Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs November 26, 2017


The best things in life are simple. 

JOLLY TIME thinks that’s true for snacks, too.

That’s why JOLLY TIME made Simply Popped.  It’s microwave popcorn that is made with just four simple ingredients – Butter, Sea Salt, Oil and non-GMO Popcorn.  Yes, that’s it.  Four ingredients you know and trust. Simply Popped tastes like homemade stovetop popcorn (but it’s ridiculously simple to make).  And, like all JOLLY TIME snacks, it’s gluten-free, full of fiber and a great choice for whole-grain snacking.Jolly Time Simply popped   Easy to make, easy to love, easy to feel good about.  Simply Popped pops up hot and fresh in a matter of minutes.  Simply Popped … deliciously simple snack choice for you and your family! Look for the white Jolly Time Simply Popped box in the Microwave Pop Corn section.