Written by our friends at the American Dairy Association

National Dairy Month is celebrated annually during June to recognize the contributions of the dairy industry and the hardworking dairy farmers behind the milk and dairy products making it to your grocery store shelves every day. This year, we want to focus on real milk and yogurt tubs to make a delicious, filling smoothie. What better time for an ice cold drink than summertime?

A smoothie made with real, wholesome milk or yogurt is a delicious way to get high-quality protein and other essential nutrients that your body needs to help fuel your day.

Use Real Dairy as the base of the smoothie.

  • Milk makes an excellent base for any smoothie. Milk has a significant amount of protein as well as a powerful package of 13 essential nutrients including calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin A, and several B vitamins. Add more or less milk depending on how thick you like your smoothie.
  • Yogurt also makes a great base for a smoothie. Yogurt is another excellent source of protein and 9 essential nutrients. Most yogurts are made with live and active cultures, and some also provide probiotics – or good bacteria – that may help maintain digestive health, boost immunity, fight infection and protect against diseases.

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Where does your milk come from?

Click here to meet dairy farming families in the Northeast.

Click here to meet dairy farming families in New England.

Learn more about dairy farming in the Northeast at AmericanDairy.com and in New England at NewEnglandDairy.com


Written by our friends at the American Dairy Association

June is National Dairy Month and there is no better way to celebrate than with Real Smoothies made with Real Dairy. A smoothie made with wholesome milk or yogurt is a delicious way to get high-quality protein and other essential nutrients that your body needs to help fuel your day. Making smoothies with real dairy is a great way to honor the hardworking dairy farmers behind the milk and dairy products making it to your table every day.

A refreshing smoothie is a simple and easy way to pack a lot of nutrients into one glass. To get the most nutrition from your smoothie, make it with real milk or yogurt.

Milk makes an excellent base for any smoothie. Milk is a go-to source of protein as well as a powerful package of 13 essential nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus,  and several B vitamins. Milk also has immunity-boosting nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Zinc, and protein. Add more or less milk, depending on how thick you like your smoothie.

Yogurt also makes a great addition to a smoothie. Yogurt is another excellent source of protein and 9 essential nutrients. All yogurts are made with live and active cultures, and some also provide probiotics – or good bacteria – that may help maintain digestive health, boost immunity, fight infection and protect against diseases. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier in texture because it is strained during processing to remove liquid whey, which is also why Greek yogurt is higher in protein and lower in lactose and calcium.

Check out these delicious smoothie recipes that can be made with real milk and Greek yogurt!

Peanut Butter Smoothie


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 2 tablespoons smooth peanut butter
  • Garnish: mini chocolate chips


  1. In a blender, combine milk, yogurt, banana, and peanut butter. Pour into glasses and top with chocolate chips. Serve immediately.

Spinach Orange Smoothie


  • 2 mandarins, peeled
  • 1 medium banana, peeled
  • ½ cup raw spinach
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt


  1. In a blender, combine Mandarin oranges, banana, Spinach, milk, and vanilla yogurt. Blend on high until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.

Click here find these amazing recipes and more!


Ellie Wilson


June is National Dairy Month, and we have a lot of delicious and nutritious ways to celebrate with you all month long! As a registered dietitian-nutritionist, and a dairy lover, I am very sure dairy is the real deal – wholesome, versatile and a culinary champion used in an amazing variety of foods and recipes. To kick off this celebration, we have some great smoothie recipes to share! They are the perfect way to pack the benefits of Real Dairy into an easy-to-enjoy treat!

Fueling up with the full package of 13 nutrients milk adds to your glass is a great way to honor the hard work of the farmers that ensure it is available to you and your family every day. Those nutrients include calcium, phosphorous and B vitamins, which support bone strength and energy metabolism. Milk is a good source of high-quality protein, and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and zinc. Together they help build immunity, support healing, and help grow and protect muscles. Traditional and Greek yogurt are made with live cultures and contain some probiotics, which improve gut health. So many benefits!   

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy, its satisfying texture delivered by straining some of the liquid whey, resulting in higher protein content and lower lactose and calcium. You can use milk and Greek yogurt in your Real Dairy Smoothie, and change the recipe amounts to taste if you like! 

We celebrate throughout National Dairy Month – add these ideas to your calendar and join in the fun all month long!

June 1 – World Milk Day – Lift your Glass!

June 4th – Cheese Day

June 7th – Choc Ice Cream Day

June 14th – Strawberry Shortcake Day

June 20th – Milkshake Day

June 20th – Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21 – Smoothie Day

June 25th – Strawberry Parfait Day – (could be a yogurt and strawberry parfait)

June 27th Ice Cream Cake Day


Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

It’s June – do you know what that means? It is National Dairy Month! We are celebrating all the creamy goodness of dairy this month, ranging from milk, cheese, ice cream, and everything in between! At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have a surplus of dairy products to offer, including our new PICS pint ice cream! Be sure to check them out at the end of this article. 

