GettyImages-639376412.jpg Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN, CDN Senior Nutritionist We continue the celebration of Dairy Month with some love for vital, versatile yogurt! There are few foods that meet all of the criteria that savvy shoppers demand – wholesome, sustainable, delicious, convenient, and nutritious – yogurt is all that and more. Yogurt is a truly global food, with a range of types, health benefits and flavors that ensure there is an option for everyone. Here are some tips and trends for energizing your yogurt strategy…
  1. Yogurt comes in so many convenient varieties – get the recommended three servings of dairy per day when you add a drinkable yogurt with breakfast, Greek yogurt with whole grains, nuts and fruit for lunch (Mango Yogurt Parfait http://bit.ly/2y4nNZZ), and a savory snack of yogurt Tzatzikis dip (http://bit.ly/2K3iwmZ) and fresh vegetables in the afternoon.
  2. Take a tour and try yogurts with different origins and heritage – enjoy a Greek yogurt if you have not tried one, skyr-style yogurt (like Siggi’s), strained yogurts like Chobani and Cabot, and even Australian yogurt from Noosa. Speaking of heritage, Chobani, Cabot and our own PICS yogurts are all made with milk from dairy farms in the Northeast!
  3. Yogurt sauces, dips and recipe subs are a great way to add flavor and benefits to traditional and ethnic favorites….swap plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, add to baked goods like muffins instead of milk, or use as a fruit or veggie dip. Easy peasy!
  4. Yogurts deliver dessert in a flash – flip cups with additions like dark chocolate, fruit, spices and flavors combine a little indulgence with a little bit of good-for-you, and help you manage the portion too!
  5. The evidence continues to show that yogurt has a role to play in better health – as microbiome support, and as a natural food source of calcium and protein, yogurt is a vital food used therapeutically for some health concerns. Enjoy!

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