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Do you enjoy summer fun, or are you more of a winter fan?  Now through December 24th at Price Chopper you can purchase a 2012 Season Pass to the Great Escape in Lake George, NY for $52.49.  That’s 25% off the regular price, and the lowest price in years! Season Pass holders can visit the park any day it’s open to the public, as many times as they want, including Splashwater Kingdom water park.  This also includes the addition of Alpine Freefalls, a two level water slide complex set to open in May, 2012! This pass is a perfect last minute gift for a summer-loving friend!

In addition to this great offer, you can also purchase one of our Ski Any 3 Passbooks!  Price Chopper’s Ski Any 3 Passbooks are available in stores through January 1, 2012, and include three passes good for a one-day lift ticket at your choice of mountains. The Big Mountain Passbook sells for $139 and passes can be redeemed at Gore, Whiteface, Mount Snow, Smugglers Notch, Bromley, and Mount Sunapee. The Family Mountain Passbook is $109 and passes can be redeemed at Jiminy Peak, Windham, Pico, West, Toggenburg, Bolton Valley, Song, Plattekill, Wachusett and Granite Gorge.  Each passbook includes many other money-saving offers, as well! (Sunday-Friday, non-holiday, thru end of season, Spring 2012. For specific end of season dates, please contact mountain directly. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer. Non-refundable. Cannot be resold. No cash value. Non-transferable. Not valid on the following dates: December 23, 2011 – January 1, 2012; January 14-16, 2012; February 18-26, 2012)

Tell us about what activities you enjoy during your favorite season and you could be entered to win either a Ski Any 3 Passbook or aGreat Escape Season pass!  Two winners will be chosen for each pass so make sure to tell us why you would love either a season pass to the Great Escape or a Ski Any 3 Passbook!  See official contest rules here.

18 responses to “Summer Versus Winter Fun Contest!”

  1. Kristen Carrus says:

    We love summer fun! The best part of the summer is taking walks by Lake Champlain while enjoying an ice cream cone or sitting by the lake reading a book in the sunshine. I love morning walks and the windows open! We head to Lake George to enjoy hikes, walks around the lake, summer shopping in the outlets and to Six Flags. My husband rides the big rides and I take the pictures!! I enjoy relaxing in the waterpark the most on a hot summer day. Lastly, taking our little pug to the dog park always makes our day. His head hangs out the window of the car on the way there and he runs out of the car when he sees where we are! Love it!

  2. Barbara Becker says:

    We love both summer and winter activiites as a family, but the wintertime is awesome in upstate New York. Skiing, ice skating, sledding, snow shoeing – just to name a few of the things you can enjoy in the area. Seeing the beauty of the snow on the trees and mountains is enough to make you appreciate the winter here. But bundling up the family, getting out and enjoying the fresh winter air, having fun together with friends and family, getting tired, then coming home to hot chocolate and maybe a nice warm stew with crusty bread – can it get any better? Winter it is for us.

  3. Lisa says:

    We live in Vermont. That means we love both seasons. Summer has a lot to offer. With the beautiful green mountains, streams, tubing, rafting,hiking and a wonderful place to have family parties and concerts. Then during winter, snowmobiling, skiing, holidays, fireplaces and family parties inside..we love it!!

  4. Jenn says:

    I love winter fun. It is awesome to go outside all bundled up in hats and coats and build a snowman. To go out and have a ton of fun and then come inside to have a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire.

  5. Chris Bivins says:

    My name is Chris. I am local professional in the car business in Yorkville for over 10 years now. As much as I am intrigued by summer, and the outdoors, I am in love with NY for the Winters…. The Adirondacks are a hidden treasure in the Winter and are meant to be explored. Unfortunately with my schedule, I work 55 hours a week and the summer is our busy season. It becomes very difficult to get time off and most employees take their vacations in the summer. This leaves Winter wide open for those that love it. My two sons and I take every opportunity we can to snowboard at Woods Valley, Snow Ridge, Gore, Whiteface, Toggenburg, Labrador, and McCauley. As a single daddy raising my sons, I think it is important to show them the love of the outdoors, and to appreciate it and preserve it for generations to come. Many people complain about snow and cold, and the extra effort plowing or shoveling, but there is a flip side to every coin. In Utica, we are at the gates to the Adirondacks, a picturesque place where cell phones and video games mean little. We are blessed by not having to worry about earthquakes, torndaoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, or other natural disasters. Its a great place to live. Happy Holidays to All, and I am wishing a White Christmas for each and everyone of you….

  6. Heather F. says:

    Either of these passes would be so much fun for our family to do together! We enjoy swimming, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and pretty much anything that is outside. These passes make a great gift!

  7. Megan Eiser says:

    I hated winter, until four years ago when I became a mother. I have a four year old and a 20 month old and each winter since their birth has been a winter of firsts. This year is the first time my 4 year old will go ice skating and skiing and the first time my 20 month old will go sledding and build a snowman (or as my older daughter calls them, snow princesses!). I look forward to each snow fall for it means another chance that their school will close and I’ll be “forced” to brew up some hot chocolate and bake some cookies and take them on an outdoor adventure. Seeing winter through the eyes of a child is the best way to deal with the winter in New York.