National Dairy Month was originally just “National Milk Month” as a way to encourage people to drink more milk. However, this eventually became “National Dairy Month” by the National Dairy Council as a way to promote the benefits that dairy products provide to us. We have so many recipes on our website for all our dairy lovers! Let’s take a look at a few…

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Nothing beats an ice cream sandwich on a warm summer day! Be sure to check out our PICS ice cream for a wide variety of flavors. 

Baked Buffalo Cheese Sticks: The best appetizer right at your fingertips! 

Caramel Milkshake: This four-ingredient shake is sure to be a fan favorite!

Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza: In a hurry? No need to worry! This pizza is easy to make and perfect for celebrating National Dairy Month!

Lucky Charms Frozen Yogurt Pie: Looking for something fun to make for your July 4th celebration? This frozen yogurt pie is flavorful and festive. Beware: This will go fast! 

Philly Cheesesteak Dip: Take your homemade dip to the next level with this Philly Cheesesteak Dip!


Raise a Glass to Dairy Month!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist


June 1st is a holiday for our dairy farmers – it is World Milk Day, and kicks off the annual celebration of Dairy Month and all that dairy brings us! Full of flavor and nutrients, packed with protein, familiar and affordable, wholesome dairy brings richness to so many foods. Across the Northeast, dairy is considered a unique “natural resource”, which supports healthy people, healthy communities and a substantial and sustainable positive impact on local economies. We use milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese to bake, batch, sip, and savor our way through delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Welcome to Dairy Month, an annual national celebration of all that dairy brings us. There would be no dairy without dairy farming, which encompasses time-honored heritage and forward-thinking scholarship – this industry keeps innovating, and is full of hard working, passionate people that ensure animals have the best care, and milk is the highest quality. About 97% of dairy farms are family-owned, generation after generation that have moved the industry forward and treat animals, land and the future with reverence and respect. Dairy also delivers crucial nutrients – milk, yogurt and cheese contribute 51% of calcium and 58% of Vitamin D for just 10% of the calories in the overall American diet. The Great American Milk Drive also kicks off in our stores today – with a $1 or $5 donation at the register, you can join in and get milk to children and families that are less food secure. Check out our Facebook Live visit with our friends at Ivey Lakes Dairy in Stanley, NY, follow the blog, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram learn more about how fresh, nourishing dairy foods make their way from the farm to your table, and the delicious ways you can enjoy them. In case you couldn’t tell, we love dairy – Price Chopper and Market 32 are highlighting dairy and dairy case items all month – you will love the selection and the savings. Celebrate with us!

Local dairy farms are an important piece of our Northeast economy. In New York, dairy production makes up for nearly half of the total agriculture output, and there are over 900 dairy farms in the state of Vermont alone! Dairy farms are one of the lifelines of the Northeast, and we’re proud to team up with a variety of local dairies in communities throughout our Northeast footprint.

Our PICS milk is bottled in New York with the help of over 500 Northeast dairy farmers: When you take home a jug of our milk, you’re taking home the product of hard-working local farmers (and cows) from our region.

Argus Acres is an example of one of these local dairy farms. Located a few miles from our Cobleskill store in rural Sharon Springs NY, the farm was founded in 1948 and has proudly served the local community ever since. The Argus family shares their hometown with the Fabulous Beekman Boys and their Beekman 1802 Mercantile shop!

Taft’s Maple and Milk Farm is another Northeast dairy farm staple, located in Huntington VT, just a short drive from our Barre store. The Taft family farm is unique: it thrives off of Jersey cattle and maple sugaring. Maple sugaring is a staple all over Taft’s home state: Vermont alone produces about 6% of the world’s syrup supply!

Located in Hudson Falls, NY, Ideal Dairy Farms is another great local dairy farm. These folks are just a few miles down the road from our Fort Edward store. Ideal Dairy first began selling milk to local residents around 1908. These days they produce over 16,000 gallons of milk per day! Despite operating for over 100 years, the vision of Ideal Dairy has remained unchanged: they’re committed to the production of quality milk for their community.

There are lots of dairy farms in top-producing states like California and Wisconsin, but we choose to source our PICS milk from our neighbors, which traces back to our home.grown. philosophy that everything tastes better when it’s produced nearby. These local dairy farms are just a few of the many hard-working folks that help us bring the highest quality local products to your table.

