Paws Pet Contest!

Did you adopt your pet from a humane society, rescue them from an animal shelter, or pick them out of a big liter?  Tell us the story of how you got your pet and you could win $100 in coupons for Price Chopper Paws Premium Pet food!  Post your comment below as well as on our Facebook page by Monday, October 1st to be entered.  One dog winner and one cat winner will be randomly chosen to win! We know how much your furry friends mean to you and your family and we want to help you care for them!  Sign up for the Price Chopper Pet Club to receive monthly newsletters filled with exclusive coupons, helpful articles and useful tips!  Sign up today and start receiving this great newsletter! Also—don’t forget to check out the back page of our ad this week for some awesome deals on our Paws pet food line!  Paws delivers a complete and balanced nutrition for your pet at a great price. Read official contest rules here.

64 responses to “Paws Pet Contest!”

  1. Lori says:

    After graduating from college and moving in to my first apartment my one bedroom felt very lonely Without family or friends or a roommate to share the space. I adopted my cat Angel from Whiskers the next day and I felt complete. 14 years later she is still my best friend. At 19 she is still going strong – even when I want to throttle her when she starts whining at 4am demanding to be fed! 🙂

  2. karen says:

    11 years ago my then 5 year old daughter wore her Daddy down asking for a kitten and with his yes we found the furry part of our family at the humane society and came of with a little girl tiger kitten loving named Gosser!

  3. Carlene mulhall says:

    We adopted our dog Dakota from the humane society in Newington, CT. He was this cute little guy with these big old ears sticking straight up. I loved him immediately but realized he was already in the process of being adopted. I asked on the way out if adoptions ever fell thru and the woman said every once and a while. She handed me a business card and told me to call back in a week. A few days went by and I couldn’t wait any longer so I called hoping for a long shot…sure enough he was back at the humane society! Turns out he was adopted and retuned 2 days later because he cried 2 nights straight with his new owners. I rushed to the humane society as quick as I could and brought Dakota home. He has been a huge part of our family and such a love for 8 years now. Everything happens for a reason <3

  4. Jason Loucks says:

    We have three cats. The first one (Ms. Mae) our land lord brought home and after a few days was not liking her. So she called my partner to tell her to bring her outside and let the other animals get her. Well that was not going to happen. He took her in and now she is living the life.
    Our second cat (Lucky) actually found my partner. He was at his dads house when he came into his dads background. When he went to pick him up he noticed that his precious owner had set him on fire. He took him to the vets. When they did the cats checkup try face him some medication and since then we have had him.
    Our third and last kitty we picked up in my partners mom background. The next door neighbor had a few cats which were not fixed. So they would have litter after litter. In the end we decided catch the momma and the babies so they could go to a local shelter to be given to good homes. Before that we choose a kitty from that litter and named her Precious.
    We have three healthy cats now and love each of them. 🙂

  5. Linda and Thomas Woods says:

    Boots our dog found us 14 1/2 years ago when it was a puppy. Someone left the dog on the road hoping that someone will find it when it was 6 months old part black lab, part we do not know. I walked out on my front porch and heard a growl but did not see any animal. I walked back in called my husband and he stepped outside and heard it too. Hidden under the porch was a little puppy scared and hungry, so I say she found us and made friends with her with a can of cat food (since we had no dog at the time). We figured that someone abused the animal since it growled at newspapers, rugs and black shoes. She must have thought we would punish her or kick her. She finally outgrew it all since we gave her food and love. She is now old and has back leg problems and thought people should know her story.

  6. Ann Burchill says:

    My husband surprised me one weekend up in New Hampshire! He said how about we take a ride up to Colebrook? I said ok, and when we got there we drove up on a mountain to a farm and on that farm was a beautiful puppy waiting for me! She was golden like the sun and so we decided to name her Sunny! She rode home on my lap and we took her out on our boat that very first day! She is a lady and a standard poodle who makes friends everywhere she goes! She is the best present I ever got and I love her!

  7. Jason Loucks says:

    We have three cats. The first one (Ms. Mae) our land lord brought home and after a few days was not liking her. So she called my partner to tell her to bring her outside and let the other animals get her. Well that was not going to happen. He took her in and now she is living the life.
    Our second cat (Lucky) actually found my partner. He was at his dads house when he came into his dads background. When he went to pick him up he noticed that his precious owner had set him on fire. He took him to the vets. When they did the cats checkup try face him some medication and since then we have had him.
    Our third and last kitty we picked up in my partners mom background. The next door neighbor had a few cats which were not fixed. So try would have litter after litter. In the end we decided to catch the momma and the babies so they could go to a local shelter to be given to good homes. Before that we choose a kitty from that litter and named her Precious.
    We have three healthy cats now and love each of them. 🙂

  8. Nicolle monoxelos says:

    i adopted my gracie ann from petfinder she came from 2 awful homes in tennessee. first one she was neglected left outside fended for herself for food so her first ownvers neighbor took her in and wasnt much better let her get pregnant in a backyard breeding, then shot with a BB gun (BB still in her shoulder) then when she had the puppies the second owner gave them to the shelter that we got gracie from and instead of putting gracie with her pups because he obviously did not want her he took the sweetest dog on the face of the earth to a kill shelter and had her slated to be put down! Thank god the shelter came across her on a website and ran right down and got her out the day before she was to be put down. she was in rough shape still her skin was gouged from her scratching allergies (shes a white american bulldog) her ears were swollen shut they thought she was deaf which they told us she prob was deaf (which she is not) and they also said she has male timidness and she was a high energy boxer. well everyone could not have been more wrong! She is a proud happy health lazy american bulldog bright white no more yellow from yeast and her allergies are under control pretty much and she is more then i ever though she could be her and my son are amazing she follows him and I everywhere and is a social butterfly loves other dogs and i can not imagine my life without her at all i would work a second job if it meant i could keep her happy and healthy she keeps me that way just being gracie!

  9. For 14 years my husband told me he wanted a cat.I’m allergic to cats and kept telling him no.Well I caved in and got him a sassy little calico kitten last one of the litter.I tried to avoid her as I really didn’t like cats as they made me so sick.So for three months I suffered and dealt with asthma issues, and in that time I also fell in love with my first every cat.To make a long story short I felt Sassy needed a friend so I went to humane society to pick one kitten.Came home with two.Several months later was shopping with my husband and seen Free kitten sign.I knew I would be in trouble so told him no I don’t want to look.He did so he went in and I stayed in the car.Well that sneaky husband of mine brought out this sweet little maine coon kitten.Well we left there with our fourth and final kitten.No more for us.I however would not trade any of them.

