KCC Mission Style Burritos

Mission Style Burritos by Jodie Fitz

1 Rotisserie cooked chicken

1 – 15 oz. can of refried beans, traditional or black bean

½ cup PICS sour cream

2 tablespoons taco sauce

Fresh salsa

2 pounds PICS frozen corn

1 green bell pepper

1 lime

Fresh cilantro


PICS shredded Mexican cheese blend

Tortilla wraps, large

PICS butter





Remove the chicken from the bones and cut the chicken into small pieces.

Remove the refried beans from the can and place them in a bowl.

Stir the sour cream and taco sauce together.  Keep it refrigerated until you are ready to build your burritos.

Prep the salsa by either opening a container or making it (see below).

Cook the corn and drain it. 

Wash the green bell pepper, remove the seeds and dice it.  

Chop a ½ cup of fresh cilantro.

Stir the corn, bell pepper and chopped cilantro together.  Cut the lime in half and squeeze the fresh juice onto the corn mixture and stir it together.

Remove the skin and seed from the avocado and cut it into slices.

Steam the tortilla wraps by placing one on a plate, placing a damp paper towel over the top and put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

Add the ingredients to the center of your tortilla; refried beans, fresh salsa, the corn mixture, the chicken, the cheese and fresh avocado.

Fold the tortilla burrito style by folding in the sides and rolling it up.

Melt a little butter in a skillet style pan; just enough to coat it.  Toast the burritos on either side like you would a grilled cheese.

Rotisserie Chicken:  You can find this in the prepared food area at your Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets.

Salsa:  You can find fresh salsa in the produce aisle at your Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets.  Or, you can make your own.

Simply place 1 pint of grape tomatoes with ½ cup of finely diced sweet onion into a mini food chopper or food processor and chop the ingredients.  Add in 1 green bell pepper that’s been rinsed, seeded and diced along with 1 clove of peeled garlic and chop them together with the tomatoes and onions.  Add in a ½ cup of fresh cilantro and 1 tablespoon of PICS balsamic vinegar.  Chop again and serve.

Extra Corn:  Simply serve it on the side or add it to the top of a salad if you have extra.

Spanish Rice:  Spanish rice is a great side dish and can be added into the tortilla as part of your burrito or served on the side.

The Plastic Knife:  If you have younger children, they can help to cut many of the ingredients in the recipes to help strengthen this motor skill.  For example, cut the bell pepper into strips and let them cut it into small pieces.  Or, remove the avocado from the skin, let the children cut it into strips.

Cooking with Kids: Every recipe is filled with life skills that help to encourage children’s confidence in the kitchen.  Here are a few to focus on when making this recipe;

  • Measuring ingredients
  • Stirring
  • Cutting skills
  • Knife Skills
  • Dicing
  • Avocado prep
  • Burrito folding
  • Stove top safety
  • Following directions

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