Celebrate National
Seafood Month!

Dock to dish, we have amazing seafood for you and your family to explore and enjoy. Do you know, children and adults who enjoy more seafood (nutrition guidelines recommend it at least twice per week) may have better overall health and increased omega 3 intake? Price Chopper and Market 32 have partnered with the Seafood Nutrition Partnership to bring you delicious, kid-tested and family-friendly recipes so your #LittleSeafoodies can reel in the benefits of seafood!  

Good to Know

Along with supporting healthy eye development, seafood’s #omega3s support our ability to detect light. Nearly half of our eye’s light-detecting cell structure are made up of omega-3s. #LittleSeafoodies #BrainFood


#LittleSeafoodies tip: Dipping Means Yumming! Whether it’s traditional tartar sauce or ketchup – or you make your own Greek yogurt dip – simple sauces are great to get kids trying seafood. 

Weekly Catch

Seal and Cook Meals – Fresh Salmon/Shrimp/Vegetables and Herb Butter – made daily for your family!

Fresh Coho Salmon Fillets – Broil and serve with a dipping sauce, like ranch or lemon dressing. Kids love to dip!

Market 32 31/40 ct Shrimp – How about Shrimp Mac and Cheese or Shrimp and Spaghetti – cook shrimp in the pasta water a few minutes before you drain it – no extra pan to wash!

Be food safe – 145 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature target for seafood and fish.

Seal & Cook Seafood Meals

Available in 4 delicious varieties!

Seafood Makes a Great Family Meal

Making fin-tastic seafood meals has never been easier! Our innovative Seafood Team took some of their best and most popular fresh fish and shrimp options, and combined them with tasty and colorful fresh veggies in a special seal and cook bag.