  10. Kimberly Taylor says:

    Our cat Oreo found us. Oreo was wandering homeless around the neighborhood for a while. One day, my husband found her in our back yard eating bugs — she was skinny and starving. He felt sorry for her so we went to Price Chopper to get some cat food. With no one in the neighborhood claiming Oreo — she decided that we would be her family. Oreo is the most gentle outdoor cat. She was named by my son’s friend because she is black and white. Oreo has a cat house we painted like a cow — because with her marking she looks like a cow. Thanks Price Chopper for your part in making Oreo part of our family!

  11. Donna says:

    We rescued our Pit Bull mix from an animal shelter in New Haven, CT. He was featured on a local news channel as needing a home and we were told he was deaf. He already had a name, Joba and I had a dog named Joba when I was growing up so we had to go and see him. He was skin and bones with a nasty skin infection. We took him home got him healthy and he is one of the best dogs I have even been around. About a week after he was home with us his hearing returned and we love him, he loves us,other dogs and our kids. Best dog ever!

  12. mary jones says:

    I read a post on craigslist, a woman was frantically looking for homes for three adult cats. She had called all the no kill shelters and no one had room. My daughter and I went to take a look, she had someone coming from a nearby town to pick one out so we picked the boy and decided my daughter would take him. He was just beautiful so the next day I called and made arrangements to pick up one of the girls for myself. A few days later we heard from her the other person never came to get the last of them so I went and picked the last of them. I have two at my house and my daughter has one at her house, and I love my two girls!

  13. Laurie Touchette says:

    We adopted our beloved “Duncan” from an Animal Shelter in Schoharie Hurricane a month after Hurricane Irene devastsed the area. We were ready to add a dog to our family, and with so many rescue dogs and homeless animals, we decided this was a good place to start. When we arrived there was a litter of puppies, of course the children we in heaven. All 3 instantly fell in love with the little scruffy one. We later learned that the pup’s mom did not survive the flood, however she was able to get all 6 puppies to higher ground before she drowened. How Sad… we knew we made the right choice with “Duncan”, and here we are 1 year later and couldn’t be happier!

  14. Sandie Gibbs says:

    After our 6 year old Boston Terrier, Sammy, passed away from cancer, my husband and I wanted to find another friend for our female BT Maggie. We filled out tons of applications and visited foster BT’s in CT, ME, NH, NY, MA and RI. Maggie did not like ANY of them. After all, it was partly her decision who her new friend would be. One Saturday, we drove over to the Newington Humane Society – not intending to adopt a new family member. They had just gotten in a male Rat Terrier named Tater Tot. It was love at first site for Maggie and us. Tater Tot went home with us that day and his new name is Teejay. We adopted Teejay on April 1st, so we lovingly call him our April Fool. Maggie and Teejay are the best of friends. My husband and I also adopted 2 of our rats. When our first rat, Lucy, passed away from pneumonia, I needed to find a new friend for her sister Ethel. I contact Mainely Rat Rescue and they had 2 female rats – Minnie and Daisy – who they felt would fit Ethel’s personality. Their foster home was in MA. We were so worried about bringing 2 new rats home because introductions with rats can be tough. We brought Ethel with us. When we arrived at the foster home, Minnie and Daisy walked right into Ethel’s cage and they all started snuggling. They snuggled all the way home. It was a beautiful site! All 3 rats love each other so much and are the best of friends.

  15. Colleen says:

    I adopted my dog Macy from Hubbard’s Hounds rescue in July 2008. She was part of a litter that the owners were going to put to sleep if they didn’t get picked up that day. I couldn’t imagine life without her!

  16. Barbara says:

    We have three cats. We adopted two as kittens last summer from Whiskers, but our third we rescued from the wild. One night last month as my daughter and I were leaving the tennis courts at our HS we noticed 3 small kittens at the edge of the woods. For days we went to bring them food, until finally one trusted us enough to come near. Kitten Angels helped with his first check-up, including providing the antibiotics for the eye infection that has left him blind and in need of having his eye removed when he is a little bigger. Although we are still fostering this little guy, we know that he will be a permanent member of our family!

  17. Dani Madden says:

    When I moved out to NY from MN to be with my husband (BF at the time) I kept feeling like something was missing a cat. His last cat had to be put down & he was still hurting from that but I convinced him to at least look with me. Well one day we went to an adoption center this was after looking at tons of others ones & I saw a baby black kitten pawing at the window at us. I practically begged him to let me see the kitten.
    We went in & they handed him the little guy. It only took a moment before he was clawing his way up his shirt & licking his face. The workers all looked in shock saying they never seen him act like that to anyone ever. We looked at each other then down at the little guy who was currently cuddling my husbands face & we knew he had just picked us to be his mommy & daddy. To this day I never have seen a cat get along & love someone as much as our Jay loves his daddy. We still joke saying we didn’t pick Jay out he picked us.

  18. Michelle Armendo says:

    My husband worked as a health inspector for a local town and went into a home that had 5 dogs and 49 cats living in their basement! Gus went to him immediately and looked at him as if to say ” Are you here for me?”. My husband called me from that house and I didn’t hesitate to “when can you get him here?” Poor Gussy was all skin and bones and scared of his own shadow! That was the day before Thanksgiving and it brought the true meaning of that holiday to our home! He is our second rescue and our fourth dog!

  19. Juanita Krieger says:

    My partner went through five years of allergy shots so that I could finally adopt a kitty. I visited every shelter within 90 miles and met many wonderful prospects, crying and leaving a donation each time because I still hadn’t found “the one”….when you know, you just know. One day I walked into our local SPCA shelter and saw the most beautiful calico….and I knew. I called home and told Tom to meet me there after work to complete the adoption process. He walked into the shelter and immediately saw this frollicking long haired tabby kitty, who was practically doing cartwheels and holding up a sign that said “Pick me, pick me”. Tom looked at my calico, and said, “She’s so lethargic, let’s take him instead”. (We did not know the calico was very ill.) I stood my ground and said “He’s adorable, but I already promised her she is coming home.” At that point Tom said those three little words every cat lover longs to hear “LET’S TAKE TWO”……and so we did. Happily, 5 years later, both cats are doing very well and the little calico, Schatzi, has become quite the Daddy’s girl, while Fritz, the tabby, loves his momma! Shelter pets are the best! We buy all our cat food, treats and litter at Price Chopper….great prices, great quality!

