The Challenge Has Begun!

Hi Chopper Shoppers!  My name is John Akots, and I work in Price Chopper’s Advertising department.  I am so excited to share my family’s Price Chopper Brand Challenge with you!  I have always been passionate about our corporate brands, and decided that I would challenge myself, my wife, and daughter to buy only store brands for one month, in hopes of inspiring others to give these outstanding products a shot!  The goal is for my family to see what we think of our store brand products, what products we discover that we did not know were available, and how much we CHOP our food bill!  The only brands we are going to buy are Price Chopper, Central Market Classics, Price Chopper Naturals, and our other corporate brands which include Clear Value, Top Care and Full Circle. 

For example, on my first shopping trip of the challenge, I bought kaiser rolls, ginger ale, off the bone ham, Italian bread, lasagna noodles, mozzarella cheese, ground sirloin, orange juice, and yogurt – all of which were Price Chopper brand!

The feedback I received from my family included, “I actually really like the yogurt, are there any more fat free flavors?” (We had never tried it before!)  We also tried Price Chopper Natural and Organic orange juice for the first time and really, really liked it!  Although it was a bit more expensive than the regular Price Chopper orange juice, my wife loved the “fresh squeezed taste” and my daughter liked the “very orangy consistency.”  Our total bill with AdvantEdge savings was under $30!  On to another store for another trip soon!

I encourage you to follow along with me, as you are all eligible to win the Free Groceries for a Year Contest going on now in stores by buying 10 corporate brand products on any given shopping trip.  The last blog post on Chopper Shopper Chatter outlines the contest for anyone who has not heard of it yet.  I am not eligible to win, but at least I got my picture taken with Chopper! 

 Please comment with any suggestions, favorite products, comments, or questions.  I’ll be updating throughout the course of the Win Free Groceries contest, so use my experiences to help you get more store brand products in your cart, and more entries in the contest!  If you have done something similar with your family, we would love for you to share your stories and comments about our products and how much you saved.  We’ll give a $100 gift certificate away for our favorite story!!

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