Treat your Mom this Mother's Day… enter our contest to win the perfect gift!

7UP has a long tradition of bubbling to the top.  7UP was born in 1929 and has been at the frontier of taste ever since!  Through the years, 7UP has developed iconic branding and symbolizes being true to you.  Now it is your chance to share with us why your mom “bubbles” to the top.  With Mother’s Day approaching, let’s honor those magnificent moms and all they do!  Also, don’t forget to check out how we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in our stores!  Visit our website to learn about our “Build a Bouquet For Mother’s Day program this weekend at participating stores.  From 12-4pm on Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday, children can make their own bouquets for their Moms’ for only $5!

Share your favorite “mom” tradition with us and tell us why it’s special to you!  You could win a $500 Spa Finder Gift Card AND one month’s worth of free groceries to honor your mom or a deserving mother you know on Mother’s Day!  Entries will be accepted today through Tuesday, May 8th.  Also be sure to check out our coupon tab on Facebook to find the 7UP, A&W, Sun Drop or Sunkist Soda coupon that is valid through May 31st!  Read official contest rules here.

22 responses to “Treat your Mom this Mother's Day… enter our contest to win the perfect gift!”

  1. kelly wood says:

    My mom is the most caring, trusting, compassionate, and understanding person I know. She is always there when I need her, never complains when a favor is asked she happily does it. She loves her grandchildren and they love her. She likes to have fun and spend as much time with her family as possible. I love my mom very much she is my rock and my cheerleader throughout life. She deserves the world. Thank you

    • kelly wood says:

      Our family tradition is to all be together if possible, not just on mothers day but every holiday. That is moms wish and the way she likes it 🙂

  2. Beckey Batchelor says:

    I would like to nominate my niece Eliza for your Mothers Day contest. Eliza’s mom, my sister Veronica became ill and passed away recently at the young age of 62. Through the 5 months of illness due to congestive heart failure Eliza juggled her job and family to travel a 35 mile trip almost daily to the hospital to be her mothers caregiver. She also called the hospital and dr.’s twice a day for updates as well as kept Veronicas many friends and family updated It wasn’t easy there were many hurdles with weather and obligations at home with her young children but she endured and never complained. She is a very caring and giving mother to her children as well as to her nephew whom she is a caregiver. She has a wonderful supporting husband Brian, 6 yr old Addyson, 3 yr old Grace, 2yr old nephew Chase and two dogs. She attends church twice a week as well as volunteers her time there. She is such a wonderful role model to her children. A good example is her daughter Addyson has been saving up money to but an ipod touch but decided instead she wants to donate her $70 to buy shoes for children in Africa. She always puts everyone else’s care before her own. She is still mourning the loss of her mother daily. On Eliza’s birthday few weeks ago April 21, her 3yr old became very sick and Eliza and her husband spent the day at the hospital. She has had a prescription to get eye glasses since November and still has not gone to get them because she puts everyone else before herself. She doesn’t complain or whine she just keeps going with her positive attitude and contagious smile. She is really deserving of this. She doesn’t know I’m submitting this but we’re so proud of her. She’s been through so much.

  3. Kimberly Taylor says:

    My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is shared with my Mother-In-Law and my husband’s Grandmother…who is Great Grandma or “Nanny” to my boys. We usually have both Grandma and Nanny over for a bar-b-que on Mother’s Day. The highlight of the Mother’s Day bar-b-que is giving the “mothers” their “Make Your Own Bouquets” from Price Chopper. I take my 12 year-old and 10 year-old son’s the day before mother’s day to Price Chopper to make the bouquets. They love getting to pick out the colorful, fresh flowers. At the discount
    “for kids” price…this makes an extra special gift. We also usually give the “mothers” gift cards bought just for them at Price Chopper. Price Chopper has a terrific selection of gift cards allowing us to personalize the gift for the recipients’ interests. Of course all of the food at our Mother’s Day bar-b-que comes from Price Chopper from the hamburgers, and hotdogs, to the 7up soda, and the decadent dessert. In sum, it is our tradition to take “ADVANTAGE” (as in the advantage card) of all of the great Mother’s Day specials Price Chopper has to offer to make our traditional Mother’s Day Bar-b-que as memorable and special as the mothers it honors.

  4. Dianna Newton says:

    My mom is 94 years young. She raised 11 kids along with my dad. She has seen a lot in her time and has experienced more than anyone else I know. She always smiles and is happy to see you. In her younger days there was a pot of coffee and homemade cookies or bread when you went to see her. She also has time for her over 40 grandchildren..
    She walks with a walker now, goes a bit slower than she once did, but her mind and memory are as sharp as ever. She broke her hip a couple of years ago which made it hard for her to get around on her own, so shes in a nursing home now, but she is never lonely or wants for anything.
    I am a devoted Price Chopper patron as my mother once was. I buy her flowers there when I see her each week and order them for special I love you times which is when it hits me. Its nice because Price Chopper delivers them to her since I live a distance away.
    My one special thing I do with her is that on my birthday I bring her a big bouquet of roses to thank her for giving me life.
    She gave and still gives of herself selflessly and I think it would be neat if she was recognized in some way for creating a wonderful world for me and my siblings to grow up in.
    Love you Marme!