  20. Terry Houck says:

    After the heartbreak of losing our first dog, I vowed never to go through that again. But, one day while out with my son we stopped at the local humane society to “just look”. Well, my son spotted something thru an “Employees Only” door and went right to the crate. In it was the saddest brown eyes looking up at us. The dog didn’t move or make any sound, just nuzzled my son’s hand through the wire crate door. When we inquired about the dog, we found out that he had just been brought in, which is why he was in quarrentine, and his owner was an elderly lady that had passed away. His chances for getting adopted were pretty low since he was an older dog with some medical issues. It was an instant connection for my son and the dog. Rascal has been a member of our family for the past six years and probably the most spoiled of all my kids!

  21. Carla Gullotto says:

    Our dog was adopted when my niece and her family moved and weren’t allowed to keep him….we also had a cat that recently passed that we found in a ditch as a very young kitten. He fit in the palm of your hand when we found him and turned out to be a 20lb. Maine Coon.

  22. Ellen says:

    After losing our beloved dog Jersey who was only a year and a half, my husband and i were heart broken,we went to the middletown humane society not really looking for another dog,we were just inquiring if they new anyone with puppies, well i didn’t have to look any further because they had a litter of puppies, we had to wait a week but Blackjack was definitely worth waiting for he is absolutely adorable and i can’t imagine my life without him.

  23. joe Ryan says:

    After our cat of eleven years died we felt a void. I visited our local shelter several times and found a eight year old cat. She had been adopted twice and brought back to the shelter because the owners moved to a no pet apartment. The shelter put cardboard on the sides of the cage because she did not like other cats. Because of her age people did not want her. I knew she needed a good home and was a loving cat. She has been with us for three years now and I could not of made a better choice of taking an older cat over a kitten.

  24. Deb Gibbs says:

    My little ShihTsu, Boo was adopted by our family from the vet hospital where I work. She was a very young puppy with a bad heart defect that needed surgery to repair, or she would not survive. Her prior owner was unable/unwilling to fix her, so we stepped in and adopted her. Fast forward a year, and Boo and I are a Pet Partner team – we do pet therapy to all kinds of population groups from elderly dementia residents of nursing homes, to hospice work, to a wonderful READing program where young children come and practice their reading skills by reading to our animals. One of our favorite types of visitation is with children that have heart disease – Boo has met and inspired many children that have the same heart defect that she had. Boo bring smiles to many, many people; as well as with us at her home :-). What a good rescue she has proven to be!

  25. Patti Green says:

    I have 4 cats. The oldest one Cartouche was found abandoned with 3 of her siblings near an abandoned factory. She was a tiny black furball. I brought cartouche home and we found homes for the other 3. I took her to the vet the next day, the vet said she was about 3 1/2 weeks old. She only weighed 13 ounces and fit in the palm of my hand. She is now about 20lbs and is the best cat I have ever had. We all love her dearly.

  26. We’ve adopted our dog and 2 brother cats, but I will tell you our cat story. We lived in NYC and wanted to adopt a cat — I wanted an adult cat as they are harder to adopt out. When we got to North Shore Animal League, we walked around and my husband noticed 2 brother kittens, adorable, playful, except one was missing an eye due to an eye infection. I said no, they’d get adopted b/c they were kittens and cute (in my eyes). Well my husband stood there for about 20 minutes and observed the other people there to adopt and time after time again, people would come over to those cats, say “oh how cute”, until the one-eyed cat turned around. Then they left with disgusted looks and/or comments. My husband convinced me we had to adopt them. So now we have one-eyed George and his brother Kujo (who only has one good eye, even though they are both physically there) and they are now 7 years old. We think they are unique just like our family!

  27. Angelina G says:

    One year ago in September my husband and I tied the knot! We were on our honeymoon in Florida and got the first of many texts from my mother-in-law… a picture of two little tiny black and white kittens that someone had abandoned in her neighborhood and needed a home. My mother-in-law saw them sitting in the rain and with a big heart, couldn’t leave them out there so she took them into her garage. I mean, who could resist those big, beautiful yellow eyes looking up at the camera in this picture (and the several that followed everyday)! The pleading began with my husband, who finally agreed the day before we came home that we could take ONE of the kittens home with us. After meeting them and discovering that the brother preferred me and the sister lpreferred my husband, and some big eyes of my own, we took home two beautiful (and nearly identical) little kittens who have grown to be so playful, curious and loving… and a big part of our family.

  28. Nora Stevens says:

    I found my first cat Sunny in a box of 7 kittens that a woman was trying to get rid of in front of a grocery store (not Price Chopper). The grocery store manager told her she had to leave. Before she left we chose our little yellow & white girl. We felt bad that the lady had to leave & always wondered what she had done with those other kittens. Hopefully, they all found good homes. That was 15 years ago & Sunny is still going strong!! Last year my daughter found a cute, friendly tabby in front of a gas station. The gas station workers said that the cat had been there for a couple weeks & they were feeding it. She begged to bring her home. We bought her to the vet & she ended up being very healthy. Buddha is a funny, friendly cat that now shares our home with Sunny & our dog Kiwi. All 3 girls hang out together & enjoy being part of a loving family. 🙂

