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No matter what time of the year it is, filth and grime on your clothes and laundry can be a hassle. We are partnering with Tide to help you remove those stains! Our customers have relied on Tide in the past and noticed how helpful it has been when dealing with all the impurities. Tide Pods are a brand new product that can help you with washing your clothes, removing stains, and brightening your belongings all in one shot!  These efficient pods can be used in all types of machines with any size load!  Tell us about the toughest stain you’ve had to remove and how you were able to overcome the challenge. Post your story below as well as on the corresponding Facebook post by tomorrow to be entered.  We will choose five winners to each receive a year’s supply of Tide Pods!

We know how important it is to keep yourself and your loved ones looking fresh and clean throughout the day. Tide Pods are reinventing the way you do laundry!  No more spilling or messes, just throw one in! One pac equals one full load of laundry and works in all machine types- hot or cold! Laundry stains can be rough, but with Tides other products such as Tide Boost Original Duo Packs, Tide with Acti-lift and Tide-Boost Pre-Treat Spray you will be prepared to take on whatever comes your way!

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40 responses to “Tide Pods Giveaway!”

  1. Cindy says:

    The worse stain I have encountered is when I had a very sick dog. My dogs have their own blankets, and since she could not “hold” herself the blanket was terribly stained from her illness. I really did not want to throw it away as we have always put our dog’s to rest in their favorite blankets. This blanket in particular was made by a friend for my pup on Christmas. We washed it more than once, and used every stain remover known to man. We finally used bleach knowing it would change the color, but we wanted to keep it. Although, the stains finally came out, the blanket did fade and become discolored. Our dog is resting at peace in her favorite blanket and we are happy we salvaged it.

  2. Lois Standish says:

    I just bought a brand new blouse and spilled sparkling grape juice down the front of it and when I went to try and wipe the juice stain off, the towel that I grabbed had mustard on it. I put the blouse in the wash with a pod and was so releived when I took it out and saw both stains were completely gone.

  3. Colleen says:

    Having 2 little boys (ages 3 & 5) I can not think of just one stain that I have had to remove. It seems between the stains on their clothes and the stains that end up on my clothes are never ending. That is why I am so grateful for the Tide stain stick. Wherever I go, I always have one with me. They are the best at stain removal. Can’t wait to try the Tide Pods.

  4. I would have to say the most difficult stains to get out are Baby Formula stains. I use Tide (it is the best) and i also use Shout to spray on the stains. Thanks for the chance Price Chopper.

  5. Melinda Kimmel says:

    My biggest stains are grass and dirt/mud – the result of a teenage soccer player. I find the better the player the tougher the stains and I have 2 soccer players! Stain removal in the past involved soaking, scrubbing and multiple washings, definately not something a busy Mom has time for. Can’t wait to try the newest Tide Pods.

  6. Carrie Fishner says:

    I have two children under the age of 3. Stains are a way of life! I’m never entirely sure what I am going to encounter each time I open up the laundry hampers. I often spend time soaking the stained articles in a oxgen wash, then spraying on a stain remover, and THEN washing the clothes. Sometimes the clothes come out dingy looking, and occasionally even after all of that the stains are still visible. Some of the worst to get out are from baby spit up – for some reason it really discolors clothes! Ketchup is another one that I encounter a lot. My daughter now has partially pink socks (still not sure how the ketchup got on the socks in the first place, either!).

  7. Chocolate ice cream stain on my daughter’s favorite dress, which was tossed in the hamper and sat there a few days before wash day. Luckily, I noticed it and pre-treated it was Tide detergent overnight. The next day I washed it, and the stain was completely gone! Thank you Tide for saving me money by not having to buy new clothes every time my kids stain theirs!

