Does your child love American Girl?

Price Chopper and Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) are giving away 2 American girl dolls (one for you and one for a BFF) and 4 tickets to the Emma Willard American Girl Night at SPAC on July 12th, 2011!  Two American Girl Dolls of your choice will be directly ordered from

The Emma Willard American Girl Night will feature:
  • Music
  • American Girl crafts
  • Pink lemonade and sugar cookies
  • Classic photo booths
  • American Girl Doll giveaways!
This year, you’ll get to meet the newest doll-Kanani from Hawaii! Here’s how to enter to win: For a valid entry you must post to BOTH our blog and corresponding Facebook post. Tell us why your child wants to attend American Girl Night at SPAC with a friend or sibling in your child’s words! The winner will be announced on Thursday, July 7th, 2011. For official rules click the link below.

The Emma Willard American Girl Night is a pre-party for the NYC ballet show. After you attend American Girl night you will see the Martins/Robbins ballet. The show will feature:

  • Cirus Polka: A dance with 48 students from the School of American Ballet
  • Dances at a Gathering: Choreography to the music of Chopin
  • Thou Swell: Four elegant ladies and their partners dance the night away
Price Chopper and SPAC American Girl Night Contest Official Rules Good luck!

63 responses to “Does your child love American Girl?”

  1. Colleen Gidley says:

    My 5 year old daughter said “I want to go because I don’t have an American girl doll and I really want one!”

  2. Heidi g says:

    I would like to go so we could get all dressed up and dance the night away together with our dolls:)

  3. Kelly Quinn says:

    My daughter wants to attend the American Girls Night at Spac because she said “I want to take my little sister to the American Girls Night as my best friend. We do everything together just like we do with our American Dolls”

  4. Andrea P. says:

    My daughter Cayleigh (9) says “I would love to go to SPAC because I’ve never been to New York City or seen a ballet. It would be so cool. And, I love all things American Girl.”

  5. Debra Cushman says:

    My daughter Ashley’s exact words.. “OMGosh, I would totally freak out if I win!! Me and (blank) would have so much fun, I would bring Zoe (her ag doll)!!!!”

  6. Kelli says:

    My Daughter Ashley says ” I would love to go because my BFF Harmony doesn’t have an American Girl Doll and I would love for her to have one!” Ashley just got her American Girl Doll after years of “practice dolls”!

  7. Lorin Gides says:

    My daughter Bella would “love to attend SPAC’s American Girl Night with my BFF Julia because we are always together and love to hang out and play with our AG dolls. We even have sleepovers and wear our AG matching pj’s. We love to do new things together and SPAC would be TONS of FUN!!!”

  8. Heather says:

    My daughter, Ellie says “I want to go because i don’t have an American girl doll yet, but that’s all I dream about getting for me and jordyn. She is my best friend and we aren’t able to do much together outside of school. We have never been to an American girl event before, but lots of our friends tell us how much fun they are.”

  9. My daughter Marcella said, “I really want to go because I only have one American Girl doll, and I haven’t spent much time with my bff for a little while. So I think it would be good for me and her to get back together for American Girl night. And, I think it sounds awesome! If I win, I will be so excited to go!”

  10. Christine Goss says:

    My daughter Sophia, age 7 says, “I would love to have an American Girl doll! I don’t have one yet, put for every birthday and even Christmas I ask my mommy and daddy for one. I am a really good friend and would love to have an American Girl doll for me and for my BFF since she is moving to England for 2 years in August, cause of her dad’s job. This would be a great way for us to play together before she leaves. I am going to miss her alot but mommy says we can talk on Skype. Hope I win!”

  11. Maria Weeks says:

    My daughter Kelsie says: “ I want to go to American Girl Doll night because my Aunt will take me and my sister. We will sit under the moonlight and relax. I would like to win an American Girl doll for my sister because she doesn’t have one yet and I do.”