  29. Last December 7th, 2011, I had to put my beloved dog “Baby” to sleep on her 12th birthday due to gum cancer. My daughter and I had taken her to the vet, and during the process I am sure the vet tech could hear our hearts breaking. We were crying so hard and didnt expect what was going to be happening next. What I didnt know is that our vet is part of a rescue organization, and it seems that this one particular dog that was at the vets that day had been previously hit by a car and was brought in by the local animal control officer. This little dog had to have surgery and considering the impact was very fortunate that she was not killed. I believe an angel was watching over this dog. The vets office tried in vain to find the owner, but not a soul came to claim her. As it turned out, the vet tech brought this little dog from one part of the vets office to another, and that is when he took the opportunity to change our lives and that of Angel (this is what we named her). He explained the situation and history about Angel, and my daughter and I checked her out, and she was such a sweet thing. We went home that night with a heavy heart, but I couldnt get that little dog out of my mind. She had come such a long way on her journey from the accident that caused her to be at my vets office. I called my vet the next day and asked about the little dog, and to my surprise they were so accommodating! They said I could take her home for a “trial run” to see if both the dog and I were compatible. Well, she turned out to be a Godsend! Sweet and very friendly and so lovable, even my friend who lives with me had fallen in love with her. She stole our hearts, and the dog needed to be returned to the vets to have her stitches taken out. During this whole time, my Dad had passed away unexpectedly, and the day of his funeral was the day that Angel had to go back to the vets. I made the decision to keep her, and after my Dads funeral we went to the vets office to start a new life with one awesome dog, our Angel! Her name was chosen accordingly, because as two very important beings in my life went to heaven, one angel was sent to us to make that transition a little easier. I am thankful for my vet and her dedication to rescuing animals, because we couldnt be happier with such a loving and energetic dog. She fits right in and gets along great with another rescue dog we took in. Our house is full and so is our hearts, and we make sure that we feed our dogs healthy portions and nutrition so they will be with us a long time. Every day is a new beginning!

  30. Nichole says:

    I have 2 cats and a dog. My first cat (Mama) actually found me. I was working one night, when she walked into the store I was working at. I, not being able to leave any stray behind, brought her home. Then to my surprise, 2 days later, she had 2 kittens. When I brought all 3 of them to vet to be checked out, she said it was very unlikely that both kittens would make it since Mama was very young and very skinny! After getting all of the supplies to hand feed the kittens, and feeding them every couple hours thru the night, one of them did pass away. However, I am happy to say that Mama and the surviving kitty, Muffin, are both alive and doing very well. Muffin has a new home with a friend and 2 little girls of her own! Mama holds a very special place in one of my son’s hearts. They are two peas in a pod. My other cat, Boots, also found me. He was hanging around at my office (a different job) on a Wednesday. I told myself that if he was still around on Friday, I would bring him home and try to find his family. He looked well feed, so surely he had to belong to someone. Well, Friday came and at 4pm when it was time to leave, there he was just waiting to leave with me. After trying to find his owners and posting ads everyplace I could think of, no one claimed him. So, I decided to keep him. That was 5 years ago. Today he holds a very special place in my heart and really couldn’t picture my life without him. He cuddles with me every night but makes sure it is known when he has had enough. He reminds me a lot of myself. That brings me to my dog, Lucy. I found her but she saved me. I have 2 twin boys. Their father and I aren’t together so when they went with him, I got lonely. Sure, I had the cats, but they are after all cats and will do what they want, when they want. I wanted a companion. After searching Pet finder for a couple of weeks, I came across this adorable little Jack Russell mix. However, she was 2 hours from where I lived. But I didn’t even give it a second thought. I knew she was the one. How could anyone pass up that cute little face and pudgy puppy body. I submitted my application. Then waited. 2 days later, I received a phone call from the shelter she was at. She was mine. I drove the 2 hours there and the 2 hours back. She was a complete doll in the car. We only had to stop once for her to use the potty. It’s hard to believe that on 12/23 this year, I will have had her for 2 years. It feels like so much longer than that. She really is such an amazing dog and has completely stolen my heart. She is always so happy and a complete goofball! I believe the saying, “ If everyone where a little more like animals, the world would be a better place!” is completely true, because I know that if even some people were a little more like her, the world would be a much better place!

  31. Christine Maxam says:

    Eleven years ago, my husband & I decided to add a dog to our home. Our son was 18 months at the time and we felt it was important for him to learn the love an animal can bring to a home. We went to the local humane society with the intention of adopting a large dog, preferably a german shepard mix. Upon entering the kennel area many dogs ran to the door of their kennel barking, except one. My husband was immediatly drawn to this medium sized brown dog that sat sadly in the back corner of the kennel, his nails overgrown. We introduced this dog to our son in the play area. Of course our son wanted to play ball, but this dog did not know how to fetch or any other tricks. We learned that the previous owner was elderly and hospitalized which resulted in a family member surrendering the dog. The information card listed this medium sized brown dog to be a chihuahua/terrier mix, which we knew was not accurate. This dog’s name was “Tippy” (which the previous owner named him) and he was the same age as our son. We chose to adopt Tippy. When we brought Tippy home we learned that he loved to snuggle and watch TV, therefore we assumed the previous owner watched alot of television. After Tippy’s first visit to our local veterinarian, we learned Tippy was a terrier mix with some pitbull & shepard.
    A few weeks later, we received a call from the humane society. Tippy’s previous owner was out of the hospital and was requesting to say goodbye to Tippy. From what the staff had gathered the elderly man was not aware that his family surrendered the dog while he was hospitalized and was very sad. Although we loved Tippy already, we did not want his previous owner to be sad therefore we offered to return him. The staff assured us that the previous owner did not want Tippy back, just wanted to say a proper goodbye. Of course I agreed and made arrangements for the two to reunite. When we arrived at the shelter, Tippy cowered and did not want to enter the building, with some encouragement we made it inside. Once Tippy heard his previous owners voice, he ran toward him and jumped up licking him. Tippy’s previous owner was a very tall man, with a long black coat on. He was covered in dog hair, but the smile on his face was priceless. After some time and tears, the man said his goodbyes to Tippy, and handed me some money instructing it to be used for obedience lessons. He wanted Tippy to be the best dog he could be for our son. Of course I refused this money, but the man insisted.
    Today, eleven years later, TIppy is now 12 1/2 years old (87.5 doggy years). Tippy continues to love watching television, sleeping with our children, and loves going for walks with our son. Tippy plays wonderful with the other pets we have adopted, and offers us unconditional love each day. We are so blessed to have Tippy in our family.

  32. TK says:

    I fostered an orphaned kitten for the local humane society but later adopted her without hesitation because we had bonded to each other. She is my first cat, but not my first rescued animal.

  33. Dorinda Hamilton says:

    The youngest and furriest member of our family is our cat, Scrabble. We live out in the middle of nowhere, but yet his mother, a stray, found us. We took her in and didn’t know she was pregnant. A month later, we ended up with a littler of kittens under the bed. Mommy decided that she was no longer needed and hit the road again leaving us to raise the bunch. We found new parents for all but one. Can anyone guess how he got is name? His favorite activity is waiting until we have letters on the board, than jumping up and knocking them all off. We love our cat!

