Saratoga Chips: A Local Product with a Story!

What do you love about local products?  We love Saratoga Chips!  The story behind the infamous chip began with an unsatisfied patron at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs back in 1853.  He ordered fried potatoes with his meal but complained that they were too thick and sent them back to the kitchen.  The cook, George Crum, was upset that someone had criticized his cooking so he sliced the potatoes paper-thin and fried them in boiling oil to a crisp.  What was intended as a stunt turned into an instant hit!  The patron loved the “crunch potato slices” and soon enough George Crum had opened his own restaurant with Saratoga Chips on every table.

We love this local product because it not only tastes great but has a story behind it! The original company closed its doors in the early 1920’s, however, the Saratoga Specialties Company was launched in 2009 and its mission was to reintroduce the Saratoga Chip.  These delicious chips are made by gourmet kettle artisans, in individual batches and sold in a replica of the original packaging used by George Crum in 1853.

Tell us why you love local products and you could win 2 boxes of Saratoga Chips!  Post your entry below and on the corresponding Facebook post and you could be one of the 10 winners to receive this great local product.  Read official contest rules here.

13 responses to “Saratoga Chips: A Local Product with a Story!”

  1. I love local products because they’re fresher and because I know I’m supporting people and jobs where it matters to me most – at home!

  2. Mary Ramo says:

    I love local products because they are fresher, often have a higher quality and I like the sense of supporting our community.

  3. I love local products because I know there are honest, caring hardworking people behind every product. Every product is made with pride TLC and these people are from nearby neighborhoods, just like mine.

  4. Lisa says:

    Buying local products strengthens our community. You can count on quality and freshness from local products because, as our neighbors, a good local reputation is important. I must admit we’ve never tried Saratoga Chips but we do buy Test’s Pasta Sauce often at Price Chopper.

  5. Jay Larkin says:

    I love local products not only for the stories behind them but for the tie in we all have. Growing up in the Saratoga Lake area, the story of the Saratoga Chip is easy to picture. A frustrated chef going over the top to prove a point to a finicky patron. Both sides, I’m sure, feeling satisfied with the outcome and in the process creates a worldwide craze!
    Wonderful story and an even better product for the centuries!!

  6. I LOVE local products!! It keeps jobs close to home and means that products are fresher. Plus, Saratoga Chips are delish!!

  7. Fran B. says:

    Local products are best because they are made in smaller amount not like factory made and also helps support are local people.

  8. joyce brewer says:

    Can’t get any fresher!, Can’t pass up supporting local producers, Can’t get any higher quality! Can’t miss the love put into all products ! What is not to love about buying local!

  9. Lisa Milne says:

    My family enjoys local products because they tend to be made with fresher ingredients, they are less expensive and and I trust local products more.

  10. Megan M says:

    I love local products bc they are the right choice economally and socially. And they taste great!

  11. Janice Keating says:

    Love purchasing local products because my money is used to support local businesses.

  12. penni says:

    Feels like I am helping my neighbors out!

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