A Salute to Your Family!

Spaghetti is a traditional dish that has been uniting families around the dinner table for a long time. There is nothing like good food and good conversation with the ones you love. In this fast-paced world, it’s getting harder and harder to coordinate family dinners around everyone’s busy schedules. But, most people recognize family dinners as a time to bond, even if they tend to get a little chaotic at times. Tell us about your most memorable family dinner. Was it a loud, chaotic family dinner experience? Or maybe you enjoyed an unusually quiet and relaxed dinner with great food and conversation? Post your stories to both this blog and the corresponding Facebook post. We will choose 4 winners who will each receive $50 in Price Chopper gift certificates. Celebrate eating dinner together with the family! Please see official rules below. ALSO, don’t forget to check out our ad this week! We’re featuring a buy one get two deal for delicious Tuttorosso 29 oz tomato sauce or 28 oz canned crushed tomatoes (puree, plum or diced).  The mouth-watering aroma of cooked Tuttoroso tomato products will be sure to make your family flock to the table for dinner. So enjoy a home-cooked meal with your family and Tuttorosso! Price Chopper & Tuttorosso Family Dinner Offical Rules

27 responses to “A Salute to Your Family!”

  1. Meredith Hines says:

    My most memorable family dinner was the first one that I had with my family and my new husband. I was married in May and moved to Vermont with my husband. I didn’t often have the chance to see my family but then my father had a massive heart attack and needed an emergency triple bypass. He was so young only 55 years old. My husband took leave from his job and took me to NY to see him. The first night that my dad came home from the hospital we all had dinner, and my father cried saying he was so thankful to have his whole family around to have dinner and have to the opportunity to live another day.

  2. Melanie Fuller says:

    Best family dinner was at Thanksgiving last year when my sister had surprised all of us with her husband who was stationed in Iraq for 11 months came home early! My sister came through the door and told us that she needed help getting food from her car and when we came through the door there stood our soldier Wally! He wasn’t suppost to be home until just before Christmas. His mother had also joined us for dinner and she had no idea that he was even home. When we had him hidden through a garage door that lead to the dining room, we told her to go and look at all the pies that we had made and when she opened the door there stood her son that she hadn’t seen since he was deployed! The tears of joy that came from everyone at that moment was just the memory that I will never forget! Best Thanksgiving by far!

  3. Jessica says:

    My most memorable family dinner was about 5 or 6 years ago when we had that nasty snowstorm on valentine’s day. My husband and I had plans to go out to eat but had to cancel the reservations because it was so bad out. So on his way home from work he had stopped at Price Chopper and grabbes some roses and beer and the ingredients to make spaghetti. He had to park the car down the street and around the corner at my mother’s house because they hadn’t plowed our street yet. He walked home in the blizzard with everything in his hands. He came home and kissed me and made the spaghetti and lit candles and turned off the lights and put out infant doughter in her high chair next to table and we had a fantastic spaghetti dinner. It wasn’t what we planned but it was great because we were together and our daughter had her first bowl of spaghetti and we got to celebrate with her.

  4. Pamela Petralia says:

    My most memorable dinner was last year when we had a special dinner to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. The dinner included my husband and I along with our two children. We had steak, rice and green beans. To make it “fancy” and extra special for the kids we drank soda and juice from wine glasses, dressed up and lit the room with candles. While we ate my husband and I told the kids about our wedding and then we watched the video of our wedding. It was such a nice way to spend our anniversary- celebrating with family & future we had wanted to build when we got married!

  5. michelle james says:

    When I was a kid, we had spaghetti a lot! My dad makes his own sauce and meatballs. He cooked it in the crock pot all day with the sausage and pepperoni. One night he was carrying the pot to the table and tripped. Sauce and meat everywhere. On the walls and ceiling and in the curtains. 20 plus years later, there are still sauce stains on the ceiling

  6. kelly cromwell says:

    Our most memorable family dinner was one christmas eve we had the whole family over for salad,baked ziti,meatballs ,sausage ,italian bread and cookies and brownies with ice cream for dessert.There were 24 of us.We were all eating in the living room,dining room,and all over the house but we were all together and played games and sat around drinking coffee after.We always have a family get together every christmas now.It gives us a chance to reconnect after a busy year of work.