  34. Michele says:

    Fifteen years ago I walked by a pet store in the mall. Someone had dropped off a litter of unwanted kittens. One male had a deformed tail and was not wanted even though he was so loving. They gave him to me to be rid of him. Jeb is still with us and has grown up right alongside our son, Our little female, Smokey Girl, was a stray rescued by a family friend. She was hanging around his home and in need of loving care. He took her to the vet’s for care but could not keep another cat. We took her in. She is loving and curious and has given us hours of fun watching her play. Jeb and Smokey are both a big part of our family.

  35. cindy says:

    Twelve years ago our daughter wanted a dog. Being it was November, winter almost here,a new baby, I wasreluctant because I would be taking care of it most likely. Now it was my daughter third birthday and there had been an ad in our paperfor anyone wanting a terrier mix. I saw it in the paper for weeks. So we thought on her birthday we would go “take a look” at her. Well it as at a vets office who was the drop off point for unwanted animals. We had to go in the back room, which was set up like a living room…couch and all. I sat on the couch with my newborn and my husband and the birthdy girl stood there waiting to see the dog. The door suddenly opened and this six month old black dogcame running in. She came directly over to me, jumped on the couc and put her head on my lap next to the baby. OK…sold. So cute. I told them we would take her over the weekend, but if she once snapped at the baby, she was coming back. Well Scooby is now 12 years old, the best dog anyone could ever have. We can’t imagine our lives without her. Three years ago we were told she had leukemia, we thought we would lose her. She defie that. After we adopted her, we were told someone dropped her and her broth and sister off on the side of the road in a bag. The other two were adopted immediately. She wasn’t because she didn’t look like a true terrier. Well. love is blind and we love her to pieces. They also told us she was there for too long and if we hadn’t taken her, they oul have put her down. Breaks my heart. I think she knows we saved her because she is such a great animal!

  36. Tammy Allen says:

    In 2006, my mother was diagnosised with acute myloid luekemia. Because my mother lived so far away I moved her in with me so I could care for her medical needs. I felt bad leaving her everyday to go to work and she loved dogs so my husband and I signed up to adopt a dog at the mohawk hudson humane society. I went down every Saturday to look for the right dog and after one month, sparky came into our life. Sparky was a two year old white and tan peekingnese. Right away he became a great comfort to my mother. My mother passed away toward the end of the year and sparky was with her to the very end. Today sparky is nine years old and is spoiled rotton. I give him whatever he wants because I will never be able to give him what he has done for me.

  37. Amanda says:

    Our dog Jodie is a rescue from the Mohawk Hudson River humane society she was almost a year old when we got her she had never lived in a home she had traveled the shelter system from South Carolina I menands. Since joining our home with several others from the same shelter she has been an amazing dog. She was quick to learn to love the couch and belly rubs. If you should stop rubbing her belly for any reason she will give you a reminder tap. But just about a year after getting her she helped to stop our home from being robbed. Someone tried to enter the house from a bedroom window but was apparently met by our 2 60lb dogs. I don’t know what would have happened if Jodie and spot had not been there. Thankfully whoever it was left and did not take a thing.

  38. Kelly Mueller says:

    We got our Cavalier at a shelter. I had to bring my kids to meet him then my other dog to make sure he was compatible with everyone. When I brought my kids he was a happy little guy. Constantly wagging his tail. Then I left and had to bring back my other dog. I waited outside as they brought him out and I swear he remembered me and knew I was going to be his mommy. He was sooooo excited as was I but I refrained from jumping and barking. I brought him home after her was neutered. On the very first day he let my daughter who was 2 at the time take a bone from him willingly and wagged his tail at her the whole time! It took us a year and a half to realize he was deaf. But now that we know and we can communicate via hand signals or flashing the lights to get his attention we cannot imagine our lives without him. We lost our first dog on St Patricks day and I am considering getting a friend for Bugsy! We love him so!

  39. Kristi Bunton says:

    We lost our beloved dog Max who was 13 1/2. The thought of getting another dog was just too much for me. My husband and I were driving around and heard about an organiziation called Helping Hounds. They rescue animals from kill shelters. We were interested in a certain dog, but looked in another cage and saw big chocolate eyes. We said – who is this? We were told – this is Gage – he’s very sad today because his companion was adopted this morning. We took Gage out for a walk and he hopped up and looked me straight in the eyes – the same eyes as our sweet Max. I said – this is our dog. Two years later – Gage has been a blessing to our family and I am so thankful that Max was looking out for us the day that we met him.

  40. butterfly29053 says:

    I had been volunteering at my local humane society for almost a year and was doing so well with not falling in love with a cat. I was helping out in the sick room and one day I go in sit on the floor to meet all the new kitties and this cat comes up puts his paws on my shoulder and hugs me. I thought it was very odd. Everyday after that it was the same way. One day he even tried to climb on my head… He wasn’t a small boy. I was feeling quite sad because I knew soon he would be moved out to the adoption floor and I’d never see him again. I already had three cats at home so adopting him wasn’t an option. The day he was moved out to the adoption floor I was devastated. He remained out there for a few days and I visited him when I got there and before I left. Needless to say I ended up adopting this sweet boy. It was breaking my heart to leave him with the fear that he wouldn’t be there the next day. Now I have a 14 pound cat who likes to try and sleep on my head at night or he’s stealing my pillow. His name is Mel and he has become such a mommy’s boy. I love him dearly.

  41. Cheryl Perez says:

    My son brought my Daisy cat home after he found her by the side of the road..her mother and the rest of the litter had been hit by a car. She was only about 3 weeks old. After taking her to the Vet, I took a week off from work, and fed her, kept her in my robe pocket to keep her warm..and today she is 17 years old and still a joy!! She doesnt fit in my pocket any more..but she still snuggles! By the way, she was the first pet I ever had!!

  42. Heather Moye says:

    Tia and Hermione are sisters, both 4 years old. I got them from the same litter, and they are my Therapeutic companion animals. They are both sweet and loving, but Tia is truly the best cat I have ever owned. We are so close. She sleeps with or near me whenever she gets the chance and comes to comfort me when I cry. I can’t imagine life without my furbabies!

