Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

With Earth Day being celebrated tomorrow, we have a heartwarming story that corresponds with our commitment to help keep our Earth, and fisheries, sustainable! A special thank you to Johnstown, store #012 for making this story possible.

On March 27, 2023, the Johnstown seafood department noticed they had received a pregnant lobster. The store immediately took action. They isolated the lobster in the cooler, started making calls and writing emails to bring this lobster back to sea. After proper instruction, the store took the utmost, gentle care with this lobster and made sure she was safely and comfortably packed so she could be shipped back to Maine. 

Once this lady was received, marine biologist Curt Brown cut a notch into one of her tail flippers, which signifies that she is a proven breeder. From here on out, she will be illegal to keep again, even after she releases her eggs. The lobster has been returned back to her home at sea.

Brown noted that the efforts made at Johnstown Price Chopper will result in 10,000 lobster eggs being released this spring! We are incredibly proud of our teammates for saving her life, and allowing thousands of baby lobsters to be born.

Thank you, Johnstown!