Introducing Beekman 1802 at Market 32!


We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with our Northeast neighbors at Beekman 1802! As our East Greenbush store joins the Market 32 family as its newest member, we’re introducing a series of Beekman 1802 sauces, condiments and more for East Greenbush shoppers to explore and enjoy. When it’s made or grown here, we get it here! Known as “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell are 2 former Manhattan executives who moved to Upstate NY during the recession. They bought a small goat farm in rural Schoharie County and turned their story into a multi-million dollar brand. As a married couple who lost their jobs during the beekman-christianwatson-481recession, they’ve turned their struggles into the ultimate Great American Success Story. Beekman 1802 offers a unique group of small batch foods ranging from Bruschetta to Rosemary Creamed Honey, with a variety of items in between. Their line of “Mortgage Lifter” sauces showcases the Mortgage Lifter tomato, first grown in 1929 by a mechanic named Marshall Cletis Byles. Nicknamed “Radiator Charlie”, Byles began breeding large 1-2lb fruits that people went crazy over: so crazy that he sold enough to pay off his mortgage in just 4 years! Supporting our neighbors is the foundation of our home.grown. program and an important part of what we do as a local retailer, so when the opportunity came to team up with the Beekman Boys and Beekman 1802, we jumped at it. Stay tuned as we add Beekman 1802 products to additional stores!

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