  43. Casey C says:

    I wanted to adopt a cat so I talked our landlord into letting us get one. We went to the humane society and found two identical gray, scared kittens cuddled together in the corner of their cage. I knew I could only get one but we didn’t have the heart to separate them. Needless to say, we went in for one but left with two! Four years later, Jack and Rylee are still inseparable and they are very spoiled and loved cats!
    About a year after adopting them, my boyfriend was working in an apartment complex during the winter months. He heard a lady complaining about a strange noise in her car. He popped the hood and found a scared and hungry kitten trying to stay warm by the heat from the engine. He brought her home because no one else would and he couldn’t leave her outside in the cold. It was late so all the shelters were closed so we agreed we would take her there the next morning. We already had two cats and three would be too many. Well it took us one night to fall in love, and instead of the shelter we took her to the vet and got her all cleaned up. Three years later, Roxy is our lazy, happy and very loved cat!

  44. Sue H says:

    12 years ago I adopted my lab mix dog from the Mohawk Humane Society and fell in love with her at first sight she was found on the streets by them and I was happy to adopt her for me and my children. My husband at the time didn’t actually want a dog but even began to love her as must as we all did. She has the sweetest disposition ever and is still happy and healthy today. I can actually say she has been the best dog I ever had.

  45. Elizabeth Polimeni says:

    Not this kitty, but the last one: My mother came in & asked for help because she thought she heard a cat stuck in the trash can. We went out and Samson was in the big can with several other kitties (who unfortunately had not survived). He was barely big enough to fit in my hand, was covered in fleas, and was hissing/spitting at us. Mom decided he needed a mighty name to match his personality (he had 2 grown women backing away!), hence “Samson”. I brought him to the vet and he was estimated at about 4 weeks old based on the fact that his eye color had not changed from the beautiful perriwinkle blue to what would become his true eye color. He was treated, given protein gel and scheduled to return for a check-up the following week. When I brought him in the vet informed me that she hadn’t expected him to last the night. He was with me 19-1/2 years and his picture still has a place of prominence on my work desk.
    Now I have Leo, part barn-cat, part unknown, all sweet. He’s a sociable cat and brings great joy.

  46. Joanne Robert says:

    Our cat adopted us! She was a stray and was walking around the parking lot at my son’s school. When I was walking in to pick him up I noticed him on the side. I tried to pet him and he ran away. I went and got my sons for the school. I opened the side door of the mini-van and my two sons were followed inside the van by the cat. The kids were thrilled. We took the cat home, called the SPCA to see if he was reported missing (he wasn’t) and placed in ad in the local paper. No one called to claim him and six years later he is happy in his adopted home. I don’t think he could have picked a better home!

  47. Nicole M. says:

    I knew some people who had a feral cat “problem” at their barn. One male cat was dropped off near their home a few years ago and the family continued to grow. Over the years they tried to find nice homes for all the kitties and spay as many as possible. They would feed the cats and give them a warm place to live. After going to their home a few times for birthday parties and seeing these beautiful loving kittens and cats my heart just melted more each time I was there. I was instantly attached to one fluffy calico kitten. Her eyes just screamed “take me home!” I didn’t right away. I waited about a month longer. Some of the cats were brought to a pet store but they wouldn’t accept her because she had a cold. I was going through a rough time in my life and I knew I really needed a friend to keep me company. I wasn’t sure if I could afford all of the responsibilities that came with a new kitten at the time. But, my mother and sister agreed to help me get started. I knew we were meant to be together. It has now been almost a year since she has come home with me and neither of us could be happier! I don’t have any human children but she is most definitely my fur kid!

  48. Renee hawker says:

    We adopted our border collie Oreo from CNY SPCA 9 years ago. We can not brag enough about how lucky we are to have him. He is currently busy helping with a second military deployment. He is protecting our home and supporting me missing my husband for the past 10 months by tolerating me hug him when I am feeling a little sad. (Which is often). He misses his dad too but waits patiently for his return.

  49. Sarah Retersdorf says:

    In the past year I have actually rescued 3 amazing pets! I purchased my first house and I have always wanted a cat. Fate brought me Motor Oil. Motor Oil was a stray cat that was brought to the James Brennan Anmial Shelter right before Christmas coverd in motor oil. I adopted him in February and named him Charlie. Two months later after my dog passed away I found that Charlie was lonely so I went back to the same shelter and adopt Cleo, a stray that was brought in with her kittens. Her kittens all got adopted and she was left. When I was trying to choose from all of the cats available she actually reached out of her cage to get my attention so I would pick her up and then she would not let me put her down. She actually refused to go back in her cage. So she really picked me. Finally at the end of May I was ready to add a dog back into my life. Through Adopt-A-Lab I rescued a one year old lab mix that was in a shelter because his family lost their home. He is an amazing dog that has a future as a therapy dog. Hopefully he will pass his test by the spring!

  50. Alicia says:

    My niece is very involved in shelter across the country. She posted a picture of my puppy on her facebook page and it appeared to me she was smiling. I begged her to get the puppy for me. My puppy was rescued from a drainage ditch along with her mom and other siblings in SC. The staff from this shelter was kind enough to transport my puppy from there all the way to upstate New York. Since then she has been the joy of my life..
    a few seconds ago

  51. Deb Kearney says:

    I lost my boy Rocky (a 14 year old Boston terrier) in May. I was told that a member of my church would cover the cost of adoption from the Heart of the Catskills when I was ready, but I didn’t think I’d want to commit to another for a long time. By July I really missed the companionship so my daughter and I went to the Heart of the Catskills Humane Society in Delhi looking for something young, energetic, and as small as possible. We visited with a little yellow dog named Goldilocks (Goldie) and my daughter really liked her, but she didn’t like cats, and we have 2 in our family. In the meantime, my daughter asked about a couple of the Beagle & Basset mixes we saw that were in an outdoor room, mostly lounging about, and each one she asked about was on hold for adoption. Oh well. After a couple of days, I got home from work to hear a message that one of the dogs she’d asked about had come available! I called and they told me that he was a Beagle mix about 11 yrs old (Oh, no – I don’t want another geriatric!) and was a really sweet fellow; do I want to come have a visit? So off we went to meet Dillon. He seemed happy to be out and walking, and even kissed my daughter first chance he got. *sigh* She had to have him. I asked about his former life and I was told that he lost his guardian when the guardian had to go into a nursing home. Dillon had been put in a kennel for 6 mos. because they thought the nursing home was to be temporary. When it became clear that he (or she) would not be returning home, Dillon was sent to the Shelter. I just could not stand the thought of this poor dog losing his home without even knowing why so I just had to have him. When I brought him home he immediately went into my daughters room, jumped on her bed and rolled himself all over it crying the entire time as if to say “I’m in a house! I’m in a home! It’s warm and soft! I’m so happy!”. The whole scene almost made me cry. We’ve renamed him Marley, for reasons, which he does not seem to mind. Marley is home and although I’ve sensed that he mourned his former guardian, he seems to be very happy with us and fits right in! So much so that when I walk him, Scribbles, one of the cats, often walks with us or greets him nose to nose as we return. Marley completes our family! If you’re not into running and frisbee and housebreaking, and leash training, an older dog is perfect!!! Opt to adopt a senior dog!

