Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs September 17, 2017


                The lazy hazy days of summer are coming to a close.  Life’s about to get hectic again, but some things can remain uncomplicated.  Like quenching your thirst. Pact Cranberry Infused Water from Ocean Spray is a simple (and tasty) way to stay PACthydrated this fall. Forget plain old water. Pact Water contains less than 1 gram of sugar per 16 oz. bottle and is infused with proanthocyanidins, or PACS, the powerful elements found in cranberries that cleanse and purify the body. Just toss a bottle in your bag and sip it post yoga class, on your way to the Farmer’s Market or between meetings.  How easy is that? Find Pact Cranberry Infused Water in the Water aisle.  

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