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Bistro Boulevard
Choosing What to Eat Has
Never Been This Much Fun!
Explore a culinary wonderland where you can immerse yourself in the flavors of Europe, America, India, and the Far East. Bistro Boulevard offers an eclectic collection of eateries with something for everyone at every meal. And it's only at Market Bistro.
Chef's Grill
The Art of Creative Cuisine
At Chef's Grill, our focus is on the one thing that all chefs are most proud of - their food. Let our Master Chef create a freshly prepared culinary masterpiece for every meal of the day. At Chef's Grill, we're dedicated to inspiring and celebrating an unbridled passion for amazing food.
Italian Market
All The Joys of Italy
Our new Italian Market is your local source for authentic Italian delicacies. Artisanal cheeses, olive oils, fresh pastas, sausages, panini and balsamic vinegars, many of which are imported straight from Italy. And it's all waiting right here for you, only at Market Bistro.
Smoked Meats and Dry-Aged Beef
Freshly Smoked Meats
Smoking is a natural way to preserve meats, and as a bonus, it makes them taste even better, To ensure smoked meats of the highest quality, we've built an exclusive on-premises smokehouse in our Meat department! Now you can get freshly smoked ham, bacon, sausage, and even beef jerky right in-store daily in the Meat Department at Market Bistro.
Dry-Aged Beef
To turn your house into a steakhouse, you'll need dry-aged beef. It's the kind of beef that the best steakhouses insist on. But the dry-aging process isn't easy. Or inexpensive. So you'll almost never find a dry-aged steak at a traditional supermarket. Fortunately for you, Market Bistro isn't a traditional supermarket.
Hydroponic Tomatoes
Hydroponic Tomato Display
Hydroponic tomatoes are grown in nutrient enriched water without soil, resulting in beautiful, great tasting tomatoes that are available all year long. We've partnered with Vermont Hydroponic to bring you fresh and delicious tomatoes that are grown right in-store, only at Market Bistro.
Exotic New Confections
Our classically trained pastry chefs are bringing dozens of tasty new treats to life every day. Alongside our classic cookies, pastries and pies, you'll find exotic new confections like handmade toffee and chocolate bars, fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate, and hazelnut praline truffles.
Growler Station
The Growler Station
If you love fresh craft beer, then you'll love our new Growler Station. You can enjoy 8 delicious fresh craft beers straight from the tap, and refill your growlers in-store at your convenience. Thanks to our air-tight filling station, they'll stay fresh until you open it - up to 60 days. Try one today at Market Bistro.
Cheese Shop
The Cheese Shop
We've added over 200 varieties of fine cheeses from all over the world. From fresh to artisanal aged and from cow to sheep's milk, we've got it all. Stop by for a sample and let us help you assemble a tray of proven crowd pleasers.
Antipasti & Olives
With over 30 varieties of Mediterranean style items from around the world, we have a full spectrum of flavors waiting for you. From olives to mushrooms and marinated feta to grape leaves, there's something for everyone. Not sure where to start? Just ask for a sample.
Infused Oils & Vinegars
We offer 14 varieties of naturally-infused extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar at our new filling station. Each unique flavor is great for drizzling over a caprese salad or for dipping with oven-fresh bread. Please ask an Italian Market teammate for assistance.
Gluten Free
Gluten-Free Department
Gluten-free items are now easier to find at the new Market Bistro! We've built an entire gluten-free section and it's stocked with hundreds of items from brands like Glutino, Bakery On Main, Udi's, Enjoy Life, Schar and more. They're all marked with the gluten-free logo, and you'll find them all right here at your new gluten-free destination.
Cooking School
The Cooking School at Market Bistro offers a wide variety of classes regardless of your experience. From beginners to experts, kids to adults, we offer something for everyone. Visit the Cooking School website to learn more and view upcoming classes.
New & Improved Pharmacy
Our new Pharmacy offers cost saving benefits and valuable programs for everyone in the community. For the uninsured or underinsured - from young adults to the elderly - we offer discounted prescriptions. We offer free vitamins to expectant mothers and children up to the age of 4. We've even added a convenient drive-thru for prescription pick-up.
Not every malady requires a trip to the emergency room, and at times you just can't wait to see your doctor. That's when Quickcare™ can help. Our licensed medical professionals can examine, diagnose and treat most non-emergency cases. Stop by today and find out how we can help.