  52. tammi says:

    We adopted our cat Putty from Adirondack Save a Stray several years ago. She was part of a litter that was found along side the northway north of Lake George. As a child, I was never allowed to have a pet due to family members with allergies so once I moved out on my own and got married, I REALLY wanted to have a pet of my own. When I got home from work one day, my husband said come get in the car and lets go. I had no idea where we were headed and when we arrived I was SHOCKED. He surprised me by setting everything up, so all I needed to do was go in and pick out the one I wanted from the litter. It was such a caring thing for him to do, having me adopt a pet like I always wanted and to find one from a litter that needed love from the start! She is the best little kitty around!!!!

  53. barb says:

    We have 2 dogs adopted(now loved) from pet rescues, a parakeet found outside but never reclaimed by an owner and a stray cat; which had been cared for by a beloved neighbor for the past 3 years. When my elderly neighbor had to sell her house to move to assisted living she made a deal with the new home owners to drop the price of her house if they would continue caring for her stray feral cat. My neighbor tenderly had cared for that stray, capturing it once to have it spayed and vaccinated. She had provided outdoor shelter and daily food and it broke her heart to leave the cat. She was thrilled the new homeowners agreed to the deal. Sadly after the moves, the new neighbors discarded all the cat care items and did not care for the stray. When we noticed what was happening the love for our former neighbor prompted us to start caring for this forever feral stray cat. Although there most likely will never be any physical interaction with this cat, the love our former neighbor had for this stray animal will keep us caring for her feline friend. A new shelter has been provided and the meals keep on coming.

  54. Marilyn Fuller says:

    Our story starts about 8 years ago. We adopted a black lab for the Hudson-Mohawk Humane Society. He was a great dog. His name was Rocky. We only had him for about six months when we noticed he wasn’t acting right. We took him to Hudson-Mohawk Humane Society and they told us he had stomach cancer. There was nothing they could do but euthinize him (2 weeks before christmas). The humane society told us we could adopt another dog within the next six months and they wouldn’t charge us anything. In January we were looking online at their website. We saw Tasha and fell in love with her immediately. My husband went down on a monday and told them we wanted her. We had to wait a couple days before we could take her because she was so dirty and filthy and her hair was matted and a mess. We had Tasha for about 7 years. We just had to put her down this past June. She was very old and very sick. So if you pick us as the winner, I would donate the dog food back to the Hudson-Mohawk Humane Society. If we get another dog it will be from an animal shelter.

  55. Beth VanSchaick says:

    I honestly feel all my cats have picked me out; but what brought my most recent addition into my home/family was the connection between her & my boyfriend. I was a volunter, at APF; and my ‘perk’ was I could take 15 minutes of each shift to go love an animal. I would always pick out an older cat, as they are less likely to get adopted. Kitara was a tuxedo Siamese, that was estimated to be 6 years old. My first encounter with her, I was confident she would be adopted: she was so affectionate! But 2 1/2 months later, she was still there!
    Every week, I would tell my boyfriend,”I just can’t believe no one has taken her home, yet!”. After he had heard this 7 times, he asked me “You want to bring her home, don’t you?” I thought it was a hypothetical question. “Of course I do!,” never planningo on having a second cat. But when he said “okay”, I was taking him down there to meet her!
    My 10 year old cat, Petey (who was also from APF) had taken ~months~ to adjust to my boyfriend; so I didn’t want another one that wouldn’t accept him. When we went into the ‘get acquainted room’, Ashley handed Kitara over to me, She got on the bench, between my boyfrined & myself, and ever-so-slowly inched closer to him. Then she lay beside him and put her little paws up on his thigh and looked up at him (I still swear she, at this point, batted her eyelashes at him!). He was SOLD!
    She has been with me for over 5 years, now. She never seemed to respond to ‘Kitara’; so she and I decided ‘Katey’ was a better name for her. My boyfreined calls her “his little girl”; and she waits for him to come; and runs up to him for snuggles : )

  56. A few years my Husband found a little tiny kitten laying next to her Mommy kitten who was dead. The tiny kitten did not want to leave her mommy. My husband called me and I told him to bring the kitten home. As to my surprise this kitten was so tiny and starving. I bottle fed her until she was ready for kitten food. We took her to the Vet and she hd a clean bill of health. My intentions were to get her fixed and find someone to adopt her. We got her fixed and fell in love with her. Her name is baby and she is a healthy cat now!

  57. Mary says:

    Last spring, I was outside in a friend’s backyard when her dogs started barking around their garage. The door was cracked open, so I opened it all the way and brought one of the dogs in there with me thinking she could scare out whatever animal had tried to hide in there (thinking it was a sqirrel or skunk). She went straight to a box in the back, and when I went over I found a single baby kitten crying and meowing. It seemed like the mom had abandoned her litter, so I brought her inside and went out and bought her kitten formula to feed her out of a bottle (she couldn’t have been more than 2 weeks old because her eyes were barely opened). From then on, I took care of her like she was my baby, coming home every few hours to bottle feed her and then eventually weaning her off formula for good.
    She’s about 5 months old now and is healthier than we could have ever hoped! We named her Kitty and she has brought a lot of love and joy back into our home!