  8. Kristie Moore says:

    Summer is in the lead right now for my favorite activity, enjoying adventures with my son and my husband. My son (24) lives with and takes care of his 96 great-grandmother. We strive to do things together so we cannot travel far for extended periods. We had the best summer yet as a family; hiking, camping, canoeing, off-roading, you name it and we were doing it and doing it together. Our summer fun is a bit more fast paced. Tis the season to focus on all of the things to do in the winter. Tho we enjoy snowmobiling, winter hiking and snowshoeing, there is little that beats the downtime that winter can bring. Hot tubing and bonfires while sipping hot cider with my family will give summer a run for it’s money. We have travelled to Whiteface for an overnight motorcycle trip. We rode up to the top of Whiteface and I would love to win the ski passes so we can ski down it.

  9. Gretchen Bischoff says:

    While I love summer..winter is really my kind of season. I’m begging for snow… me crazy, I love it! My three friends and I ski every Thursday…Mom’s Ski Thursday: We grab breakfast on the way to the mountain, then laugh the rest of the day as we cruise our favorite trails! Unfortunatly, last season, I had a ski injury on one of our first Thursday’s…so I really am itching to get back on the slopes with my 3 favorite girlfriends. Snow can’t come soon enough..mix it with a few 40 year old Mom’s, some coffee and a bluebird sky day and I’ll smile all day long. Love my family to death, but sharing laughs with your best friends is priceless…Mom’s need fun too!
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  10. Debra Barnes says:

    I love summer time. Spending it with my grandchildren is the best feeling for me. To be able to take all of them on a summer vacation at one time would be great. They all love the water and being out and just playing and having fun with each other. I feel very blessed to be able to spend time with them. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and have been very lucky to come back full steam. It was hard on them at such young ages to see me go through this but even with no hair they wanted their grandma (me me) to go swimming with them. They would tell me that I looked good ( so sweet).

  11. Mary ramo says:

    I love summer fun. The conversation in the car and the good natured bantering among family and friends. Followed by good food on the grill. I’l take summertime outings anyday. A quick stop at “the chop” and you’re all set for the days activities.

  12. Linley B says:

    My family and I have always had concert going as one of our favorite pass times, especially during the summer. It started with my mother realizing the importance of music and encouraging music in all forms. This included extra special concerts that we would get to skip a day of school for. My 3 siblings and I (and Mom!) would pile into the car and make the 3 hour long haul from VT to NY or VT to MA to see our favorite artists. Now, as an adult I still continue the concert tradition with my family. This summer we road tripped to Cincinnati for my favorite artist, as well as waiting in line for hours at a Great Escape in MA to ensure being right in front for a show. In June we also trekked out to Darien Lake, where not only did we bring my husband’s daughter to her first concert, but also made the concert extra magical, by having surprise passes for his daughter to meet the preforming artist (as well as front row center standing room!) To have a seasons pass to the Great Escape would make concert going more fun, as we could more afford-ably add a trip to the park before a concert.

  13. Melodee Hendricks says:

    Would love to win the seasons pass for the great escape. My granddaughter loves going there every summer. And what a thrill it would be for me to tell her I WON a season pass for her. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday

  14. Cheryl Mound says:

    My 9 year-old graddaughter and I both LOVE summer! While grandpa goes golfing, we head to the local beaches. Pine Lake is our favorite. But when you want “it all”, we love Great Escape. The water rides are the absolute best. She will wait in line as many times as she can to ride the Raging River. My favorite area is the area with Paul Bunyan’s bucket of water-the best! I have the time, and while she is off for the summer having the season pass would be great. My union has a trip there every year for it’s members and guests for FREE, she goes along then too. With the hot summer we had this past year, Great Escape is the place to be, good clean fun!

  15. Mark Skwara says:

    Winter in New England is wonderful, bountiful fall harvest, holidays and family time together. Mmmmm……. Price Chopper hot cider after a great day of skiing or sledding!

  16. Cyndie Harrity McGurrin says:

    We are newer to skiing only 3 years for me, my husband and 10 year old daughter. We are seriously hooked now !!!! My daughter and husband are already skiing easier black diamonds, me barely intermediate ( I had to start later than them as I had an injury the 1st season. We are finally sooooo thrilled to have fun outdoors in the winter, rather than staying in all the time. We are so glad we got my daughter into it at a young age, she can not wait for snow all year long, her favorite season is winter, then summer, summer after winter not becasue of the heat becasue there is no school, otherwise she would love winter to be longer or be able to go to an indoor ski mountain, if they had such a thing, she thinks well they have indoor waterparks why not. How Funny !!! Anyway this is why we would LOVE the ski passes :))))) Thank you for reading this, we appreciate the contest :)))

  17. Ginger Rinaldo says:

    We love them both in our family. Camping in the summer and ice skating in the winter. As long as we are together as a family, the season doesn’t matter.

  18. Maggie says:

    We love summer! The great escape season pass would be awesome for my family! We love swimming and waterparks!

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