  12. Patricia Sickles says:

    My granddaughter sarah loves Her doll Molly they dress a like and they go ever where together.She says she wants to meet other girls who love Molly to.Plus she wants for her friend Emma to go on vacation with her because she doesn’t go any where.

  13. debbie wilson says:

    Debbie Coons Wilson my grandaughter, Natalie, says; “I would love to be the winner because I love AG and all the accessories. They are so much fun to play with and my BF, Jenna, doesnt have an AG doll yet. It would be a great thing if I won because it would get her a doll and we could play together more. I share all my AG stuff with my little sister who loves me to read to her.”

  14. Joan & Jessica Myers says:

    My daughter Jessica said she Really Really Really would Like To Attend And Let Her Best Friend Niara Get A Doll. “She Really Wants A American Girl Doll. She Always Tries Ways To Get Some Money For The Doll But She Can Never Get Enough Money.” I’ve Always Seen Pictures Of Saratoga And A Lot Of My Friends Have Been There. Plus They Have 3 or 4 Dolls That They Always Say Get One Or Brag About Them Which Makes Us Feel Left Out. I Would Really Like To Go To Saratoga, And Celebrate Going There With My Friend And Family. Thank You For Offering Such A Dreamful And Relaxing Thing For Me And My Friend. This Is A One In A Million Offer For Us. We Sometimes Raise Money Making Crafts For Girls With Dolls And Try Again And Again To Raise Enough. This Opportunity is Really Great. Thank You Sooo Much It’s Like Dreaming About Going To DisneyLand And Meeting Mickey, And Minnie As The Two Dolls And Disney Land Is Saratoga. It Would Be TONS Of FUN. I Can’t Wait To Have Sleepovers With My Friend With Our Dolls. Its So Fun To Dream And This Is One. Thank You Again. 😀 P.S. I’m eleven and my friends ten. American Girl Night Sounds Soooooooo Much Fun!!!!! We Have Both Never Been To a Traeiling Event Before But My Friends With Dolls Say You’ve Got To Get A Doll And Come To One. This Is Another Chance that We Could Have. But We Both Know That We Probably Won’t Win. Thanks For Another Chance To As American Girl Say “You Can Shine” Love Jessica And Niara ♥

  15. My daughters are 9 & 4, American Girl Dolls are their absolute favorite! They say, “we absolutely LOVE American Girl Dolls! Both of us have 2, and we do everything together. We bring them everywhere even though mom say they might get dirty. It would be really cool to go to SPAC and watch the ballet show together. Both of us take ballet classes, we dance at home with them constantly! It would be a new adventure for our American Girl Dolls & us! Thank you:)”

  16. marybeth cossart says:

    My daughter says she would LOVE 2 American dolls, she would keep one and give one to a little girl in need. She loves to help others and is always generous. She would also love to see the ballet, as she has never seen one live before.

  17. My daughter Stephenie , is approchaing 11 years old in August , she would love to attend Spac for the American Girl festivities . She says ” It is GREAT to see something for girls and it be something that is kid friendly as well as something positive.” Stephenie would bring a BFF in her words ” Isn’t that what America is about ? Sharing
    Way to go American Girl Doll !

  18. Kim D. says:

    ‎(This IS written by my 7 yr old daughter, Emmalynn)
    Dear Price Chopper,
    I am 7 years old and I have never had an american girl doll. Lots of my friends have them and I think they are so pretty. I love the american girl stories and I would love to have a doll of my own. I just moved into a new neighborhood and one of my best friends did too. It would be so much fun for us to each have a doll to pretend with. She is a really good reader and we could read the stories together, to our dolls. I’ve always wanted an american girl doll and if I win one I would take such good care of her forever. It would be so much fun for me and my friend to win the dolls and take them to them to the girls night. I would love going to that! Thanks for having the contest, I hope I win.
    -Emmalynn, age 7

  19. Dee Tand says:

    My daughter age 5 says ” I really want to go to American girl night because I like to watch ballet and I would love to have an American girl doll to play with’. My mother says: I would love to be able to bring my daughter and a friend in need to the ballet. They would be thrilled and would have an opportunity to go to to the ballet and own a doll that would otherwise not be possible.