  5. Maggie McDermott says:

    My mom’s bubbly personality made our house a great place to be growing up, we were a family with lots of traditions but my favorite had to be our birthday meals. Each person (no matter what their age) got to pick their birthday meal. We’ve had everything from steak, spaghetti, tacos, hot dogs, and I ALWAYS picked chicken stir-fry. I love my mom for starting so many traditions with us, now me and my sister celebrate these traditions with our own families 🙂

  6. Earl M says:

    My wife is an amazing mother! She has started several family ‘traditions’, but my absolute favorite is every Sunday evening after she cooks us an amazing family dinner we all sprawl out on the living room floor, turn off the tv’s and cell phones, and play some music. The kids love it, we all relax and our souls soak it up like a sponge. She wants us to remember these sweet and simple times while our kids are young. We want to embrace these moments because we know there will come a time when it won’t be as easy. I love my family and my beautiful wife. She is a wonderful mom to Lucas (6), Gabby (3) and Lilah (1) and is very deserving of this mother’s day prize!

  7. I like to share a meal with my Mom on Mothers Day that we prepare together. It gives me a chance to learn from her about her fantastic cooking and gives us an opportunity to talk and laugh together. It’s so nice to enjoy the fruits of our labor when the actual labor was enjoyed too! ♥

  8. Karen Rathbun says:

    How can I possibly describe my mom, who…braided my hair EVERY morning, made my formal dresses, made me feel beautiful but taught me humility, sat up with me when I threw up, taught me everything I know about baking a mean pumpkin pie, went BACK to the dog pound to get Alfie, washed the unfortunate beehive hair-do out 30 minutes before homecoming, bought me that Guess jean jacket when I sure didn’t deserve it, comforted me when I didn’t make the cheer squad, rejoiced for me when I did, encouraged Bobby to “tell her how you feel”, smiled through my Bridezilla phase, coached me through childbirth as well as postpartum, thinks my kids are amazing and most of all showed me the love of God and prays for me and my family each day. Love you, Mom.

  9. jenny warner says:

    My most cherished tradition with my mother was going to garage sales together. We would get up real early on the weekends and go all day finding lots of great deals and goodies. My Mom loved to garage sale and she always could spot the great deals .
    She died three years ago and I really miss going to sales with her.i I will always have wonderful memories of her and I know that she is looking down from heaven and steering me towards those great garage sales.

  10. CMastic says:

    All the traditions my mom and I have will change this year and it really is the only way we know how to deal. My mom and I have so many traditions from cooking certain things to creating certain crafts. I have so many memories of these wonderful times. Last August we almost lost my mom to cancer. We were all so scared that my seventeen year old son decided to do his senior pictures early and send a card and a picture for her to have for each day she was in the hospital. In November 32 days before my only child’s 18 birthday, he was killed in a horrific auto accident.
    My mom has been there every step of the way to try to keep me sane. She is an amazing women as she also lost her treasured grandchild. This year instead of celebrating how lucky we are to have her with us and having our traditional dinner and exchanging our traditional gifts everything will change. Cooking used to be my passion my son loved to try different things and share them with his grandmer. Now I can’t even imagine making anything new. Thank god my mom is there to handle these things for me.

  11. Naomi Frank says:

    My mom “bubbles to the top” of my Most Loving List. My two brothers, one sister and I had so very little material possessions growing up; but what we didn’t have, my mother made up for in ingenuity and sheer hard work and determination. She always, much to our hatred-for-weeding complaints grew her own huge vegetable garden, which she shared with anyone and everyone in need. She would preserve and can anything edible that would fit into a jar. Who would have known that organic would be so popular years later? To us, it was what poor people had to do. I will never forget the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the open windows of our old farmhouse upon walking in the door after school. Years later, I disovered that this is something my mother intentionally did, as she wanted it to be pleasant for us kids to come home. Little did I know, that our humble abode, with all my mother’s special touches, was the envy of all my friends.

  12. kathleen Stolz says:

    My mom Dorus Chirsky with her Dementia~ I turned the worst time into our best time..Sitting and letting her share stories with me.I cherish those moments and history I got to know about my mom. It may of robbed her present state of mind. But going into her childhood memory and stories it was quite a pleasurable experience. One of her aides spoke Polish and I loved to hear my mother speak her language and See the smiles and happiness once again on her face. I know take the time to spend time with My daughter and Nieces who are mothers themselves and let them know that their Grandmother wanted us to learn, spend time and experience each others lives.My Mother Left this earth On May 31,2009 but I learned to appreciate the love she had for her family and what she gave to the family. LOVE and TIME!!! My daughter Casie-Ann and My Nieces Michelle(made the girls great moms from her teachings) and Amanda as well as her other grandchildren..Zack, Ryan Great grandkids..Justin, Eddy, Julian and Nikki. My mom was the Stratford CT Dog Warden and Loved Children and Animals..But her prize processions were her family and Grandchildren..As any town employee who knew her is Stratford..Would love to have a plague in her honor in town..especially at the new facility the Stratford Dog Pound/Shelter she worked at for 27 yrs. If we could all learn something a smile a hug or Love goes along way..thank you Mom!!!