  58. Stephanie says:

    About 4 1/2 years ago, we heard meowing outside of our window. We did some inspecting and found a beautiful cat! However, having neighbors, we weren’t sure if she belonged to them, so we put some food out and decided to give it another day or two before taking her inside. The next day, she was still there, meowing away! She turned to her side and we could see the outline of her ribs! That was it for us! We spent most of the day trying to get her to come to us, and after some canned food was displayed to her, she finally got close enough to let us pick her up and bring her inside. We posted something in the paper and put flyers around the area, but no one claimed her We took her to the vet and she ended up being pregnant! We set her up in my room and we gave her lots of food and love. We saw her belly get bigger and bigger, and a month later, she had 6 beautiful kittens! She had become so attached to me that she wanted me to sit right in front of her while she gave birth (and followed me if I took even a step or two away!)! Toward the end, she became very tired, and by the time she had her 6th kitten, she was too tired to clean her. This poor kitten couldn’t breathe, so we gave her mouth to mouth and rushed the whole family to the closest vet so they could help us clear out her mouth and throat. She ended up okay! We had originally planned on finding homes for most of them, but we grew so attached to them over the 8 weeks, that we just couldn’t. They slept with me at night (one of which curled up on my neck/shoulder) and were so close with each other, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to separate this adorable kitty family. We still have the whole family, and the babies just turned 4 years old in June! They are all still very close too, and even expect their momma to clean them sometimes! This happening really opened up my eyes to how many cats are homeless out there, and inspired me to start an animal rescue of my own. We have rescued over 250 animals in the last year and a half!

  59. Jennifer says:

    Over the last 15 years, I have and had 5 boys, all from rescues, shelters or “friends” of friends who were going to drop them off at shelters and were told about me and my husband. My first dog, Joshua, was when I got my first apartment and my husband ( at the time my boyfriend) went out on his day off and went to an adoption at the pet store by Albany Univeristy. Joshua was 6 weeks old and he was my “baby” if a 125 lb German Sheppard can be considered a “baby”. About 6 months after we received a call from the adoption agency that his brother, Elmo, had been returned to them. We immediately said yes and my husband went and got Elmo. At this point we had moved in together and just gotten married, so we decided that we had to buy a house, since they would need a yard to play in. ( Elmo passed away after 11 terrific years and Joshua after 14 years with us). My husband swore that Joshua and I shared the same brain. About 8 years ago, on my birthday we adopted Samson from Mohawk Hudson and he was just wonderful. He got along great with Joshua and Elmo.He was full of personality and just recently passed away next to my bed on Sept 10th, 2012. We loved him for 8 wonderful years( we were told he was about 2years old when we adopted him). About 6 months after getting Samson, we got word from a friend that an abused Sheppard was rescued by her friend but that he did not get along with her dog. We went and got him and he is a fantastic dog and got along with Joshua, Elmo and Samson with no problems at all. His name is Toby. So at one time for many years we had 4 very large dogs, we 3 sheppards and Sam was a rottie/shep mix. About a year and have ago in May 2011, we again heard from a different friend that he would have to give away his dog and on my anniversary my husband came home with Riley. We are not sure what he is but at 55lbs he is the smallest dog we have ever owned, He never got to meet Joshua or Elmo but he was very attached to Sam and now without him, Riley is very lost. Toby is not big on playing with him as that was Sam’s “job”. So five wonderful rescues/adoptions and I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with them. They have added so much to our lives. Toby and RIley are sad but doing better each day. I just wanted to share my story. If we got randomly choosen, the money would be donated to an animal shelter.
    Thank you to all the wonderful pet parents out there!!!!

  60. Lisa Nichols says:

    Lisa Nichols For 20 years my daughter has asked for a dog, the answer was always no..we have a cat or your never home. Then last April while we were at the mall we saw they had a pet adoption clinic and my daughter dragged me over to see the puppies. As we walked up a great big black lab walked up and just leaned on my about 7 years old and had lyme disease. They said he would probably not get adopted. He just kept leaning against my leg. Such a good loving dog needed a good home so we quick ran around to buy doggie supplies and brought home our new family member.

  61. Sue Schwartz says:

    About 13 years ago my roommate was sitting home watching Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo and the pet that night was a calico named Sammy. We drove up to the Saratoga County Shelter the next day and adopted her. She was pregnant, unbeknown to us, and had five kittens which we kept because they all had health issues. Her name is now Cheppy. She has been the most lovable female cat we have ever had. We still have Cheppy and three of her “kittens” they have been awesome pets for all these years. Rescue is the best breed of any cats and dogs 🙂 I think Cheppy rescued us!

  62. Becky Stern says:

    I foster kittens that don’t have mothers. On the way to my daughters doctor appointment, I received a call from a rescue asking me if I could foster two kittens that had just been born. Later that evening I ended up with 4 baby kittens that were only about 4 hours old. The mother had 5 kittens, but one died before I could take it. She had them in someones driveway and left them there, she didn’t even clean them. I lost one kitten 3 days later, but the other three lived. I had to feed them every 2 hours for almost three weeks. I found a home for one orange boy, but the other orange boy had a eye infection and could not go up for adoption. By the time his eyes were clear enough for him and his sister to go to Pet Smart, I couldn’t part with them. They were both almost 6 months old and a huge part of our family. I named them Ally and Elijah. I call Elijah, Babies, because he is a big baby. He brings me toys every night while I sleep, like he is saying ” Thanks mom “. When he “talks” sometimes it even sounds like he is saying “I love you” he is a very special part of my life and so is his sister. They both love the foster kittens we take care of. Ally and Elijah will give them a bath and play with them. I just amazes me that even though they never had a cat mom, they both know what to do ♥

  63. Deanna says:

    We got our dog, Farley, on a whim. We were pet-free for about two years and didn’t really have any plans on replacing our three Yorkies who had lived long lives. But one day, I saw a Yorkie from the APF in Glenville on the noon news. My husband, who was in his third month of unemployment at the time, was home. I was at work and told him to call the APF to ask about the dog. He called, but the dog was already adopted (it was only about 10 minutes after the segment aired). He said it was for the better since we really couldn’t afford a dog at that point. On my way home from work, I stopped in at the APF just for the heck of it. The woman at the desk told me about how quickly the featured Yorkie was adopted. (She even said a fight almost broke out in the lobby over the dog!) She said there was another Yorkie available. I went in the back and saw this scared, ratty-looking dog nervously watching me. The woman asked if I would like to spend some time with “Sammy.” It only took a minute for him to become completely attached to me and that melted my heart. I called my husband and told him to get our daughter off the bus and to grab our checkbook. He protested, but once my husband saw him, I knew the dog would be going home with us. That is how Farley Samuel got his forever home. By the way, one month later, my husband got a job!

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