Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

                                                            CHEEZ-IT CRUNCH’D

Cheez-It is making its first ever appearance in the warehouse snack aisle with New Cheez-It Crunch’d, it’s first ever cheesy puff.  Made with 100 percent real cheese and a bold new taste, this three-dimensional snack delivers a crunchin’ that Cheez-It fans won’t stop munchin’. Crunch’d is offered in two wickedly delicious flavors, Cheddar Cheese and Hot & Spicy.cheezit crunch'd Cheddar Cheese – crunchy cheese puff baked snack made with cheddar goodness Hot & Spicy – made with 100% real cheese in a Tabasco Hot & Spicy fiery flavor So get snacking and enjoy the great taste of the Cheez-It you already love.  You will find Cheez-It Crunch’d in the warehouse snack section of your favorite Price Chopper store!

    McCormick-sausages           McCORMICK GRILL MATES SAUSAGES

Introducing new McCormick Grill Mates Sausages – a more flavorful line of sausages seasoned by the grilling experts who perfected flavor, so you don’t have to. Each sausage is seasoned with the bold and robust flavor of McCormick Grill Mates and is ready to grill, winning you rave reviews from family and friends. Bring your grilling experience to the next level with every bite of juicy sausage, available in four delicious flavors: Montreal Steak, Mesquite, Brown Sugar Bourbon and Chipotle & Roasted Garlic with Cheddar Cheese. For more information and tasty recipes, visit: www.GrillMatesSausage.com.