamer clams recently, even if over-priced. I shop for one, only myself these days, so some of your special offerings are just too much for my limited storage space. BOGOs and similar sales just are not possible for me.

  47. pricechopper says:

    Susan, your suggestion will be taken under consideration. Others have voiced similar opinions. Best wishes for a healthy recovery. Thank you for being our loyal customer!

  48. Peter says:

    I just shopped at your Keene, NH store yesterday 8/15, and was a little disappointed at the attitudes of 2 of the employees. The first bad attitude was at the meat counter as we were ordering some different items, it was as if we were bothering him and the service came with a down face and attitude. I did not understand why anyone who is dealing with customers would act this way. On the way out the same came from the cashier who seemed to be more interested in ending her day quickly. I hope that this comment helps in improving customer service in a store that I believe has very good products. It is not intended to attack anyone personally, but to alert management of some of the problems they may or may not know about.

  49. Lois says:

    When will you be putting Price Chopper on Cape Cod, MA.? I always shopped at the Worcester, MA store, but I’ve moved to the Cape, and Man, do I miss Price Chopper!!!!! PLEASE…

  50. Lois says:


  51. Lynda Oliver says:

    I can’t believe that a person can go into the Price Chopper deli section, ask for First Prize Bologna, Land of Lakes cheese and be told they only stock Boars Head and Price Chopper brand now, which is definitely not what I want to buy – not to mention the length of time I had to stand there to be waited on. I shop the Latham store and now I am going to Hannaford (across the street) to get my coldcuts and cheese and most times, pick up other items.

  52. linda says:

    i am a recently retired employee of price chopper and it was a great place to work (13+years). i shop the same price chopper where i worked and have encountered lots of the regular customers during my shopping trips. these are loyal customers of price chopper vail’s gate and are asking why they have to go to newburgh or middletown price chopper to get the new line of boar’s head deli products. i have explained that boar’s head is coming to vail’s gate but then am asked why the hold up. price chopper at vail’s gate are loosing loyal customers to local convience stores and local delis because not everyone wants to drive 12 to 24 miles to get boar’s head products at our other stores. just wanted to pass along this information to you because we all know that PRICE CHOPPER IS THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP!!!!!!!!

  53. linda says:

    tools for schools—-what a great idea—-thanks for featuring price chopper brands in this program

  54. Chris says:

    Today I went to your Poughkeepsie store, #129, to buy a few things. The only thing I wanted that was in stock was one of those microweavable noodle meals. I had a 50 cent coupon for it.
    So I check out. Once they double the coupon, the item is free, since it didn’t cost a dollar to begin with. Great, right?
    No, because — they won’t let me have it! “We can’t process a zero total,” they told me. “Why don’t you buy something else?”
    I said, “I’m not going to buy stuff I don’t want. When you have triple coupons that add up to more than the item costs, you just get the item for free. Why not do that?”
    “It’s a new policy,” they said. “We can’t give it to you if the total is zero. Why don’t you just buy a pack of gum or something?”
    I said, “The coupon is good, and you douible coupons. Don’t you have to take it?”
    They wouldn’t take it. And they wouldn’t give me the item. So let me say that your new policy is a very stupid policy, and I should be eating my noodles right now instead of having to complain to you about it. So I think I’ll shop somewhere else from now on.

  55. Nancy - S.G.F. says:

    I love Price Chopper. In these times my adult daughter and grandson have had to move back in with us. We make it a family outing to get groceries together. We have found ourselves buying more of our groceries each week. With the Price chopper coupons provided on Facebook and in the flyers we have had considerable savings.
    The one wish is that Price Chopper would build a store closer to home. Is it possible to come into South Glens Falls? We are a growing community with over 600 apartments in the construction stage. Also, with the AMD plant coming into Malta, the subsequent business growth along the Rte. 9 corridor will bring in a lot more business traffic.
    Please consider us for your planning.

