Clorox Clean-Up Challenge

Now that the holidays are over, we’re partnering with Clorox to help you clean up! Our customers have told us in the past that Clorox products come in handy when those big messes happen. Clorox can help you with laundry, cleaning, and keeping your home and family healthy.  Tell us about your most memorable mess and how you were able to restore order!  We’ll choose three winners to each receive a $100 Price Chopper gift certificate.

We also know how important it is to keep your family healthy throughout cold and flu season.  Washing your hands often and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces can help slow the spread of cold and flu viruses.  Clorox disinfecting products such as Clorox® Regular-Bleach, Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox® Clean-Up Cleaner with Bleach, and many more, not only clean but also kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses.* Stop by the pharmacy in your local Price Chopper for a free Clorox customized kit with samples and tips on how to disinfect your home and stay healthier this season. There are limited quantities of coupons for $1 Clorox wipes available at the pharmacy!

Make sure you check the coupon tab on our Facebook page later this week for hot offers on Clorox products!  There are also great savings on your favorite Clorox products like wipes, bleach and clean up spray in this week’s ad!  Read official rules here.

 *Use products as directed on hard, nonporous surfaces. See label for organisms and more information.

19 responses to “Clorox Clean-Up Challenge”

  1. Heather Cote says:

    Easter…. Egg dying got a tad bit messy. We had egg dye all over the table, the floor, clothes, and kids! Our 3 year old last year, spilled dye and it was a disaster!! Hopefully this year won’t be as messy. 🙂

  2. christina sheldrick says:

    when I came home from having my son and opened the door it was like a tornado had ripped through up and downstairs. My daughter and her family had moved back for a month and neither her or nor the kids helped pick up I literally almost turned around and went back to maternity it was that bad

  3. Cindy says:

    Flashback to Thanksgiving! I had a beautiful brand new white tablecloth, my two youngest guests aged 4 and 3 were sitting at the table alone chatting, and drinking juice! What kind of juice? GRAPE! One of the cups was knocked over and my white table cloth was now purple, and my hardwood floors did not look too great either. Since we had not eaten dinner yet, I just left the tablecloth as is, and chalked it up to a mishap and it could be replaced. My husband was frantic over the floors, and quickly mixed some Clorox Bleach and water, and mopped up the mess. The floors were not harmed and looked cleaner than ever. The next morning I looked at my table cloth again and said “what the heck.” I put some Clorox bleach on the large purple area, and tossed it in the wash – and voila not a stain to be seen! What amazed me was that I let it sit overnight before treating it! I guess I should thank Clorox, but I would have loved to buy a new tablecloth of another color! Thanks Clorox!

  4. Jenni Mierzejewski says:

    Our most memorable mess had to be Valentine’s Day two years ago. My girls and I love to make all of their grandparents and aunts big, decorated homemade valentines. By the time we are usually finished, we have a table and the floor beneath it covered in pieces of paper, fabric, glitter, and stickers. The mess is usually manageable with a can of clorox wipes. Those things get everything up, smell great, and disinfect. We just love them. However, they didn’t come in handy that year when we glued Mom’s body parts together. While trying to create a masterpiece, I took out a tube of krazy glue. I told my girls I was the only one allowed to use it because it could be dangerously sticky. Somehow, while using this glue, I tried to push my hair away from my face and managed to glue my hand to my forehead in a salute position. It wouldn’t come off! I had to research how to unglue ones self online, and ended up having no luck. Hours later, still saluting, I ended up in the emergency room, still covered in glitter and paper, still saluting. They got my hand off, but I had a big red mark on my head for a month and had to constantly repeat my embarassing story. A couple years later, I can laugh it off and remember what it was like to have the biggest arts and crafts disaster ever!

  5. DawnMarie Crake says:

    Our home took almost 3 feet of water during September flooding here in West Pittston, PA. We are still cleaning items in the hopes of saving them instead of needing to replace them. We are also still discovering “missing” items that were claimed by the flood. In addition to the regular maintenance of daily life, we need to clean after the repair processes; these will hopefully be completed by June, 2012.
    For many of these tasks, the Clorox wipes are especially helpful. I have found that they are often the only way to remove the “flood mud film” that lingers on plastic items. The big plus is that I can be sure that the items are completely disinfected and safer to use.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Maggie says:

    I don’t think we ever have an off-season of messes in our house! With 3 kids under 5 the cleaning never stops. My favorite mess was when my 2 year old daughter used strawberry yogurt to make an ice skating rink on the kitchen floor. We absolutely love the Clorox disinfectant wipes, work great for door knobs, light switches, remotes, they definitely keep the germs to a minimum in our house 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    Most Memorable mess-We had some paint testers and our darling child decided that it was a good idea to “paint his walls” before we got out of bed. He spilled the brown color as well as the dark blue all over the floor near the stairs. He TRIED to clean the mess before we got up with a towel, but there was still paint everywhere. Restoring order? Well, that would be with a bottle of pledge and some scouring pads. We had to get the paint off the floor. Our floors were beautiful because of the pledge and quite slippery afterward! But you haven’t lived until you’ve seen your hardwood floor turn khaki and blue!