When it’s made or grown here, we get it here: from milk to marinara sauce!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist Dairy farming is New York State’s primary agricultural industry. It is a tight knit community, and encompasses more than the farm families – dairy milk haulers, the tireless truckers that move milk from farm to plant, are also an integral and symbiotic part of this landscape. Husted Trucking, based a few miles from Terry’s farm, picks milk up from about 200 farms across a 50 mile radius. Thirty-two trucks and experienced drivers maintain this lifeline connection to plants and processors, with Chobani receiving a lion’s share of local milk. As part of our day, we met the company’s second generation owners, David and Penny. Their son, the third generation, is on the runway, working in the office while we learn more about their operation. milk cansDavid started working with his father hauling milk cans in 1953. Like farming, milk transportation gets no days off – no weekends, no weather can interrupt the schedule. Dairy farms are located on narrow, uneven back roads – drivers must be dedicated and very skilled, navigating through rain, sleet or snow. Drivers are also part of the quality and safety team – every milk load is tested. Drivers take samples from the farm holding tank, and the milk is tested again before it enters the plant to be sure there is no quality issue. The management team works with brokers to direct and deliver fresh milk orders that change daily. The trucks take milk to the plants, and the leftover whey back to the farms – a sustainable circle that promotes land and animal health. The truck are washed and sanitized after they deliver the milk to the plant. The whole system is regularly inspected– local, state and federal agencies all have a role. Regionally, farms collectively manage their food safety and must pass all inspections or they lose their market – their ability to sell their milk. All of these regulatory requirements ensure a safe supply chain from cow-to-cup. Commitment and collaboration rise like cream to the top of this discussion – David’s dedication to his team, longstanding working relationship and friendship with Terry, andTerryandDavid pride in their company’s heritage and role are evident. The boxes are always checked, the additional work done, the extra mile driven to protect their cargo and deliver it safely and efficiently to its destination. Three cups of milk make one cup of Greek yogurt. To highlight this part of our tour, we have some wonderful recipes to sip (or slurp!) and transform Greek yogurt into a delicious smoothie. Check them out, and tell us which one is your favorite! Pack a delicious, protein punch – substitute Greek yogurt in recipes and power up taste and nutrition. Check the blog next week for the rest of our Greek yogurt tour with Chobani! https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes/9177/Cranberry-Berry-Smoothie http://www.chobani.com/culture/recipes/berry-banana-smoothie/ http://www.chobani.com/culture/recipes/mango-liquados/ http://www.chobani.com/culture/recipes/pina-colada-simply-100-smoothie/ http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/pineapple_green_smoothie.html http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/strawberry_banana_protein_smoothie.html

©Mitch Wojnarowicz Photographer Ives farm Bainbridge NY and Chobani plant tour, New Berlin NY for American Dairy Association (ADA) Client is solely responsible for securing any necessary releases, clearances or permissions prior to using this image. 20160517 Not a royalty free image. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED www.mitchw.com 518 843 [email protected] ANY USE REQUIRES A WRITTEN LICENSE

UntitledWritten By: Ellie Wilson, MS, RD  Senior Nutritionist, Price Chopper Supermarkets Better & Better From the outside looking in, it might appear that getting milk from cow to cup is actually a very old farming tradition that has been adapted and improved and is no big deal now. It might look like there is not a lot of room for innovation, or that it isn’t really needed – you don’t hear about many problems with dairy, right? You can feel confident in the quality of Price Chopper milk, cream and half and half because there are many safety and quality checks and procedures that go into turning raw milk into all of these wholesome products. It starts at the farm – I already shared some of the procedures that help the farmer get milk ready to be picked up by the tanker truck. Garelick field rep Jackie inspects the farm periodically to ensure they are maintaining their safety practices and supports John with any updates or recommendations that have been identified. Next, the tanker truck has to pump the milk into the two separate holding tanks in the truck and seal those tanks. When the tanker gets to the plant, it is quarantined outside the building, and a lab tech comes out to verify the seals, then open the two compartments and take samples to the lab. If the seal is broken, or anything is detected by the lab, that milk cannot enter the plant. The milk is checked for any substances that don’t belong – like antibiotic residue, or high bacteria count. It is also checked for quality measures, like butterfat content. This is all tracked and is part of the information Garelick Farms sends back to John Green that he uses to take care of his cows.pulling an order for PC Once the technician gives the ok, the truck can move into one of two bays and the milk is transferred into the raw milk silos. Then the tanker is cleaned and sanitized so it can go back out for pick ups. If the schedule is working, they move a truck in and out every 1 ½ hours. Jeniece Goellner, the plant quality manager, ensures that all of the quality and safety procedures happen at every critical point in the process where something could go wrong and compromise the quality of the milk. This requires great attention to detail, constant consideration on how to improve the process, and passion – which plant manager Dave shared is a key ingredient from the many long term, committed workers that are part of the plant team. This process is so well coordinated, there are only about 10 tanker rejections out of over 1100 tanker deliveries per year. The milk is bottled, labeled and moved into cold storage. Each Price Chopper store has a dairy manager who tracks milk sales and sends an order in to Garelick Farms for exactly what they need each day. That order goes to the plant and then to Garelick employees like Isaac Seldman. He reviews and assembles each order, and out they go to the trucks for store delivery. This is why the milk is so fresh – it can be from cow to cup in less than 24 hours, sometimes even in 12 hours! So there it is – your cow to cup tour. In addition to the milk itself, I hope you can see that there is a lot of passion, commitment, and connection poured into that cup. Enjoy a glass of Price Chopper milk today!