  13. My Dear Mother: It is so easy to talk of her, she is 98-1/2 years young! We grew up only knowing what we were taught, which was big gardens, raise chickens, pigs, geese etc. Mom was a great cook so she taught all six of us to cook, me being 7 yrs old at the time was not very interested in cooking. Needless to say 4 girls and 2 boys, were all expected to learn, and to this day we are all gourmet
    cooks!! At 7 I could prepare a full turkey dinner but had to get Mom to put it in the over, but I was expected to do the whole timing and prep for a meal. My younger brother was born very sickly and had to be on a dialysis machine 3 days a week 5 hours at a time which my Mom did in our home, finally at 55 she had to go to work on the outside to provide for the family, she worked 50 hours a week as head chef in a nursing home (which she is now a resident) She made all of our wedding cakes, and the rest of the towns She made all our bouquets and sit down dinners at all our weddings.She is loved by everybody she is very positive. She grew up under very strict German parents so she would scrub people’s homes for $2.00
    per week and have to walk home, when she got home she had to turn her $2.00 over to her parents, as the boys needed boots!! Our poor Mom got nothing, so to this day we make sure that she goes without anything she wants or needs. All the neighbours would always be at our home as they knew our Mom would always give them a cup of tea and something she had made (Dessert) with it.
    She was always giving and never expected anything in return.
    Mom is the best and we will all be with her on Mother’s Day, as we love her and she us. The hard times, you look back now and we had
    it all LOVE, FOOD and our beautiful Mother.
    Love you Mom,
    Claire and the rest of the kids, love you forever!!!

  14. Meghan Kornn says:

    My mom and I don’t have a Mother’s Day tradition but I do think she deserves the prize! For the past 10 years my mom has been taking care of her aunt that is immobile due to a stoke she suffered 10 years ago. Most recently her aunts husband died so she has been spending almost every night at her house to care for her. After spending the night at her aunts house she stops home lets the dog out and boards the T at 5:30am to leave for Boston for work. She arrives back home in Worcester around 5:30pm, eats dinner with her husband, kids and does some chores around the house. Around 10pm she leaves the house again to care for her aunt and repeats this MON-FRI. Then on the weekends she is visiting her throughout the day and then sleeps over. All her kids feel she is in need of a break! Especially recently with everything that has been going on . Please consider her for the prize! 🙂

  15. audwags says:

    Ireally never had a lot of money, but my mom never minded.up to 2010, when my legs had to be amputated, my mom and me walked to the closes soft ice cream shop and had ice cream cones.we talked and laughed and had a real nice time.

  16. Cindy says:

    My Mom and I have a great tradition of making homemade pasta together from scratch with a hand machine. Her mother is Italian and made pasta with her. So we get together to make homemade manicotti – first it was for holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, but now we have four generations in our family and we have made the pasta making into a random day any time of the year. My niece is with us now, and our great-nieces. My mother tells us how her mom taught her and how they use to dry the pasta on racks (we do have racks and use them to show the kids, but we usually freeze the pasta.). One sporadic day we invited my friend and her mom, who grew up in the Philippines. They were so happy to share in our tradition, but also amazed how the pasta was made by hand. In turn, they showed us one of their traditional foods – Loompia, in which they made from scratch for us. It was a great way to share in our family tradition and learn others.

  17. I hope that my MOM ( ELAINE MARGARET ARCHER) has a wonderous MOTHER’S DAY !!
    I LOVE you MOM !!!

  18. brucieval2012 says:

    A tradition that I share with my Mom on Mother’s Day is my sister’s and I always take her out to lunch or dinner together, just us!

  19. Lyman Jenkins says:

    My Mom and I always used to enjoy going out to a special Mothers Day dinner.

  20. Nikki Vosburgh says:

    My mom and I have a very special memory on Mother’s Day weekend that not very many people do. That memory being: we were both married on the same day, May 9th, Mother’s Day weekend, 22 years apart. Three years ago, my husband and I were married and it was the best Mother’s Day present that my mother could ever receive, or so she said. This Wednesday, my parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and we will be celebrating our 3rd. Each Mother’s Day weekend, we are reminded of our love toward our spouses, our children (her’s and now my son), and of course, the strong bond and love between mother and daughter.

  21. Christina says:

    One of the only traditions I enjoy doing with my mom is making egg rolls. My grandmother was from the Phillipines and made it a tradition for the holidays to make egg rolls with my mom and aunt. They had to do everything by hand back then and even if they had a kitchen appliance to help my grandmother wouldn’t let them. It is a lot of hard work even to this day but it is worth every bite! A gift card for fresh produce would be great to help stock up on indgredients. My mom is also a breast cancer survivor of 20+ years and I know she would love to be pampered at a spa.

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