  8. Catherine Campbell says:

    My biggest mess was when I was about to serve dinner to my family and guests. I had cooked beef stroganoff in a large electric frypan and had unplugged it to carry to the table. I tripped over the rug by the stove and the liquid stroganoff went all over the floor, cabinets and the chairs my guest were sitting in. After the cry, I went and got my Clorox Clean Up to clean it up! We ordered pizza!

  9. Earl says:

    I wish I could say one of my kids made my most memorable mess … but no… Guilty! This past summer I had strategically balanced our cooler on the corner of our dining table (after being told not to) and it fell. Ketchup, soda, and potato salad all over . It took a lot of mopping, spraying, wiping, and apologizing to get that cleaned up. I don’t think my family would be half as healthy as we are without Clorox products. My favorite tip is soaking the toys in a little bleach water whenever one of the kids are sick. It really helps to keep anyone else from getting it!

  10. Becky Hartwell says:

    This day began like any other day in a house with a busy 2 1/2 year old (almost 3)….or maybe not! Our son has been known to get into some serious mischief…He was just potty trained so when he woke up he said good morning and went into the washroom. The toilet flushed as usual (his favorite part)so I went about my business to begin making breakfast. Then after too much silence down the hallway I went to investigate….Ughhhh vaseline coated his body and my bathroom (floor, cupboard, toilet) and it was topped with baby powder (cause maybe that would help clean it????) So I did what any mother would do….wait on the mess, and get him cleaned first before he touched anything else…only to find out the park we lived in was doing work and turned off the water for 6 hours…..hmmmmm….i guess i should have read that orange notice i received earlier that week. So My friend came and picked him up (rescued a mommy having a bad morning) and took care of cleaning him at her house. Did I mention how hard vaseline is to get out of a childs hair. Then…..CLOROX to the rescue with very little water at my disposal !!! I used several products for various things and it cut through the grease wonderfully! I love Clorox products for every room in my house….whether it is for an everyday clean up or MY EVERY DAY clean ups (which tend to be somewhat over the top with 2 young kids in my home)

  11. Carol says:

    This is really funny. I was jut writing the worse mess ever and my son in come in from school. He passed by said hi, and went right to his room, as he walk in he said are you kidding me, really. I was surprised because I just had folded his clothes earlier and put on his bed, somehow I though he was complaining that I didn’t put his clothes away (teenagers). I got a really mad and went to see what was going on, oh well, our cat got sick and pucked everywhere in his room, including the clean clothes. My son is so mad right now!!! He almost had to puck too. I can’t stop laughing, so funny that my biggest mess end up being when I was writing a comment about a different mess . I better go clean up. Clorox here I come!!! 🙂

  12. Cheri Destito says:

    I have licensed Group Family Daycare ,so Clorox is a staple in this house ! But I must say that the flu and virus season is the worst for myself. Children spread germs easily and thank god for Clorox when someone comes down with the bug. It helps kill the germs and helps to prevent spreading. I use a mixture of clorox and water daily to disinfect all surfaces in my Daycare and also in the diapering/toilet area. Clorox is also used in my kitchen for cooking surfaces . We also soak the childrens toys in a diluted mixture of clorox and water. All of these uses help me to maintain a pretty healthy environment for all these beautful children ! The wipes are great too and I am grateful for the recent coupons from Price Chopper ! Thank you !

  13. Ann Canastra says:

    A few weeks ago I was watching my 14-mo old twins & my 3.5 yr old. My 3.5 yr old needed to lay down for his nap. In a matter of minutes my twins made a huge mess!!! There aren’t very many things that I keep within their reach beyond books and toys. I must have forgotten the baby powder & when I came around the corner it looked like snow! They had “puffed” it until it was empty. Then, I couldn’t see them but I could hear them. They were both giggling, sitting behind the lazy boy chair, pulling Kleenex out one by one! Stinkers! So, I laughed with them & we finished off the box of Kleenex & then I used my Clorox wipes to clean up the powder. Fun, messy day! Lesson learned!!!

  14. Julie Browne says:

    My most memorable mess was when I decided to make Cream of Tomato Soup from scratch. I was making grilled cheese for dinner & we always have Campbell’s Cream of Tomato Soup with it. I didn’t have any & didn’t want to go the store. So, I found a recipe & decided to try it. The recipe tells you to cook down the tomato’s 1st & to put it in the blender to puree. Well, I tried this. As soon as I put the cover on the blender & turned it on, the cover shot off & tomato soup splattered over my entire kitchen!!. What a mess!! I was so upset. With the help of Clorox Cleanup, I was able to scrub my kitchen clean, so I thought. I was finding splatters in different spot for the next couple of weeks. Even with it hardened, Clorox Clean up worked wonders for me. I always have several Clorox products to do my cleaning.

