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What’s the best football moment you’ve ever watched?  We have two tickets we’d like to giveaway to the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints game next Sunday, December 9th at MetLife Stadium!  Tell us about your most memorable football moment whether it was a close game between NFL rivals, your child’s high school football game or any other unforgettable sporting event and you could win these tickets!  We will randomly select one winner tomorrow morning.  Post your comment on our Facebook page as well as on our blog by 5pm November 29th to be entered! Read official contest rules here !

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  1. Mary ramo says:

    The Giants were in the Superbowl and I had purchased some “squares” the extent of my gambling. My nephew, who struggled with math could suddenly figure out all the possible scoring combinations to win money. We won two quartees that year and he was the happiest kid around
    who says you can’t make math fun

  2. Zachary Hutchins says:

    My wife, my best friend and his father and I went to a Giants game at the new stadium two years ago. It was so cold. Like -20 with the windchill cold. In fact, it was so chilly, the stadium sold out of hot chocolate by halftime. Despite the chilly, chilly weather we still had a blast. And…the Giants won!

  3. Melissa Pott says:

    My husband, Jared is a huge giants fan, always has been. When the giants made it to the Super Bowl in 2009 he was so excited and could not wait to watch the game. With us just getting married October 2008, we were eager to have our first Super Bowl party and first gathering in our new house with all of our friends. When the day came Jared was bursting with excitement. All of our friends were gathered around the tv and at the last moment in the game they won! Jared jumped up out of his chair and cheered. He jumped up so fast his chair tipped backwards. It was a great day and I will never forget how happy my husband was and I too that we got to share it will all of our friends in our new house.

  4. Richard says:

    Tradition has it, all the guys would get together to play a football game every Thanksgiving morning. Not tag or flag but actual tackle. It had snowed the night before this one Thanksgiving and there was at least 2 feet of snow on the field. That did not stop us from playing anyway. It was very difficult but I was managing to outrun and score quite a bit until the last play when I was pressing through the snow downfield for the pass and leaped to get the pass and just when I had the ball in my hands my cousin encircled me with both arms and slammed me to the ground. He caught me and the ball. He said he just could not let me get one more touchdown. We all hurt for days and were wet and cold from the snow. Best time ever!

  5. Matt Huber says:

    Watching the Giants win the Super Bowl last year with friends, family, and my 2 dogs, who were wearing their Giants gear… My wife and I asked the dogs to predict the outcome of the game… Both dogs picked the Giants… and we all know what happened!

  6. I grew up watching the Giants play. In the summer some of them used to come to my dad’s restaurant to eat and I got to serve Bill Parcells, LT, and Phil Simms. Many years later I was with my boss and some friends in Jacksonville for the Superbowl festivities the week before. Two of the girls that I was with were dressed a little scantily as we were going to a party for an Eagles player. As we were walking to the party, a car with four guys stopped next to us. They asked us where we were going, we told them and they said they had a beter party..I said oh yeah.. who’s? And they said Phil Simms. Now, mind you the ladies that I was with had no clue about football. When I asked who was in the car it happend to be Brian Kelly #55 from the 73-82 Giants team. We got into the car and stopped at a bar to get a drink…it ended up being a private party and as we were being escorted out Brian told them who he was and we were asked to stay..lobster, steak, champagne….We then headed to the Phil Simms party in a private bar. When we walked in, there was Phil Simms, Howie Long, Jim Kelley, Boomer Esiason and others. I was so overwhelmed I began to cry and had to go to the bathroom to compose myself. When I came out I got to chat with all of these all time greats and tell Phil about serving him lunch one summer. He said that he loved my dad’s restaurant and still goes there a lot. A night the I will never forget. To be in such an intimate setting with so much talent was a dream come true. I would love to go to the game on Sunday as I have only been to one home game ever in my life! Thank you!

  7. Tammi Crowther says:

    I am from Nebraska and any and all Nebraska games are memorable. The most memorable was going to see the Huskers play at Memorial Stadium with my father when I was a teenager.

  8. Gary Fox says:

    I was at the buffalo game right behind the goal post when norwood hit the post and the bills lost the game. Buffalo was up 31-3 at halftime and lost 34-31. Ouch!!

  9. Michelle R says:

    My brother and I treated our Dad to see a Browns Game at Cleveland Browns Stadium (One of his favorite teams) last year for his 60th birthday gift. Drove over 7 hours for the game, spent the night in a hotel and drove straight back the next day. Great time and awesome memories. He would absolutely love these tickets. Happy Holidays!