  8. What a great giveaway!!
    We don’t know if we are having a little boy or a little girl (we are waiting until he/she is born), I dug out the baby blessing outfit both Parker and Carter wore. When I removed it from the closet (where it had been kept for over 2 years) and saw the bright yellow formula stain- I cried. I so desperately wanted child #3 to wear this same outfit for their baby blessing. I jumped on google and facebook posted to see what worked for people. A bunch of people suggested soaking in Oxiclean before washing it to help. One lady even suggested using boiling water (as long as the garment wouldn’t bleed colors or shrink). So, I tried it. Boiled some water, soaked the outfit, and washed in Tide. HOLY MOLY was I shocked. The stain was COMPLETELY gone. I was a believer.
    ((Story taken from my blog… before giving birth to our third son a little less than a month later)) http://steffenfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/2011/07/miracle-worker.html
    Oxiclean and Tide are my miracle workers!

  9. Christina Hurst says:

    My very worse stain I have used tide product on are baby stains. My son s only four months old and we went to get his newborn pics done and he is on special formula because he was five weeks premature and sick when I was carrying him so he was only four lbs when we brought him home. Well anyways we took him to get his photos done and right before we were leaving he power puked all over his new clothes. Now this wouldn’t be to much of an issue but it was white and the formula came out color yucky. But I was able to get it out with tide. I also use tide pen, tide stain remover, tide laundry soap and any other new products tide comes out with because along with my four month old son I have three very active girls. Ages 11,8,3. And they are very active n messy. I also have had to have a bunch of intestinal surgeries and wear belly bands and new clothes.Oh i also have a husband in the united states army who works and trains hard.and just came home from Afghanistan with a whole yrs worth of clothes that I will be using tide to remove months worth of stains.tide Is the olny product that works. We love tide in our large household of four kids, two adult, one bassett hound English bulldog, and a cat. Great product!

  10. kim says:

    Mud is the worse. My son and nephew love to play in the mud and muck. Talk about torture not only on me but on the washer and nerves. First i hose the clothes down outside…..then its wash, soak, rinse and repeat until you think they are clean. Most times we use dawn dish soap, shout it out and the tide stain release thingys…lol I cant wait to try the new Tide Pods…hoping it works 1x with the mud and muck.

  11. Beth Daniels says:

    I have a 3 and 5 year old, both boys, and here in Vermont we are facing mud season! Tide takes out so many different stains, from mud and dirt, spaghetti, and chocolate, even chainsaw oil ( don’t ask hahaha). Not only does it take care of stains but it keeps me out of the laundry room because im not constantly pretreating and scrubbing and re-washing! So thanks tide for making an aspect of motherhood easier and allowing my boys to get as dirty as they want!!!

  12. Carol Allard says:

    As a waitress,part of my uniform is a white t-shirt,which is usually not white by the end of the day.Tide cleans me up for the next day,and I bet Tide Pods will make me sparkle !!!!

  13. Larissa P. says:

    The worst ‘stain’ I ever had to remove was on my high school boyfriend’s football jacket. It was his MOST prized posession and somehow when I was wearing it I sat in bubblegum and it was all over the jacket. I freaked, and when he called me to say he was on his way over to get it back so he could wear it to a game I panicked! Luckily I found a container of goo-gone in the cupboard and it WORKED! Beautifully as a matter of fact, and he never knew what happened :o)

  14. kelly holter says:

    A white shirt my sister gave me that had hair dye on it. The key was tide and not putting it in the dryer. Of course I had to dampen it and allow the tide with bleach to soak for days, a little over a week. Elbow grease then washed it. It only faded. I really like this shirt, so I repeated the steps two more times until it came out. So with Tide and determination, I won!!!!

  15. Michele Folejewski says:

    Great contest!!!
    I am a self proclaimed queen of stain removal. I am a stay at home mom and I sell my children’s clothes they have outgrown on Ebay. Stained clothes do not sell well so I’m very careful to inspect everything before I wash them. The worse stain removal I had was mouse urine, ugh. I had a tub of clothes out in our storage shed. Somehow the top was not closed all the way and mice got in. I got rid of much of it but there were a few pieces I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. I used oxiclean in hot water, Tide stain release, tide packets and Tide detergent. LOVE LOVE LOVE Tide and can’t wait to try the new Pods!!!

