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Venice pasta sauceWritten by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs – January 31, 2016


The Best of Binghamton, New York since 1946! Their House-Made Pasta Sauce is a “family heirloom.”  So closely guarded, in fact, the recipe is known to only three people.  Thick, smooth and sweet, this sauce is served daily at their legendary Little Venice Restaurant in Binghamton, New York and shipped to their fans all over the country. After years of testing, they were proud to bottle their sauce.   They insisted that no short cuts were taken in bringing their sauce to stores.  The sauce is made using the same family recipe.  They insisted that they would use uncompromised high quality ingredients and NO additives or preservatives – making their jarred sauce as authentic as possible. Little Venice Restaurant invites you to experience the pasta sauce that has been loved for generations at their restaurant.  Look for Little Venice Pasta Sauce in the Pasta Sauce aisle.  


Hunger happens anywhere.  Now you can satisfy the craving on-the-go with grand new Skippy Bites! skippy bitesSkippy Bites are a portable, pop-able, shareable protein snack made with real Skippy peanut butter.  They’ve brought the Skippy peanut butter that you love out of the jar and into a bite size form. Skippy Bites feature a crunchy center core with a soft peanut butter coating.  The product is available in two varieties:  Pretzel and Double Peanut Butter.  Each serving contains 5 grams of protein. Skippy Bites embodies the trend of snacking on the go – and celebrates the protein in peanut butter. Go ahead… Have a BITE! Look for Skippy Bites in the Peanut Butter aisle and front end racks near checkout.  

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