Let’s Make Spooky Flowers!

Haleigh Eustis

Floral Intern

Happy Halloween! Considered one of the spookiest holidays of the year, it is understandable that one would want matching décor to go along with the theme. That being said, there is no such thing as a pure black flower to match the Halloween aesthetic to a spooky bouquet . . . until now! Lucky for you, there is a simple (and easy) way to achieve a pure black flower for the Halloween season. 

This Halloween, we are changing it up and dying flowers. I know what you’re thinking; how can you dye flowers? Well, it’s much easier than you think! 

What you need: 

  1. White flowers (They don’t have to be just roses, they can range from daisies, lilies, roses, baby’s breath, tulips and more.)  
  2. Water 
  3. A knife 
  4. Food dye (Both gel and drops are fine, just make sure you warm your water to melt the drops.)  
  5. A cup

Let’s Get Started:  

Step One: Take your flower of choice and clean the stem of all leaves. Other than the stem, we want no greenery on the actual flower itself.

Step Two: Once you have cleaned off your flower stem, make an “X” symbol at the bottom of the flower with a knife (be careful). This will encourage a better flow of water to the stem and petals itself.  

Step Three: Now, this is where the craft could become messy! Once you have decided on a black food coloring, place 7-8 drops of dye into your water. I prefer room temp to slightly warm water, but it’s up to you!  

Step Four: Once your water is dark in color, place your rose(s) in the water and let them soak for—at least—24 hours. After they have soaked your white flowers should be a dark shade of gray to black!  

TIP: Make sure you leave your flowers in the water even after they’ve soaked.

There you have it! A super simple way to create a beautiful and spooky bouquet for the Halloween season. Don’t want black flowers? No problem, you can choose practically any color to dye your flowers with. Follow the same steps for an array of unique flowers that are sure to catch anyone’s eye! 


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