Seafood Switch Campaign

World Ocean’s Day is June 8th and Price Chopper is celebrating with our Seafood Switch Campaign. Our brand is proud to support companies such as Anova, leading the Fair Trade initiative in seafood. Anova is a champion in sustainability and social responsibility providing the highest quality product to their customers on a consistent yellowfin boat 2basis. Anova has successfully earned SA8000 certification, a true testament to their commitments. Anova’s Fair Trade Certified yellowfin tuna has remained successful, responsible for over $200k of Fair Trade premium being given back to fisherman and their communities. Price Chopper is proud to be a dedicated customer of the Fair Trade program. Yellowfin tuna are commonly found in tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Luckily, the tuna population grows quickly, therefore fishing does not hurt their numbers. The Fair Trade certified Yellowfin Tuna are caught by artisanal yellowfin tuna fishermanfisherman using hand lines from small panga boats. Hand line tuna fishing is the most responsible harvesting method as you can only catch one tuna at a time, there is no by-catch and minimal impact on the environment. Between its healthy population and low-impact fishing method, artisanal hand line caught, Fair Trade certified yellowfin tuna is a great catch!

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