Hot sauce junkies, heat connoisseurs and spiciness fanatics: We’re comin’ in hot with our next monthly feature!

Each month we’re bringing you fresh stories on a different sauce brand, sharing some flavor insights, stories behind the brands and more. Travel with us on an adventure consisting of varying degrees of heat each month!

August’s Feature: Blue Top Sauces!

A fairly new player to the hot sauce game, Blue Top Brand is comprised of food lovers, family and friends from Austin, TX and Dripping Springs, TX. They’re differentiator? CREAMY hot sauce.

The average hot sauce out there is a standard take on the condiment; spicy but without a lot of texture. Blue Top’s hot sauces are the best of both worlds: creamy and spicy. They’re beyond versatile as a condiment: Throw them on tacos, pizza, pork, sushi, shrimp, BBQ, and whatever else you can think of to top with sauce!

The Blue Top folks think of their product as a new type of condiment, and we have to agree; it’s like nothing we’ve tasted before. Unique varieties too, like Buffalo Cayenne, Curry Habanero and more.

Pick up a bottle at your local store, top your favorite dish with it and see what you think!

Turn up the heat with Blue Top this month, and tune in next month for our September Hot Sauce of the Month!