What We're Grillin' for National Burger Day

Mia Teal

E-Commerce Marketing Intern

‘Tis the season for grilling! Warmer weather calls for burgers on the grill, and what better way to celebrate National Burger Day than by grilling up a delicious, juicy burger. Make National Burger Day exciting by pairing your burger with fresh toppings of choice. Whether you enjoy beef or vegetarian burgers, we have you covered. Check out some Price Chopper and Market 32 recipes below on making National Burger Day fun for everyone in your household!

Aloha Burger: We’ve heard of pineapple on pizza, but what about on your burger? This delicious sweet and salty combination of pineapple, vegetables, Swiss cheese, and Canadian bacon is a must-try! Next time you are in our store, be on the lookout for whole, fresh pineapple or pre-cut pineapple rings.

Cobb Burger: This heavenly, filling burger is the perfect mix of vegetables, eggs, and blue cheese. Be sure to stop by the deli section at your local Price Chopper and Market 32 for the finest selection of cheeses that are perfect for your burger!

Easy Black Bean Burger: Beef isn’t your thing? Check out this mouthwatering Easy Black Bean Burger that is perfect for any occasion, especially National Burger Day! This recipe includes PICS brand oats, walnuts, and Mexican blend shredded cheese as well as a variety of vegetables.

Want to learn the secret to grilling the “perfect burger?” Head to Price Chopper and Market 32’s YouTube page for tips and tricks!

Happy National Burger Day!