  16. Emily says:

    My husband is in the military and they were doing some training in a swamp. Yes a black mud swamp, he brought his clothes home and they were no joke black as black can be so I rinsed them out in the bath tub to get all of the dirt of and they were still stained black. I was determined to save this uniform, these are very expensive to replace so I got some nice hot water some tide and a tide stain release pod out let them soak and wash. It took three washes but I was able to get that uniform back to it’s original self. I couldn’t live with out my tide especially with a husbands who’s in the military getting uniforms dirty everyday, he certainly tests my Laundry detergent everyday!

  17. Mary Jo Pelletier says:

    I think probably the worst stains I have encountered is pet stains. My poor cat has problems at times and makes a mess on his blankets as well as the bed spreads. I always soak them in Tide and rub it in before washing and the stains come out.

  18. Crystal says:

    Either of my boys’ football pants while in HS, these were always a challenge to keep white but Tide and a little love would have my boys looking great on Friday night!!

  19. Julie Liesch says:

    My husband was trying to be helpful and help me out with the laundry since I’m 9 months pregnant and already have my hands full during the day with our 2 year old daughter. While I was napping he threw everything in the wash then the dryer, I woke up in a panic when I heard the dryer running knowing my daughter had a bloody nose the night before on her favorite baby blanket that she takes everywhere with us, which is light pink and white mostly. I knew that he wouldn’t have thought to pretreat it and now that the dryer was running I was sure the stain would be set and the blanket ruined. I took the blanket out and sure enough the blood stain was right there no mistaking it or hiding it. But I took it out and used the Tide Pre-treat and ran it back in the washer and kept my fingers crossed big time! To my shock even after the blanket had gone a cycle in the dryer it actually came out of the washer the second time around without any stains on it and it was saved!!! Now my daughter can take her blanket anywhere she would like again and this mommy is one happy woman! I love tide and wouldn’t use anything else in my home, very excited to try the new pods and see how great they are as well!

  20. Julia Dee says:

    We bought our daughter a very special cream colored dress for her graduation. It was a splurge for us, because we are on budget. I told her that it was a special dress and that one day she would watch her own daughter wear it to her graduation. At the reception following graduation, my daughter got hit with not one but TWO stains. A little girl who was walking tripped and her cup of grape punch flew all over my daughter. To make matters worse, the meatball on her plate hit my daughter too! So, we had grape and tomato stains. We were getting ready to leave anyway, and we
    went directly home. I could not bleach the dress, because it was cream , not white. I ran the dress under cold water for what seemed like forever. I then took Tide and rubbed it into all the stains and ,once again, kept rinsing. I did this over and over again. Then, I soaked the dress in cold water and Tide for a few hours. I then washed the dress in the machine. I could not believe it, the stains came out! We were so grateful! The dress is safely packed away ,and,will come with quite the story if my own daughter one day has a daughter to pass it down to.

  21. Jennifer says:

    My 4 month old son just started eating baby food and sweet potatoes are his absolute favorite. I don’t think it needs saying but orange stains on anything light colored are so hard to get out! Pre-treating it with some tide always helps to keep the stains out!!! And having a 22 month old that wants to help feed his little brother, we have sweet potatoes all over the three of us! Tide is a lifesaver in my house!

  22. Lindsey Adams says:

    To be honest I just learned how to remove stains (I’m 25) I always wondered how people got rid of stains on their clothes and then one day I learned, know how? I read the back of a bottle, lol. So far the toughest stain I’ve had to get out was on my daughter’s white pajamas she had grapejuice and spheggheti sauce on it, it may not be immaculate, but I’m pretty proud of myself for getting the majority of the stains out.