  20. bev wismer says:

    My Grand daughter Lia want an American Girl Doll because she IS an American Girl. Also like all the clothes that have one for her and one for an American Girl Doll.

  21. Krysta Brown-Klochaney says:

    My 5 year old daughter, Stella, would love to win the American girl doll because her brother cut the hair off of her doll! She still loves her though and takes good care of her (although she is a little heartbroken). She would love to go to SPAC to see the ballet. It would be her first time at SPAC AND the ballet! She always loves a girls day with mom. She says she would share to extra doll with her best friend.

  22. mandasioux says:

    My daughter, Katie, says “I want to attend because it would be fun for my BFF Brooklyn and I to go together. And our dolls can become BFF’s just like us. We can all wear matching outfits”.

  23. lisette Volz says:

    My 10yr old stated she would LOVE to attend the SPAC’s American Girl Night with her cousin who dosent have an american girl doll but has been wanting one for years. She said she would make sure it was the “Most Specialist Night Ever”
    I hope she gets her chance to attend! 🙂 Good Luck everyone!

  24. Lisa Sundeen says:

    I told my daughter Karlie about how price chopper/SPAC was giving to american girl dolls away, her face lit up and she replied: “DOES THIS MEAN KIT GETS A NEW BFF”?!! I asked her for her words on why she would like to go to the American girl night. “well I have never been to New York before, And if we went to the american girl night Kit would get to see all of her friends. She loves Kit they spend many hours together having a wonderful time.

    • Lisa Sundeen says:

      After much thought Karlie now knows she would bring her friend Paige with her. They will also bring their AG dolls for a night out.
      That should be a interesting car ride. I love listening in on those two.

  25. Mary Ann Tetrault says:

    Mary Ann Tetrault My Granddaughter is a hugh fan of all the American Girl dolls and the Ballet…” She says that winning one for herself and her BFF, Mackenzie, would be a dream come true. These 2 Bff ‘s have been friends since they were in preschool, at the… age of 4. Morgan says that they also took ballet together and going to the Emma Willard Girls Night at SPAC would be just a great as when they went to the NYC American Girl Store.Morgan says that she and her bestfriend are 8 years old and look forward to many years of fun with their new dolls if they are lucky to win one each. And a night at the ballet would be a night to remember. She tells me that her Mom is also a big fan of the ballet and it would really be a terrific girls night out.” Grandma says good luck to both girls and their moms….See More
    12 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

  26. Beth Miller says:

    My Step Daughter is a huge fan of American Girl dolls!!! She does not have any but reads the books and lookes at the magazines and has a huge wish list!!!! She has a BFF that they do everythimg together. They share the same love for American Girl Dolls!!! Alex said she would love to go and take her Bff because her friend has never been to one and it would make her friend so happy and that would make her happy!!!!! I would do anything to make my friends happy cuz I Love my friends!!!

  27. Corney Nicholson says:

    My daughter Sydney said “I would LOVE to go because I don’t have any American Girl dolls, just other dolls, and it would be my most special doll ever!”

  28. Danielle Morris says:

    I would love the chance to attend American Girl Night with my best friend, she doesn’t have an American Girl doll yet but would really love to be able to get one. I think it would be such a nice gift for my friend to be able to attend this event with me and get a doll of her own. I have an American Girl doll and have read some of the American Girl books. I have also visited the store in NYC. I really think this would be an event that my friend and I would never forget, it would be so much fun. ~Myranda Morris~

  29. KORI says:

    Natalie Grace (8yrs old) Says ” I love American Girl Dolls!!!! It has been my dream to go to the American Girl doll headquarters but this event would be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I would love to meet the new doll Kanani. I would bring my sister Ariel (5 years old). It would be like us going to Cinderella’s ball! Please pick us!

