Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

If you are a fan of sweet and spicy meals, then our NEW hot honey rotisserie chicken may just be your latest obsession! Price Chopper and Market 32 are offering this limited time only chicken in stores now. If you have never tried hot honey, just imagine the sweet taste of honey but with a kick of chili peppers. Our rotisserie chickens are just about four pounds, so you can use this chicken in other recipes. Let’s take a look at some options below. 

Hot Honey Chicken Salad: Toss your hot honey rotisserie chicken in with mayo, grapes, celery, red onion, salt, and pepper and you will have one incredible chicken salad recipe!

Recipe: Chicken Salad Wrap

Salad with Hot Honey Chicken: Not to be confused with the recipe above, our new hot honey chicken is delicious over a bed of lettuce! Add in some vegetables and PICS cheese and dressing of choice. 

Recipe: Apple-Cranberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing 

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich: Take your hot honey chicken and fry, place on a PICS bun, and add in any toppings you may like. Some ideas for toppings include more hot honey (or regular honey), tomatoes, and pickles. 

Recipe: Oven-Baked Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders

Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich: Our hot honey on a sandwich is delicious without having to fry. If you are looking for a quick and easy chicken sandwich recipe, this will be your new go-to.

Recipe: California Chicken Sandwich

Hot Honey Chicken Quesadilla: If you are in a time crunch, this is another quick meal that you can make for yourself or your family. Hot honey chicken quesadilla with PICS shredded cheese of choice and sour cream is mouthwatering!

Recipe: Grilled Chicken, Corn, and Black Bean Quesadilla 

Hot Honey Chicken Tacos: Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot spicier! Try swapping out beef with hot honey rotisserie chicken.

Recipe: Pulled Chicken Tacos 3-Ways

Hot Honey Chicken Bowl: If you are someone that enjoys rice or quinoa bowls, then hot honey rotisserie chicken will be your new go-to in this meal! 

Recipe: Create Your Own Power Bowl

Hot Honey Chicken Pizza: Hot honey chicken is a delicious and unique pizza topping. This would pair well with mozzarella cheese and a few jalapeños. Top with more hot honey (or regular honey).

Recipe: Tuscan Chicken Flatbread

Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles: A twist to your usual chicken and waffles! Fry your hot honey rotisserie chicken and pair with PICS butter and syrup. 

Recipe: Hatch Chile & Cheese Cornbread Waffles

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