  7. Joan Myers says:

    My most memorable dinner was just after my mom had passed away and it was the first Thanksgiving without her. My siblings and their families were supposed to come here for dinner but one by one they cancelled and it was just my husband, two kids and myself. My kids were great they got out the best china and set the table. My husband got pheasant and we did the trimmings of potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, homemade rolls and then my kids snuck off and made out a list of things they were thankful for. each child came up with over 50 things and they had me in tears of thankfulness by the end of the dinner (complete with applejuice and orange juice in fancy wine glasses). I was really missing my mom but my kids showed me that I had so much to be thankful for and we had the best Thanksgiving Dinner.

  8. Judith Breslin says:

    One of my ost memoriable dinner moments was a Christmas back in 1999. With my husband still in the Army at that time and we were living in Fort Benning, Georgia. We made it home for the big Christmas celebration. With our luck that seems to follow us when we travel anywhere together at the same time. A horrible snow / ice storm came Christmas week. We are from a very small town, so small that the town has its own water, garbage and yes you guessed it electrical company. With the great ice storm of 99 and very old town and poor eletrical lines. The lights went out in Ruston, Louisiana for atleast a week in town and those outside of town were not so luck they even had a couple of weeks with out lights. Luckly my husbands parents live in town. They were still without lights for aroudn 4 days if I remember right. I remember our Christmas eve night was spent sitting around the gas stove with the oven door open laughing and telling stories for hours to come until we one by one went to sleep. Waking up the next day Christmas morning with no lights still. By now the turkey and everything else in the fridge had to be tossed out since it was not longer cold. Thinking back maybe we should have just put it outside to keep cool enough? Either way Christmas afternoon dinner was not spent at home with a table of way to much food that a family could and really should never eat that much food in one sitting. It was spent about 15 miles away at truck stop which had electricity by now and might I say a resturant full of truckers and even more families with what ever clothes they could find in the dark and get dressed. Hats over our messy hair, no make on most of the women. It took over 2 hours to order and get our food,which I could not tell you what we had to eat. At a truck stop I am guessing some kind of greasy sandwich and fries. Maybe some fried piece of meat with veggies cooked in butter and fat. Bread that made you wish it was not bad to eat and a wonderful pies with cool whip on them. I do remember as the rest of the family our time around the truck stop table laughing and enjoy it to the fullest.
    Needless to say after a couple of visits with some storms that always seems to follow us when we go home together. His parents suggestted for the towns sake for us to come by ourselves when we come. Funny enough that does seem to work :O)

  9. Jennifer Jones says:

    One night my kids and stepchildren wanted to make sipper so each one of them made a part of if like cutting stirring and cooking they were only 3,4,and 5 but it was a great sight to see them all work together. It was the beginning of us all working together as a family

  10. Jody Hadden says:

    My most memorable “family” dinner was the one when i first met the rest of my family. I found out when i was 26 that the person i thought was my dad was not and who my real dad was. Took me another year to get up the nerve to find him. We met and it was great. At 27 years old, I found out i had this whole other family. I got to meet them all over a Christmas dinner at my “new” older sister’s house. I found out I had 2 sisters and a brother, aunts , uncles, cousins and even a grandmother! Everyone was so welcoming, it was like I had been in the family all along! At 27 years old, I finally felt complete, something I had strived for my whole life but was never able to attain until then. It was the best dinner I ever had!

  11. Memorable and funny is what I remember about this dinner. I was shopping in Price Chopper and ran into my daughter doing her shopping. We chatted a few minutes and both hurried off to get the shopping done. That night I called her and said I was having a cookout and bought items to maker her favorite meal and she laughs and said, “I bought everything to make a spaghetti supper for you and Tommy to come over to our house tomorrow”. She makes really good spaghetti so we put our cookout on hold and joined my daughter for one of our favorite meals:)

  12. Judy Prencavage Defibaugh says:

    Memorable ~ The kids pick a country or place they’d like to visit. We research it on the map, research it’s surroundings & sites on the internet, and then I cook food from that region. At the dinner table, we eat the cuisine, share what we learned, and sometimes even dress up as if we were visiting the place we selected. Greece and St. Lucia are two favorites so far! Memories = Great times

  13. Lisa Marks says:

    I had gotten your pizza meal deal….took my sister-in-law and my kids to Hovey Pond..ate a picnic table and looked for frogs. It wasn’t expensive and yet we had a nice day out:)

  14. Michelle Ruotolo says:

    Thanksgiving Day dinner with the entire family at my grandmother’s house. After dinner – we all played a game of cards called “31”. We had so much fun and my stepsister, Nicole had beginners luck and walked away with the kitty.

