New Items: Maxwell House

New Items: Maxwell House

Start your day on the right foot with one of these bold morning brews, available now. Each one has a unique taste, so it’s easy to find a new favorite for your regular cup of coffee.

Try starting with Maxwell House Original Blend, which has been a household go-to since 1892. It’s made with Arabica and Robusta beans for a rich, flavorful, and velvety taste that’s good to the last drop.

Or try the latest blend from Maxwell House—the Maxwell House Mainstream Roast & Ground Dark Silk, which has a classic taste and rich aroma that brings out the best flavors. It’s made from 100% pure coffee for a tasty, bold, and delicious cup, making it the perfect pick for a wake-up drink with breakfast or a midday boost.

The Maxwell House, House Blend is a masterfully roasted medium blend full of the quality you expect and delivers the delightful and lively taste you love. You’ll get the same flavor you crave from these K-Cups as you do from any other package of Maxwell House.

If you’re looking for a single origin cup of well-bodied coffee, look no further than Gevalia Columbia to get your day going. These 100% Colombian beans have been sourced for decades, making this classic coffee renowned around the world, for good reason.

With all these rich, bold, and flavorful coffee options, you’re next morning is sure to be a bit brighter. So, find your favorite and brew up a cup to take on the day with ease. Find them all right here.


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