  30. My four year old daughter, Kendall says she wants to go because “Chloe could meet her new friend or cousin and we can all play together. We can wear the same dress too!” Chloe is a doll that Santa brought her.

  31. Michele Folejewski says:

    My daughter Sophie says, “I would like to go because I think I will have lots of fun! I also love American Girl things. I would take my BFF Becca. Her mom has cancer and is going through Chemo. I think this would make her happy too.”

  32. angel bryant says:

    My daughter cora would love to attend this american girl night because she has always loved american girl but could never afford them Also she would love to give her little sister one of the dolls cause she loves her and doesnt get to see her very often!

  33. Christine Delisle says:

    My daughter Cassandra said in her own words ” I’ve always wanted an american girl doll that looks like me and I would be very happy to give one to my friend.”

  34. Heather Schiavo says:

    My almost 6-year-old daughter Ella says, “I like to dance with my best friend Cami. I love ballet and we like to copy the ballerinas and dance the way they are dancing. I love ballerinas.”

  35. Christina Sidoti Schramm says:

    my 10 yo said ” I would like to go to American Girl night at SPAC with all the other gorls that ove American girl. I like American Girl because they teach you about history and different cultures. I enjoy to do new things and meet new people. It would be great to meet new girls who enjoy American Girl as much as I do! And best of all share this experience with my best friend.”

  36. “I am ten, and my sister is eight. We both love American Girl!!! I got my first American Girl doll for my eighth birthday, and I earned the money for my second doll. My sister doesn’t have an American Girl doll but she really wants one!! I have read all the American Girl books and I subscribe to American Girl magazine. Now my sister is reading the American Girl books too. I like reading the American Girl stories because it’s fun to learn about different times in history. The night at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center sounds so fun because I have never been to a ballet before and I’ve always wanted to see one. Also I learned about Stravinsky when I was deciding what composer to research for my report on a famous musician. I think music by Stravinsky is weird and funny and I would love to see the Circus Polka dance!”

  37. My daughter Caitlin says:
    I would love to go to this because having more American Girl dolls to play school with would be awesome. I like teaching them math and reading and writing. And my American girl doll would love to see a ballet and get dressed up with me! I would bring my mom too because she likes ballet’s!

  38. My 5 year old, Gaby Rose, says I can type faster than her, so she’s “letting me type” her post for her!
    The first time I saw an American Girl doll, I was looking over my mommy’s shoulder when she was surfing your web site. My mom scrolled her mouse and guess what she found? A doll that looked just like me! Can you believe it? No really, she looked JUST LIKE ME!. Curly hair, brownish hazel eyes, oh and her hair was blonde too. Just like mine! That’s pretty cool. My really good friend loves the dolls too and doesn’t have one either. And you know what’s even greater? My good friend takes dance and cheer classes at the same place I do and our moms were talking about the American Girl Doll night at SPAC and shaking their heads after mentioning something called a “budget”. Whenever anyone mentions that word around me, I know I’d better not ask for a new toy! The “budget” word is why my mom and my friend’s mom shop at Price Chopper. They talk about things called coupons and then high-five each other and yell, “Chopper Shoppers!” I know, it’s kinda silly, but it’s funny too!
    Then my mom looked at the price of the doll. She got kind of a strange expression on her face like she does when she opens the phone bill. See, my big sister is stationed in the UK with the Air Force and my mom misses her a lot. So she calls her. A lot. OK and she’s going to be a grandma for the first time soon, so she calls my big sister lots more.
    Anyways, because my mom hasn’t seen my big sister in more than a year and because the baby is going to come really soon and because of that budget word, we can’t really afford a doll. My mom wants to go see my big sister and the baby and I’d kinda like to see my very first niece too (I love babies!) so I get why we can’t buy an American Girl doll right now. But I’m going to do lots of chores and save up for my very own American Girl doll who looks just like me and tell my friend to do the same. If we can do that, then we can even dress them up just like us when we’re cheering on the Scotia Pirates All-Star team. I’m a “Tiny” and my really good friend is a “Youth” and we can get matching outfits for them.
    Then, I’m going to save up even more money (mommy is really going to be a Chopper Shopper for a long time! That will help!) and get my brand new niece, who I can’t wait to see, her very own American Girl Doll! I’m so excited about being able to share these really special dolls with her and be able to read her all the fun stories from American Girls, too!
    Even if I don’t get an American Girl doll, I’d still think it would be really fun to go to the Emma Willard American Girl Night because I love ballet as much as I do the American Girl Dolls and it would be super-duper-cool to see all sorts of American Girl dolls and get to watch the Martin/Robbins ballet with my friend.
    Thank you Price Chopper and American Girl Doll, and Thank you Mommy for helping me with this.
    Gaby Rose, 5 years old