  56. Cheryl says:

    We shop at Price Chopper in Putnam, ct–or did until the other day. My husband bought gatorade which was buy 10 get 5 propel waters free–he was not aware of his sale and the cashier never told him. . The following evening he went back to ask for the water–there were no single one’s so he broke up a 6 pack of same size which they would not allow him to do. so, he just left store without water, telling them if it was that much of a hhassle for them than to forget it. They could of at least offered a rain check if no singles available. We are at that store 5 nights out of 7 and also get all prescriptions there—we will no longer be doing that.

  57. John says:

    After reading peter’s comment I felt it was necessary to comment. My wife and I were at Albany, NY Madison Ave. store a couple days ago and I saw one of the managers speaking very disrespectfully to an employee in the meat department. As I walked around I noticed the general mood of the employees in the store was down. I think price chopper should appreciate their employees, they are the ones work hard to provide us Chopper shoppers with the best service. I have never seen the store managers work in the isles or on the floor. I’ve always believed happy employees = satisfied customers. I hope you can get to the source of this problem, because seeing the employees in a good mood always makes my shopping experience more pleasant

  58. frank scales says:

    i sent a complaint about the endicott,n.y. store. they only carry the local newspaper and i want to know why they do not have the new york papers plus syracuse paper and others that they use to have. i sent a complaint a least a week plus ago and have not received a response. i believe that the manger or some pissed of the person who delivers these papers,because other stores have them. i would appreciate a prompt response. thank you frank scales

  59. Eddy says:

    HI i woud like to no if you have pasta organico and more product thank you

  60. Lois Gibbs says:

    I lived in Worcester, MA., and was very satisfied with your stores there. I have moved to Cape Cod, MA. and there are NO Price Choppers anywhere near here. There is an empty former supermarket in Monument Beach, a village in Bourne, which would help me and many others immensely. Even if there was a Price Chopper in New Bedford I would shop there, instead of Stop and Shop or Shaw’s. Please consider Cape Cod.
    Thank You.

  61. Kim says:

    I shop at the Malta, Ny store (12020) and I would love to see the South Beach Diet breakfast bars, as well as frozen meals, come back. Also, I was in looking for the bounce “scent free” dryer bar the other day and was told that pc only carries the scented version. I wasn’t offered the option of ordering any products by the manager. Who would I speak to about ordering these things, if not the manager?

  62. Monica says:

    I was just wondering if we can use more than 1 coupon for the same item in the price chopper in southington, ct.

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Monica,
      Here is some information on our coupon policy: Only one manufacturer’s coupon may be used on an item purchased, not to exceed the retail price after AdvantEdge discounts. Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer and one Price Chopper coupon for the same item (unless prohibited).
      We will accept only one (1) manufacturer coupon for an advertised Buy one, Get one Free Offer. We will not accept a manufacturer’s coupon for the product that is received free as part of a Buy one, Get one Free Offer.
      For more information, click here:
      Thank you!

  63. Mary says:

    My husband and I shop at the New Hartford, NY store. I used to be their number one fan.However, in rececnt years, I have found;
    1. The produce is not as nice as their competitors.
    2.The deli is not as clean and sanitary as it should be. One worker drips sweat profusely ( I realize he/she cannot help it, but put them in another department.)
    3. Don’t make the baggers use another cart to put my bags in. I already sanitized the handles when I entered the store. I am tired of hearing “ is company policy” when I tell them I want to keep my cart for my bagged groceries. Empower your employees!
    4. Lower prices instead of gas rewards. If I spend $800 a month at Price Chopper, the most I can save on gas is $32. That’s a 4% savings. I would rather your prices reflect your name. Many of my staple goods are now cheaper elsewhere. Price Chopper used to beat all their competitors on prices hands down!

  64. Jamie says:

    I agree with Mary- I also hate getting a different cart at check out after I have selected one that steers properly and have cleaned the handles… Nothing like getting a cart with a locked wheel or it just wants to turn in circles…
    How about the employees who cough into their hands and then handle your groceries? Or the employees who bag your carefully selected delicate produce in the same bag as the canned goods or anything else that smashes them.

    • pricechopper says:

      Hi Jamie, We would like to address the problems you’ve mentioned. One of our teammates will follow up with you through email for more details and which store you shop. Thanks.

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