Saratoga Chips: A Local Product with a Story!

What do you love about local products?  We love Saratoga Chips!  The story behind the infamous chip began with an unsatisfied patron at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs back in 1853.  He ordered fried potatoes with his meal but complained that they were too thick and sent them back to the kitchen.  The cook, George Crum, was upset that someone had criticized his cooking so he sliced the potatoes paper-thin and fried them in boiling oil to a crisp.  What was intended as a stunt turned into an instant hit!  The patron loved the “crunch potato slices” and soon enough George Crum had opened his own restaurant with Saratoga Chips on every table.

We love this local product because it not only tastes great but has a story behind it! The original company closed its doors in the early 1920’s, however, the Saratoga Specialties Company was launched in 2009 and its mission was to reintroduce the Saratoga Chip.  These delicious chips are made by gourmet kettle artisans, in individual batches and sold in a replica of the original packaging used by George Crum in 1853.

Tell us why you love local products and you could win 2 boxes of Saratoga Chips!  Post your entry below and on the corresponding Facebook post and you could be one of the 10 winners to receive this great local product.  Read official contest rules here.

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