  39. Kristin Marshall says:

    My name is Avery and I would love to come to the Emma Willard American Girl Night at SPAC with a friend. I take my doll EVERYWHERE with me and I love her so much. Together there’s nothing we can’t do! I have never seen the ballet but I think ballerinas are beautiful and graceful, just like my doll, and it would be wonderful to bring her and a friend to my first ballet. It would be so cool to see all of the other girls there that night with their dolls and learn about how they spend time together. Thank you.

  40. My name is Avery and I would love to come to the Emma Willard American Girl Night at SPAC with a friend. I take my doll EVERYWHERE with me and I love her so much. Together there’s nothing we can’t do! I have never seen the ballet but I think ballerinas are beautiful, just like my doll, and it would be wonderful to bring her and a friend to my first ballet. It would be so cool to see all of the other girls there that night with their dolls and learn about how they spend time together. Thank you.

  41. Barbara Healey says:

    Anna says,” Oh my God! Oh My God! I would love to take my sister Allison to a picnic with our American Girl dolls. Can we do that for my birthday? Could I really get a new doll? Like the new one from Hawaii?” Anna turns 7 on July 7th and this WOULD be a fantastic birthday surprise!

  42. kyla glickman says:

    My daughter Teraysa said “mom, I wanna go please, me you and nat please!!! We ned to have a night with just us please please please!!and I don’t have a doll like that!” We live in a house of 8 with 3 cats and a dog so we don’t get out much haha! I’m sure it would be a great time and a couple lil girls wil be very happy.good luck

  43. My Granddaughter Sapphire, has been saving her money in a jar she keeps in her closet, to buy an American Girl Doll. She has been saving for quite some time now, and would be extremely happy to win this. And she would love to share this offer with her cousin and best friend Ava.

  44. Danielle says:

    My daughter Aidan said “she would love to have an American Girl doll because they help you believe in yourself.” She also said that she would like to give the second American Girl doll to her friend Yume because she doesn’t have one either.

  45. Charlie S says:

    Meghan my 8 yo would love to go to american girl with her sister her BFF. ” I love american girl because each girl is so different and its so cool to be different. It would be nice to see the ballet with all of the other girls who love american girl.”

  46. Kristen Smith says:

    My daugher Ashley-age 6 – says ” They are special dolls and alot of my friends have them” and wants to see a ballet because” you get to see the costumes and I like when they dance.” You would make a little girl with only an older brother have a perfect girl night out with mom.

  47. Krystle Smith says:

    My daughter Zerviah said she would love a american doll and her friend bella really like one too. And because mommy said we could not afford one. We also get to see the ballet, I love the ballet. That would be the best mommy.

  48. My 7 year old granddaughter said she would “Love to see a real ballet and make things” When I asked her who her best friend was she said “My mommy is my best friend.” So, I explained to her that her Mommy would go and she can still invite a friend to watch the ballet and do American Girl Crafts together. She chose Amber a classmate from her new school. She is all excited at the possibility of being chosen for a day at S.P.A.C with so many other girls. As much as she wants to win a real American Girl doll, I think she was happier about the idea of being able to give one away to a special friend.