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


TruMoo_HollyNog_CouponGarelick Farms TruMoo Lowfat Chocolate Peppermint Milk has the delicious chocolaty taste of regular TruMoo with a hint of refreshing peppermint flavor.  TruMoo Lowfat Chocolate Peppermint milk is also nutritious as it starts with lowfat white milk from Garelick Farms and is packed with calcium and vitamins A & D!  Warm it up for hot cocoa with a peppermint twist! Garelick Farms Holly Nog is a creamy egg nog flavored beverage perfect for any holiday gathering.  Garelick Farms Holly Nog starts with Garelick Farms reduced fat milk and has fewer calories than regular egg nog. The Garelick Farms Limited Holiday Items are sure to win over kids and adults alike!  Try both TruMoo Lowfat Chocolate Peppermint Milk and Garelick Farms Holly Nog while supplies last. Visit www.GarelickFarms.com for more information.


More Americans were introduced to pomegranate products last year than any year in history.  POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice is the nation’s best-selling hula_pom_blends_product_detail (1)pomegranate juice and helped kick off the country’s pomegranate craze more than a decade ago.  POM Wonderful is launching new blends to complement its pure pomegranate juice with delicious flavor varieties that appeal to the whole family. POM Hula evokes an off-the-map beach getaway with a mix of pomegranate, pineapple and organic apple juice.  POM Mango offers a delectable mix of pomegranate, mango and pear juice.  POM Coconut mixes pomegranate juice, coconut water and pineapple juice. The new blends slip POM’s iconic curved bottle into eye-catching tropical graphics in a convenient 12 oz. size.  POM Hula shimmies into a green grass hula skirt, POM Coconut pairs POM’s signature red wrap with white coconut and green leaves, while POM Mango features a splash of yellow with green leaves. Look for POM Wonderful Blends in the Produce Department. Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


light-and-fit-greek-strawberryYou deserve to think about your own satisfaction for once.  When you say “Hello” to Light & Fit Greek – you help say “Good-Bye” to temptations!  Temptations are inevitable and often very loud.  But Light & Fit Greek can help silence those temptations. Dannon has combined the deliciously thick creamy satisfaction of Greek nonfat yogurt with the taste you expect from Dannon Light & Fit.  Light & Fit Greek has 80 calories per 5.3 oz. serving, 0% fat and twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. Light & Fit Greek is a good source of riboflavin, calcium, protein, phosphorus and Vitamin D.  Delicious AND nutritious!  Dannon listened and now Light & Fit Greek is available in Strawberry-Banana.  Yum! Living healthy isn’t about the number on a scale.  It’s a journey of making smart choices and feeling great.  Try some Dannon Light & Fit Greek today and stop with the sacrificing already! Look for Dannon Light & Fit Greek in the Yogurt section of the Dairy aisle.


trumooorange1Garelick Farms TruMoo Lowfat Orange Vanilla Milk is back for a limited time only! TruMoo Lowfat Orange Vanilla Milk, with its festive orange color, is spooktacular as a Halloween treat!  Along with TruMoo Lowfat Chocolate Milk, it’s dressed up with a fun label for Halloween!  TruMoo Lowfat Vanilla Milk offers the same wholesome goodness of regular Lowfat TruMoo with essential protein, calcium and vitamins A & D kids need every day. TruMoo Vanilla Milk is made with delicious vanilla flavor and just enough sugar (no high fructose corn syrup).  TruMoo Lowfat Vanilla Milk is only available in Half Gallons for the month of October.  Look for specially marked caps on TruMoo Lowfat Chocolate Gallon and Half Gallon and TruMoo Lowfat Orange Vanilla Milk Half Gallon packages to enter to win a Haunted Hollywood Vacation to Fox Studios and download a coupon for $2.00 off a Goosebumps DVD! Visit www.TruMoo.com for more information.  Look for Garelick Farms TruMoo Lowfat Orange Vanilla Milk in the Milk section of the Dairy aisle.