  23. Fawne says:

    My boyfriend is a mechanic by profession and even though he uses his uniform at work he still comes home covered in grease. Not to mention hes constantly tinkering. When hes not doing these things hes riding his dirtbike or fourwheeler through mud. Between the two things I can barely keep up with regular laundry nevermind all the extra grease and mud stains. I find that pre-treating the stains with baking soda, lemon juice, and rubbing alcohol along with some Tide pretreat gets a majority of the stain out. The rest I leave up to Tide Coldwater. I couldnt imagine having to wash the clothes more than once. Id rather enjoy my day than be a slave to laundry!

  24. Angela Alpaugh says:

    An ink stain on my husband’s dress shirt. As a newlywed, I was in a quandary. I soaked the shirt in white vinegar then sprayed with Oxy Clean before washing. It worked!

  25. I am the Mom of 12 year old triplets. One would think that as they got older the amount of stains would decrease but, it the opposite. The difference is that the clothes are more expensive. I think the worst stain or at least the grossest was when the kids were around 3 years old and Kyle threw up on everything that was in the living room. That included myself and his two sisters. Thank God for Tide, everything came out clean and smelling good. The other really bad stains were when Kyle left a pen in his pocket. I only buy Tide for our family!

  26. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I watch my two grandchildren and let me tell you sometimes they can very messy. The little girl in particular has some pretty nasty bowel movements! (I know, gross subject matter!) My daughter-in-law thought that the only solution was to throw away the nasty clothes, but that can get pretty pricey. I convinced her to take the clothing, some warm water,and Tide and let the clothing soak for awhile then scrub lightly and then rinse and wash as usual. Well they cam out perfectly clean and fresh and saved a lot of clothing!

  27. Lois Woods says:

    Well lets jsut say that someone in my house has recently taken up dyeing there hair. Yes and they were so intent on doing a good job on there hair they didn’t notice it on my green bathroom rugs!! it was hours before I spotted the tell tale spots! I said to myself I won’t yell till I give Tide a try. Tide saved the day and my secret hair dyer only got some advice instead of a lecture and a trip the store with there credit card for new rugs! Tide you can always turn the tide of spot disasters!

  28. Jenai Cary says:

    Grease & oil stains from my husbands clothes he is a mechanic & his clothes are a nightmare…have to wash twice with tide stain release & hot water but what a world of difference thank god for tide & his clothes smell great

  29. Meghan Zito says:

    Last Halloween, my Little Red Riding Hood walked through some muddy, wet ground on her way from Grandmother’s house to the neighbor’s house. Her warm, much-loved, white cable-knit tights trapped in a tremendous amount of dirt. Tide HE with Acti Lift took the mud stains out of Little Red’s tights faster than she could say, “Can I have another pop?” Thank you! Saved the tights!

  30. Portia Burke says:

    When my first born was 2 years old, he was sitting on my bed playing while I was getting ready. I have this beautiful antique bedspread that is a creamy white color that I just love. Coming from a family of all sisters, I had not figured out how inquisitive little boys were (yet, I soon learned). I put my make-up bag on the bed to go into my purse and turned around. I swear, two seconds later (ok, it was probably longer but it seemed like 2 seconds!!) my son and my beautiful bed spread were COVERED in liquid foundation! He finger painted himself and the bed spread, I just froze! I couldn’t stop looking from the horrid sight of the bed spread to the hilariousness of my son covered in liquid foundation. If it weren’t for him looking so funny with a huge grin on his face I think I would have screamed! I could not get the stain out so I did what any daughter would do, I brought it over to my mom’s house. She worked her magic and the spread is still stain free (that’s because it’s in my linen closet until the boys leave the house). It seems like these pods could be my own “Mom’s Magic” and if I won them, I could take my beloved bed spread out of the linen closet.

