Seafood Grilling!

Written by Lee French, VP of Seafood Merchandising Most types of seafood benefit from the quick cooking and smoky flavor of grilling.  Make sure to keep close tabs on the process, as seafood tends to require less cooking time than meat.  Shrimp, scallops and small pieces of fish work great on kabobs which can be marinated, or not, and cooked directly on the grill.  Clams and oysters are easy to prepare on the grill and no shucking is required!  Herbs and marinades add a nice burst of flavor to most seafood.  For safety sake, do any infusing in the refrigerator – seafood should be kept cold until cooking time.  You don’t need a special basket to grill fish.  As with any grilling adventure, start with a spotless grill, add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil to a clean kitchen cloth or paper towel.  Use tongs to rub the grate lightly with the cloth or towel, this will prevent the fish from sticking.  Most fish can be cooked right on the grate at medium heat. At Price Chopper, we offer you the largest selection and variety of seafood.  We provide you with the highest quality of healthy seafood that will ensure you have a wholesome and delicious eating experience.  We offer six dry marinades to flavor your seafood at no additional charge!  We also provide you with NuVal scores on all Seafood so that you can make sure you are choosing high nutritional value items. We are especially proud of our NEW Central Market Classics line of shrimp.  These shrimp are all natural and are uncut.  They are the finest shrimp you can buy anywhere!  Try the recipe below and you will be glad you are grilling today!! Herb Marinated Grilled Shrimp: The secret to grilling shrimp is to keep a close eye on them.  Shrimp cook fast enough for you to keep the lid up and an eye on them at all times.  Overcooked shrimp are rubbery so take them off the second they are done. Prep time is 10 minutes.  Cook time is 6 minutes. Total time is 16 minutes. Yield serves 6. Ingredients: –       2 pounds CMC 21-25 P&D Raw Shrimp –       ¼ cup olive oil –       ¼ cup chopped cilantro –       ½ shallot diced –       3 tablespoons lemon juice –       1 teaspoon dried basil –       1 clove garlic minced –       ½ teaspoon salt Preparation: Rinse shrimp thoroughly and pat dry and place in a resealable bag.  Mix remaining ingredients together and pour mixture over shrimp.  Seal bag and allow marinating for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator.  Preheat grill for medium-high heat.  Remove shrimp from bag and DISCARD the marinade.  Place shrimp on grill and allow cooking for 3 minutes each side.  Remove from heat and serve.  Enjoy!

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