  15. One of my most special dinners was with my daughter for Thanksgiving. We both worked the night shift at hospitals. After sleeping most of the day, we both decided we should fix a holiday meal. We warmed up precooked turkey breast, instant mashed potato, frozen green beans,packaged stuffing mix, and opened a bottle of wine. We ate in our pajamas, used paper plates, sat at the coffee table and watched tv and talked. Even without all the family, it was the best meal ever.

  16. Melissa says:

    My most memorable family dinner was the Thanksgiving before my mother died. She had cancer and we were aware it was probably her last Thanksgiving. We’d converted the dining room into a bedroom for her so she didn’t have to go upstairs, so we set up the dining table in the living room. The rest of us made most of the food, since she wasn’t able to do it all. I still remember how she said my mashed potatoes were worse than those at Ellis Hospital. Despite the inferior cooking and unlikely location, it was a sweet time as the last Thanksgiving with the whole family together. The food was okay, but the family fellowship was the important part.

  17. Bonnie Osborn says:

    I have been living in my house for 10 years this year. I having been hoping to have a backyard BBQ for everyone of those 10 years but…it never happened. I am the oldest of five, I get a long with all my siblings, actually we ALL get along well…we never fight and love to see each other. Problem is, we very rarly see each other. So this is the year. The year we are FINALLY having the famly backyard BBQ. We have invited family from both sides, the last time both sides of our family got together was our wedding …14 years ago. Sat., July 30th we are all getting together and we are very excited! We are planning everyday in anticipatipon. My brother is also having a get together in August at a child hood camp ground in Cherry Valley and we are all planning on getting together for that as well.All of us together for 2 BBQ’s this year! Memories to come…..

  18. Barbara Graves says:

    My most memorable family dinner by far is my Grandmother’s annual Lobster bake. My dearest grandmother, would host a Lobster bake for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren every summer for the last 40 plus years. Lobster, clams, steamers, with melted butter… corn, tomato & basil with mozzarella, and wine.
    All my family, from near and far, would come join together. It was very special to all of us. Over the years it was mostly in Gigi’s backyard, in Garden City, NY. Sometimes we would have the bake at my cousins house at the beach in Southold. The last time we all got together was at my Parent’s home in Wilton. Gigi passed away late last August surrounded by her family. I will never forget the traditions she started, especially the Lobster Bake. If I am to win the gift certificate it will definitely go towards Lobster at Price Chopper!

  19. Howard G says:

    My most memorable dinner was in California when we visited my aunt and uncle. They were very busy cooking a pasta dinner. My uncle made the sauce and meatballs from scratch. Our kids were young – 8 and 10 and were having a great time hanging with the cool aunt and uncle. When dinner was almost ready we were called into the kitchen and asked to pull numbers out of a hat. (it was strange and since they were from California we went along. When the dinner was ready my wife and I and my two children sat down at the table. The table was a little strange since there were no plates or utensils, but we figured they were going to bring the food plated from the kitchen. Then all of the sudden they arrive with a huge pot of pasta & meatballs and dump it on the table – down the center. Then throw 2 loaves of bread and toss the salad on the table. We were caught off guard, and started to laugh, but it gets better. The numbers we pulled from the hat represented the utensils we were going to eat with. I can’t remember them all but I had the cork screw, there was also a whisk, spatula and tongs. We laughed through the entire dinner. It’s just too bad there is no video. When ever we get together this event always comes up.

  20. Kelly Yacobucci says:

    I’ll admit that I was reluctant when I found out that my Gram was coming over to teach me how to make chili. At fifteen years old, my parents were divorcing. My mother had just kicked me out of her house and out of her life. My dad welcomed me home with open arms. Then, of all times, my Gram seemed determined to turn me into a domestic goddess by teaching me how to make chili. I didn’t even like chili! She came over on a Saturday armed with grocery bags consisting of ground beef, canned tomatoes, chili powder, and other pantry staples she had picked up to sustain her broken family. While I was taking lessons on browning beef, she suddenly said, “You know your father loves you very much and he is very happy you have come home. I want you to know we all love you.” My family isn’t the lovey, huggy, kissy type so just to hear such a sentiment, especially when life was so turned on its head, was comforting. We finished cooking the chili together and put it in the refrigerator, to my surprise. “It always tastes better the next day.” Gram informed me. On Sunday, my father, brother, and I sat down at the family table to eat my first ever chili creation. For the first time, having just three at the family table felt right; we were enough to make a family. Gram, as always, was right. Our chili did taste better. Even though Gram wasn’t eating with us, her presence was still evident in our meal and in our lives. Leave it to Gram to teach me a life lesson through something as simple as chili –things get better with time…and life did.