  31. Ellen B says:

    Spaghetti sauce but I can never get it out – maybe Tide would help

  32. Kristina says:

    I am a Mom of three and funny enough the worst stain I ever had to take care of had nothing to do with them. I put a load of lights in the washer, which of course was mostly dress shirts and and pants for my husband. I moved them to the dryer with out a second thought, then when the time came to take them out, I discovered a black pen had been in a pocket and my clothes were all covered in black ink! I really thought everything was ruined, seeing the ink was baked in. I took my liquid tide and treated the stains, then used a tide boost packet and washed them again…I was so surprised when everything but 1 sock was saved!!! I have never been so happy or loyal to a company after that. Thank You Tide!

  33. Judith Bayer says:

    My toughest stain was the collar on my husband’s dress white Navy uniform. It was stained yellow from sweat and didn’t come out with a regular washing. I spent all weekend soaking, scrubbing and bleaching the jacket and finally met with success. It saved us the cost of buying a new jacket.

  34. Lisa Ackert says:

    I have worked on so many stains that it is hard to pick the worst one, because they are all bad!!Grass,chocolate and ink are bad beasts to fight! Blood is no good either-if you didn’t find it right away. I usually use Tide with Downy everyday,and for the bad blood or grass stains I spot treat with Chlorox 2.I also will sprinkle on some granulated Oxyclean if it is a real bad one.This usually works but there are a few stains that resist even that! I have tried vinegar and baking soda-which is ok for whites but not mixed colors.I look forward to trying out the Tide Pods!!

  35. My daughter is going to college to become a paramedic. Her uniform consists of White shirt and blue pants. When it was time to start her clinical on the ambulance – think it was her 2 or 3rd call (keep in mind white shirt) had a serious call lots of blood. She has to keep this shirt white and looking good for the entire school year when ever she is on rotation. So she comes home from duty – Tide and uniform like team work head to the laundry room. Tide never lets me down and she never let’s her patients down!!Needless to say thank God for Tide keeps her clothes looking “good” and one proud mom with one less thing worry about…

  36. I have an 8 year old son and a 3 year old daughter (little tom boy) and there are MANY stains that I encounter on a daily basis. Mud, grass, dirt, spaghetti sauce, lunch of all kinds, paint, marker, blood, etc. However, I cannot get over the stains on jackets. The lines on the zipper, the ends of the sleeves, the very bottom of the jacket, etc. Especially jackets with white in them. Not just my children’s, but mine as well. I’ve had to put detergent on the sleeves and water and literally scrub them with a little brush to loosen the dirt, and get as much ‘brown’ off my white sleeves as I could before washing it. I still have issues getting the white to be white again. It’s very frustrating. It takes a lot of work just to wash one jacket. OH…. and let’s not forget the smell of pee from when my children wet the bed, or have an accident during the day. Trust me…. the pile adds up!! I try not to wash the pee clothes with other clothes, because the smell just does not seem to come completely out. I soak them first and then wash them afterwards. Sometimes I need to wash them more than once. It’s really hard since I live in an apartment building and we need to pay to wash our laundry. It gets pretty expensive! Sigh….. I will use whatever I can to be honest. Whatever is on sale. I use stain removers as well. I’ve used Tide, Arm and Hammer, Gain, etc. I’m a single mother of 2…. so the cheaper, the better….. however, too cheap doesn’t work as good… so I look for good brands that are on sale, etc.

  37. Edna Bardrof Pearson says:

    My college student came home with sheets from dorm bed.– typical girly stains–several days old. Tide pods in a cold wash left the mattress pad and sheets brilliantly clean in one pass. Love ’em! <3

  38. Black magic marker in the washer stained my beige pants. I applied a paste of baking soda and lemon juice, let sit for a couple of hours. I then poured liquid tide on the stain and added a Tide Pod to my wash and washed in very hot water. The stain is gone. Thank you Tide.

  39. Linda Brill says:

    Any age, any situation , Presentation is key….And clothes are a huge investment. Don’t trust maintaining them to just any detergent. Go for the best..Go to Tide.

  40. Debbie says:

    My bf is a machinist and always gets his clothes greasy grimey and stinky! Tide Sport with Febreze works wonders on them. Cant wait to try pods!

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