At Price Chopper and Market 32, we offer seafood you can trust. We ensure best aquacultural practices are used for our farm-raised seafood and embrace fair trade practices as they apply to the seafood industry. We place paramount importance on accurate seafood labeling and have set the innovation standard with random DNA testing to ensure the fish we purchase is what our suppliers claim it to be. We’ve partnered with Therion International, LLC, a professional DNA testing agency based in Saratoga Springs, NY, to randomly test fillets from our Distribution Center and provide us with objective results to validate the seafood species – so you can be confident you’re getting the seafood you’re paying for.


Although we don’t catch our seafood ourselves, we ensure those who catch it for us supply only the best. Our seafood professionals travel the globe to such places as Canada, New England, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Central and South America and Asia to find the best seafood, and to ensure our suppliers’ facilities meet the highest safety, quality and sanitation standards. To assist our team, we’ve partnered with Trace Register, a company that enables us to trace every step of your seafood’s journey from the ocean to our stores. We post Country of Origin signs in our department so you can easily see where your seafood comes from. You can also be confident that the harvesting of all of our seafood is done sustainably, thanks to Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) certification and our practice of preferentially selecting suppliers who adhere to both the Marine Stewardship Council and GAA Best Aquaculture Practices.