  49. Barbara Graves says:

    Miss Julia (4 and a half) and Miss Katie ( almost 7 ) are neighbors and best playmates. Miss Julia said, ” I really want to go beacause I never went there ( meaning SPAC) and I want to see the dolls and ballerinas and have fun with Katie, Cooper (Little Brother age 1) and Mommy. Miss Katie said, ” I think it would be fun to see the ballet thingie magiggie with Julia and bring my American Girl doll.”

  50. Amy Vogel Smith says:

    My name is Rachel, I am 8. My BFF is my sister Chloe, she is 10. My mom always tells us how lucky we are to be so close and have each other. Our mom was an only child and never had such a special relationship. I have had a lot of trouble …making friends and being comfortable with other kids because I have a problem with my speech. Chloe has always been there for me. She always plays with me and when she has friends over they always include me, I love hanging out with the “older girls”. Our favorite thing to do is play with our American Girl Dolls. Chloe has been saving for months to buy herself a new doll. I would love to win so she could get that doll and we could spend a fun “girls only” night with our mom.

  51. dezlynn says:

    My daughter Madi says “I would love to go and win a American doll because I’ve always wanted to have one more than anything in the world and would love, love, love, to go to the Emma Willard American Girls night because its for girls and their best friends, which are my sister and my mom.

  52. Beth Douglas says:

    my god daughter does not have an american girl doll but she spends time with the two american girl dolls my older children have here at my house. Rylee told me she would love to have a special friend that she can tell her secrets and dreams to so the dolls her cousins have will not tell her cousins her dreams and secrets.

  53. Debra Matusiak says:

    My daughter loves her American Girl doll and would enjoy the Girls night out to meet new people with her doll. What a fun experience that would be.I just told her about the contest and she said I hope I win mommy so you and I can go together with my dolly Sofia.

  54. azure verdi says:

    My daughter Gia says…”because my doll needs a friend!”

  55. Eg says:

    My daugter Molly-
    American girls are so fun because you can be whatever you want to be. they help me be really creative and i love my baby twins.

  56. Penny Tremain says:

    My daughter, Kailee, loves her American Girl dolls. Her first American Girl doll, Meghan, was a gift from an 18 year old girl on her bus. Last Christmas, she got the 2011 Doll of the Year – Lanie. She loves Lanie’s hair, but says it snarls just like hers! She would love to attend the American Girl event at SPAC and bring her BFF, who is also her cousin, Dakota. They are both 10 years old, and although Dakota doesn’t have a doll of her own, Kailee shares hers with her – and would love her to win one of her own to have. Kanani is their favorite, and Dakota also likes Kit.

  57. My daughter and her BFF Hailee would love to win this American Girls Contest! They LOVE everything American girl they both have 2 full size dolls and 2 minis, clothes and pets. Both girls think everything about the American girls dolls, and what American girl represents is the very type of girl they are both trying to be encouraging all girls to dream big in everything they do, celebrating girls celebrating dreams!

  58. Betsy Timoney says:

    I know that this post is too late for the contest, but my daughter Emily said that this contest was a great idea because the American Girl ballet is happening right after America’s birthday. She wanted to attend the American Girl ballet because her friends are going and they are bringing their dolls and she wanted to be part of it too. She said her BFF is her cousin and she doesn’t have a doll, so it would be great for her to get to see the ballet. So, does the American Girl ballet celebrate America’s birthday with the dolls?

  59. From my 6year old…I love amrican girls dolls because there so kind, so cute, so sharing and loving! And I absaltely love ballet because it’s so fun and you get to twirl on your tiptoes. It feels like your flying in the air! This is why I would love to see the amrican ballet just because ballet and amrican are two of my favorit things!

  60. Heather says:

    My 7 year old says she would love to go because “It would be really cool if I could go to an outside theater for the first time and see ballet. Plus, I don’t have any real American Girl dolls yet but I sure do want one!”

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