Win Free Groceries for One Year!

[slideshow]What’s better than shopping for groceries at Price Chopper? Winning free groceries for a whole year from Price Chopper! Six lucky people won’t pay a cent for their food over a 12 month period with our “Win Free Groceries for a Year” contest. Here’s how to win: Just use your AdvantEdge card and purchase any combination of 10 items from the Price Chopper, Central Market Classics, Clear Value, Price Chopper Naturals, Full Circle or Top Care brands over a two week period and you’ll be automatically qualified to win. From January 23 to April 16, we’ll have a new winner every two weeks. The products can be from any department of the store and you can mix and match between the brands – as long as you buy 10 total items per period you’ll be entered to win. We know you want free groceries, so don’t forget to purchase your items between these dates:

January 23 and February 5

February 6 and February 19

February 20 and March 5

March 6 and March 19

March 20 and April 2

April 3 and April 16

If you buy more items, you’ll have a better chance to win! You can have up to six entries per period. When a new period starts, everyone’s balance will go back down to zero. Interested, but not sure what to buy? Check out the slideshow of products  at the top of the post for ideas! Winners will be selected randomly from a pool of qualified shoppers.

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