Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs GREEN GIANT SEASONED STEAMERS There’s a delicious new line of frozen veggies now being featured at Price Chopper: New Green Giant Seasoned Steamers!   This delightful new line of tasty vegetables offers exceptional flavor and comes in six unique varieties, including:039280B_P.ai Seasoned to delicious!  Be sure to pick up several varieties of these New Green Giant Seasoned Steamers from the Frozen Food section the next time you shop at Price Chopper.  With just one taste, you and your family will be clamoring for second (Maybe even thirds!). WIDE AWAKE COFFEE CO wideawakecoffeedonut#133445The animal kingdom is home to a virtually endless array of creatures and critters in all shapes, sizes, colors and types. It was this incredible variety that inspired the creation of Wide Awake Coffee Co!  No matter your point of view or outlook on life, Wide Awake Coffee Co has a flavor to suit your own distinct personality.  With vibrant characters, inspired by our planet’s colorful wildlife, you’re sure to find your coffee destiny. Open your eyes and let Wide Awake Coffee Co’s premium blends of coffee awaken your senses!  Look for Wide Awake Coffee Co products in the Coffee aisle.