Value Meals; Delicious Duo: Taco Salads & Steak Sandwiches!

Picture this: tender slices of grilled steak nestled between two slices of toasted artisan bread, perhaps with a smear of garlic aioli or a tangy steak sauce. Sounds incredible, right? Now picture a fun fiesta of a fresh bed of lettuce, ground turkey, beans, & corn. Sounds amazing, right?

What if we told you these Steak Sandwiches & Taco Salads only have five ingredients? Easy and delicious! Let’s check out this week’s items to make these recipes…

Taco Salads:

1 package Ground Turkey (Buy one get one FREE!)

1 can (16oz) PICS Black Beans

1 can (16 oz PICS Canned Corn)

1 package PICS Taco Seasoning 

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Steak Sandwiches:

1 package Certified Angus Beef Steak (Buy one get one FREE)

1 package RealSweet Vidalia Onions

1 container Market 32 Whole White Mushrooms

1 bottle PICS Marinade

1 pack Market 32 Rolls (found in bakery section)

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Check out this fun twist on your steak sandwich!


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