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Well Connected is one way we support your healthy, active lifestyle. Each month, you'll find useful information about nutritious foods, healthy cooking tips, and even medical advice to help your family enjoy life to the fullest. To receive our Well Connected newsletter each month, sign up using the form at the bottom of this web page.

Mediteranean Diet

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Reasons to Keep Drinking Milk

When it comes to milk, many of us have been opting for trendy alternatives like nuts over cow. But eliminating classic dairy entirely means you may miss important health benefits.

By Kiera Carter, Shape®

You probably grew up guzzling milk. It’s a solid source of protein, and it helps you build strong bones. Flash forward a few decades, though, and it’s no longer front and center in your fridge—if it’s in there at all. More and more of us have gone vegan or Paleo and ditched dairy. Even if your diet doesn’t prohibit milk, concerns about its link to acne, allergies and heart disease may have made you nix it.

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Cheese on board

Better Homes and Gardens
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Say Yes to These Cheeses!

Cheese sometimes gets a bad rap, but these varieties have some surprisingly healthy perks.

By Juno Demelo, Better Homes & Gardensl®

Cheese often gets vilified as a food group for being high in fat, calories and sodium. While it’s true that you don’t want to overdo it on serving size, cheese can add flavor to otherwise-healthy meals—and some varieties include additional health benefits as well. Here are several kinds of cheese to add to your diet.

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Great American Milk Drive

June is Dairy-licous and More!

By Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN, Senior Nutritionist, Price Chopper Supermarkets

June is all about energy! The beginning of Dairy Month, the end of the school year and graduation celebrations, Father’s Day and Men’s Health month, summer camp and so much more! Energy for this busy season is easy to find in our stores – more Home.Grown produce, fresh marinated seafood and meat items and unique, local food products help you Savor the Flavors of Summer throughout the store!

Dairy Month is dynamite! World Milk Day is June 1st, and the beginning of the Great American Milk Drive at Price Chopper! The Milk Drive runs from June 1 – June 30th. Customers can participate with a $1 or $5 donation at checkout. Corporately, we’ll match all donations, up to $10,000!

The end of school means reduced access to fresh milk for many children – the Great American Milk Drive gets delicious, power-packed milk to those who need it most in our communities, and supports our hard-working Northeast dairy families. Learn all about dairy foods on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – 30 days of delicious dairy! You will find facts, fun, dairy product savings and recipe solutions all month long. Join in, help your store win their local Milk Drive contest and add energy to your own community through good access to milk!
Fresh-prepared Power Bowls get a lot of energy from delicious, high quality ingredients, including quinoa, edamame and fresh produce. Vegan, Ahi Tuna, and Grilled Chicken Power Bowls you can “Grab’n’Go” help you amp up and add more fun to those sunny days! Find them in the deli section in most Price Chopper and Market 32 stores.

Arm with bandage

Allergies are in Season

By Konstantin Vlahos, Pharmacy Intern and Kimberly DeMagistris, PharmD, RPH, Price Chopper Supermarkets

As the summer kicks into gear, so too can seasonal allergies. Allergies are caused by the body’s immune system reacting to particles in the environment like pollen, dust, or even hair from household pets. As flowers begin to bloom, pollen and other allergens are carried through the air and can cause sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes, as well as other symptoms.

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PICS Frozen Fruit

A cool concoction is easy to come by when you are using PICS frozen fresh fruit and your choice of other ingredients, like ice cream or avocado. Shake or smoothie, starting with frozen fresh fruit eliminates the need for added ice, so you enjoy all of the flavor, fiber and antioxidant benefits and (maybe) a little less mess when you make them. This Wake Up Smoothie recipe will hit the spot!

Ask Our Dietitian Ask Our Dietitian Food and nutrition are a big part of enjoying good health. Our Senior Nutritionist, registered dietitian Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN can answer your general nutrition questions and also provide smart shopping tips to help you manage weight, heart, diabetic, digestive health and more.