Mealtime is Better Together 12/1

December picks up the pace for many – family and friend gatherings galore, shopping and shipping you swore you would do earlier this year, school shows and tree lighting and so much more! Wishing you could take something off your (to-do) list? If you are feeling the pinch of budget and crunch of less time, our family meal and snack ideas may be your first gift of the season!

We will keep you moving and get you to the table to share some high quality together time with everyone at your table. Holiday time is a fun time to share meals and hear about adventures of the day, explore the meaning of the season, consider what you are grateful for and how to share those thoughts with friends and family. The time you spend together is really the most precious gift of all, and what has the most lasting impact, especially on children and teens. These meal makers, like classic warm-you-up Pasta Fagioli soup with Italian Sausage , or the Chef’s Menu Stir Fry meals like Korean BBQ from our Meat Department are fast, fresh options. Find more Meal Makers and time savers that keep you close to the most important people in your life on our Family Meals page!

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