  15. Paul says:

    I was volunteering at a local camp for children with critical illnesses. It’s a truly inspiring place to be at all times, but I will never forget this one day. I was staying with the oldest girls cabin, and the different cabins will some times play pranks on each other. After breakfast that morning, the girls stayed behind in the mess hall and decided to TP the oldest boys’ cabin’s table. The girls had a blast! They were throwing toilet paper rolls over the rafters and stringing it underneath the chairs. What a memorable sight that was! The girls all posed for a picture in front of their work and went off to their regular morning activities.
    Needless to say, the boys were a little shocked when they got to lunch. However, it didn’t take them long to plot their revenge. The oldest kids are always the last ones in the mess hall. Right as the girls were finishing up, a few of the boys and counselors from the TP’d cabin snuck out the back of the mess hall and on their way out, grabbed a few rather large bowls that were just taken off the salad bar filled with lettuce. They came in the front door and dumped them over the heads of a few of the girls and the counselors. What happen next is the really memorable part.
    FOOD FIGHT! At first the counselors hesitated, but then saw how happy the children were and just joined in the fun. I distinctly remember looking down the barrel of an oncoming mustard stream. Those kids had the time of their lives. They were laughing and playing; all harmless fun. The entire time I was there, I had never seen more smiles. The counselors broke it up after a few minutes and all the kids went off to take showers and get themselves cleaned up, smiling and skipping off to their respective cabins, both sides declaring their victory.
    Now that was a MESS! It took us until dinner to get that place almost clean. There were some mash potatoes on the ceiling that may very well still be there to this day! We definitely used our fair share of Clorox products that day. We went through two giant containers of wipes alone. The best part though was we used the toilet paper the girls had used that morning to help clean up. That was most certainly my most memorable and joyous mess!!

  16. Jill Jacobson says:

    My most memorable clean up challenge was when I had let my new puppy in the backyard to play this winter and I did not realize that the snow had melted because it was such a warm day until after he was let in the house. All I saw was mud and paw prints everywhere I looked. I finally found him covered in mud. So the first thing I did was throw him in the bath tub and scrub him clean and then locked in the cleanest room so I could begin to attack the house with Clorox wipes in hand. It took me quite a while to clean up all the rooms, the kitchen being the worst but it looked like the crime never happened and all was well. The house smelled and looked great. We now check him over before we let him in the house. Clorox products saved the day and I always keep them on hand.

  17. Ilyssa says:

    Last year, the day before St. Patricks Day, my family decided to “Catch a Leprechaun.”
    My 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter decorated a shoe box with glitter, stickers, markers, paint and more. I think more glitter and paint ended up on the floor than the box! Next we made a few signs, so the Leprechaun would know where the “gold” was. (“Gold this way! *with a big arrow pointing to our box*). We also made a huge rainbow, that hung just above our shoe box, to complete the shoe box trap!
    The box was propped up with a stick and we all went to bed to see if we would find a tiny new friend in the morning.
    When we woke up “the leprechaun” left a huge mess of gold glitter (“he” must have had at least two shakers full of glitter all over the floor), chocolate coins, a few REAL coins and some lucky shamrock stickers! We didn’t catch him but he left a wee bit of his treasure for our efforts.
    Unfortunetly, the “leprechaun” left the chocolate coins a little too close to the heating vent and most of them melted right into the carpet! What a mess! Add a few cups of glitter to this mess and you have a very sparkly problem on your hands!
    I vaccuumed up the glitter and used some paper towels to clean up the chunks of chocolate. Then I used some Clorox wipes to get the chocolate color (and smell) out of the carpet fibers. A little scrubbing and a little elbow grease and the carpet was back to new… with the exception of stubborn glitter that hid in the carpet for months!
    It was worth the mess to see the look on the kids faces when they discovered the treasure! 🙂

  18. Jamie Ramirez says:

    My most memorable clean up was when my husband and children went on vacation for a week one summer. It was the end of July and we were leaving our oldest daughter home because she had to work and she was going to watch the dogs. We worried about out of control parties and things of that nature but NEVER imagined what we would come home to!!…She decided one night while doing laundry in the basement to unplug the deep freezer and plug in her cell phone charger to charge her phone while she listened to music doing her laundry. She never plugged the freezer back in. This freezer was stocked with meat…including a 20 pound turkey! Remember this was the end of July! It was hot! This freezer sat for a week unplugged! When we came home and I opened that basement door I was almost sick. The turkey literally exploded and it took me almost a week to get the smell of all the rotten meat out of that freezer and basement. Thanks to CLOROX!!!! I went through tons of it! I don’t think I will ever forget that smell and what I had to go through to get it out. LOL. We laugh about it now…and you should see how paranoid I am about making sure that freezer is plugged in at all times!

  19. Jamie Ramirez says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! So excited!

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