  21. My most memorable family dinner was thanksgiving 2007, all of my relatives came to join our family for dinner on that day. It was the only thanksgiving when the entire family was together. A large oven roasted turkey sat in the middle of the table accompanied by many side dishes. My favorite side dish on that table was the candied yams, it was delicious. Everyone enjoyed the meal and after dinner and dessert ( apple, cherry and pumpkin pie) we sat down and watched a movie called “Mrs. Doubtfire”. That day came and went too quickly, it was the most memorable dinner that I remember because it was a day spent with my family.

  22. Mary Ann Tetrault says:

    I am an empty-nester, so anytime I can get my grown children and their families over for dinner is a memorable dinner for me. With everyone’s busy life, getting together for a family dinner just isn’t as important as when I was growing up. We had dinner together every single night. And Sunday dinners: That was just what you did on Sundays. Big dinners,conversation, catching up with family news and celebrating events such a birthdays and anniversaries. So, I guess I have a lifetime of memorable dinners.

  23. Nicole Watkins says:

    The most memorable dinner was the last dinner I had the day before my father died suddenly. He loved to cook and asked us over to try one of his new “amazing” dishes. He cooked all day many types of seafoods that he had actually discussed… and purchased Price Chopper Supermarkets. And, yes, it was all amazing! Especially the laughs we had over how many times he asked if we “liked it”. LOL. Wonderful memory and I am so glad we made the time to go as it was the last time we spent together, but what a great night sharing food and laughing together 🙂

  24. Patricia says:

    I like AMERICAN Chop Suie

  25. Sunday dinners in Yonkers, New York at my Grandparents house when I was growing up made for wonderful memories to last a life time. Grandpa always prepared the dinner on Sundays. He would be in the kitchen cooking up a storm for the family.We are Italian so needless to say the amount of food was an awesome spectacle. There was never less than 20 of us at one time!! He learned to cook for a big crowd while serving in the Air Force in W.W ll. He loved to whistle and you knew once the whistling stopped, dinner was served! Grandma would be on dessert duty.She would have to get up at the crack of dawn to do her preparation because once Grandpa started his preparation no one, including Grandma , could enter the kitchen. You could peak in from the entrance, but don’t dare cross the line. Granny would make cookies, pies, cakes, etc. Once dinner was over the whole family would sit around the table for hours talking and laughing. The highlight at the end would be the “music” . Grandpa on the kazoo and Grandma on the yukalaylee!!! They were the nucleus of our family and when they passed it just wasn’t the same. I am truly blessed to have the memories. They are part of my being and make me the person I am today. I love having big dinners for friends and family at my house. I want to make magical memories for my daughter.

  26. Beverly Wray says:

    As a child growing up i do not remember my past as there was nothing there that was memorial for me to remember in my head as a little girl. Then later in teen life still there was nothing that i wish i could say that was so special to me.When you hear and see bad things they stick with you so I guess anything I ate was good. Life has pass me by and today I,m 60yrs old and I can say still no happy memories of my childhood only one comes to mind wheeling my baby in a carriage and giving her her milk and my dad was a milk man for sealtest and we did have alot of milk, ice cream, so maybe that what i can say that was so special to me

  27. Esther Peterson says:

    There are two memorable family dinners they happened a matter of days apart. The first one was Jan 5th 2010, my dad (66 years old) had been rushed from dr to test back to the dr, they had found a tumor on his spine, they did not know what …it was hombut he could be paralyzed at any moment so they placed a collar on his neck and sent him home, My two brothers and sister all gathered for dinner at my house, so dad could tell us all at one time what was happening. we had a speghetti and ragu, and frozen garlic bread. he explained that he would be admitted to the hospital for safety until he could be operated on, he was admitted the next day, On the friday they were going to do the surgery, but emergencies happened and dad got rescheduled, with all four of us kids, son in laws, his sister and and one grand child present we asked if we could take dad to dinner in the hospital cafeteria, My aunt his sister was in a wheel chair due to Rhuematoid arthritis, so my sister and I raced dad and his sister in wheel chairs down some empty halls. Dad won… Anyways we all gathered over some of the worst food in the world bowed our heads and gave thanks for everything that day, we all laughed and joked all through dinner walking down memory lane of dinners growing up as children, none of knew that in a matter of 13 days Dad would be gone. It was our last family dinner with dad, and then four months later we lost our aunt. No one is promised tomorrow, enjoy the moments of today and love your family. you never know what moment will be the most memorable or the last.

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