Springtime in Italy!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist Extraordinary Italian Taste Logo We continue to explore the regions of Italy and their heritage of delicious, artisan foods with some new treasures. The ingredients are simple and can be used in so many ways – start by sharing a selection of cheeses, such as pressed Raschera, named for Lake Raschera in the Cuneo region. It is mild, salty and savory, pairing well with bread and wine. Include some olives, warmed with lemon zest and rosemary, and nibble the Toketti flatbread or Taralli, boiled pretzel-like crackers from Puglia. For balance, add creamy Montasio cheese, from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Fontana Prosciutto di Parma – delicate, savory ham made with a time-honored process, dresses up sliced fresh melon, a classic combination to complete a warm presentation for friends. untitled.png Continuing on our springtime journey, fresh Rana pastas, or Rummo pasta, crafted by master pasta makers in business since 1846, are a delicate foundation on which to build layers of flavors for wonderful meals. Velvety Mutti tomato purees, sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, and authentic pizza sauce are the products of care and innovation, from seed to table, by four generations and 100 years of tradition, and can take your family sauce and pizza recipes to a new level. Speaking of innovation, busy cooks can cut pasta cooking time in half with Racconto Bella Terra Rapido pasta, which is cooked until the water is absorbed – no rinsing or need for an extra pot. Try it with Racconto Kale and Sriracha Pesto, a new twist on a savory favorite, adding it right to the pasta pot. Sweet and chili peppers combine with olive oil for a quick sauce option, or a zingy addition to seafood, chicken – even a grilled (Italian) cheese sandwich! Urbani dry mushrooms, soaked in milk and warm water to awaken aroma, can be sautéed or added to risotto, or chopped and added to the Cucina & Amore Grains and Beans. Decorate your table and your salad with a beautiful double bottle of Romeo and Guilietta Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar. This would also make a great gift. There’s more to explore and enjoy – tour the store and discover more Authentic Italian products that bring the Extraordinary Italian Taste to your table! Re-knowned Italian Director Silvio Muccino created this short film celebrating Italy’s bounty and the unique Italian know how  transforming simple ingredients into Extraordinary Products. [wpvideo p3JTQ7T0]    

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