Strawberries – So Fresh, So Sweet!

Mia Teal

E-Commerce Marketing Department

Who can resist the sweetness of strawberries? Strawberries are not only delicious and juicy, but they are a very popular fruit. According to a 2021 survey, strawberries are among the top favorite fruits for Americans. In fact, the average American will consume 3.4 pounds of strawberries per year, and 94% of United States households eat these delicate fruits. 

While strawberries are a delicious snack on their own, there are many different ways to cook or bake with them as an ingredient. Some ideas include making smoothies or ice cream, creating a strawberry dressing, or even making your own jam or jelly. Whatever you decide to do with your strawberries this season, be sure to first stop by your local Price Chopper and Market 32 to pick out packages of these fresh fruits!

In need of some recipes? Check out a few fruity ideas from our website!

Strawberry-Rosé & Poppy Seed Shortcake: Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked biscuits on a Sunday morning. Serve with strawberries & PICS whipped cream to complete the meal!

Strawberry-Orange Smoothie: Whether you need a breakfast on-the-go or a quick pick-me-up, this smoothie will help power you through your day!

Strawberry, Arugula and Quinoa Salad with Asparagus & Feta: Fresh strawberries add the perfect amount of sweetness to this salad. Feel free to add in Market 32 chicken or turkey breast for a delicious addition to this meal.

Happy National Strawberry Day!


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