  10. Dan Morrison says:

    A memorable football moment has to be from the first Giants/Patriots football game I ever watched. Across the way was an all decked Giants fan who rivaled my Patriots gear. The game went back and forth and so did our friendly “trash talking.” We ended up making deals back and forth on chicken wings for each point scored. After an intense game back and forth I had a new best friend. Recently, I was honored to serve as his Best Man in an October; if not for that game of football on that particular day I would’ve missed out on a great friend. If selected to receive the tickets I’d keep it a secret until Saturday night (the night before the game) and surprise him. Although, I might just have to root for the Saints to give him a hard time. # lovefootball and price chopper!

  11. Denise DeCarlo says:

    Only NFL game I have ever been to was a playoff game back in the 90’s in Buffalo…Bills vs. Raiders. Not only did we miss the first half of the game standing in line to pick-up our tickets (there was a computer issue), it was 40 below with the wind chill off the lake. Never been so cold in my life!

  12. Kathy Helmke says:

    My grandson just began playing Pop Warner Football. His team wasn’t very good last year, but the boys tried hard and had a good time. The last game of the season they finally put it all together and won their first game. The boys were so proud and happy. If I won the tickets I’d send him and his grandfather to the game. Imagine his excitement at his first NFL game!

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  14. Megan says:

    My most memorable football moment was just this year at my son’s Pop Warner football game. His team never won a single game last season – even though they worked hard and gave it their all. They came back this year even more determined and worked even harder and they finally won the first game of this season. After lining up to shake the opponents hands, the team celebrated with each other – hugs and jumping on top of each other. Hooting and hollering – so excited to experience their first hard-fought win. My son, Caden (8 yrs old.) took off his helmet and started walking towards me when I could tell that his eyes had welled up with tears. He was crying happy tears – he told me “it finally payed off Mom, all the practices and work we all did”!! It was a really special moment – one I wont ever forget!

  15. Brooke says:

    Football was always a big part of my life growing up because my father and brother were such big fans who would watch every Sunday. My brother has always been a die hard Giants fan and never leaves the house without some sort of Giants fan gear on. My most memorable football moment was last year when the Giants won the Superbowl and he went outside running up and down the city streets screaming about the big win. All the neighbors came out to their porches thinking that someone was in need of help only to discover it was just my brother the extremely excited Giants fan.

  16. Michael says:

    Watching Giants games was one of my first bonding experiences with my dad, it was probably before I really understood the game. still an important part of any weekend.

  17. Heather B. says:

    One of my favorite sports moments (though not a Giants moment, fav. Giants moments were watching their last two super bowl wins!!) was attending a Jets vs. the Buffalo Bills game at Buffalo. I’m not really a fan of either team but I went with my Dad and my brother, and we all froze in 30 degree weather and the memory still sticks with me to this day. I don’t think you ever forget attending your first NFL game. There is something very magical about that moment. It may also be that I was 12 and everything seems magical at 12 but it was a pretty awesome time. My love of football (and really all sports) began simply with Sunday afternoons spent with my Dad in our living room watching games. Some think it is just a game but for me it became a bond between father and daughter, special time spent that will never be forgotten.

  18. Amy Brooks says:

    My favorite football moment, LOL I am not a football fan, however my 16 month old daughter is a Saints fan, with her super Aunt Nadene Becker. She has a custom New Dat onesie, along with her own saints blanket. So my favorite moment is my baby girl dressed up in onesie, and on her blanket, picture I took and sent to her Aunt.

  19. Maggie McDermott says:

    We are a big football family! Lots of great times, but our most memorable moment was this fall when my son scored his first touchdown! Maybe we have a future NY giant in our family 🙂

  20. Jason Singer says:

    A night of football I will never forget, is a night of NFL history. Being in attendance for the first matchup of the Manning brothers (Eli for the Giants, and Peyton for the Colts), was more than I ever thought it would be. The hype that led up to this game will never amount to the way I felt when both quarterbacks took the field for their first drive. My father and I just looked at each other with the same look on our face; that look that you don’t have to often. The only way I could describe this look is by using one word: amazement. The way Giants stadium was this Sunday night in 2006, may never happen again. The fact that I was in the seats for this historical game, makes it even more of an unforgettable moment, and even though the Colts did win 26-21, the two quarterbacks; the two brothers, will never forget this game, and I know I never will either.

  21. Stephenie Ramirez says:

    My most memorable moment was watching my big brother playing college. Penn State vs Havard, ESPN College Gameday was there. Penn State won and fans stormed the field, the goal post couldn’t even be taken down due to the fans. I was very proud of him.

  22. Megan says:

    Did you announce the winner of the football contest?

  23. kukendal6 says:

    Who won?

  24. pricechopper says:

    Congratulations to our winner, Heather Boltz, and thanks to all who participated. Heather, enjoy the game!

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